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2013 ntea gts break out session


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2013 ntea gts break out session

  1. 1. 2013 NTEA Green Truck Summit Worksite Idle Reduction Save Fuel… Lower Emissions… Reduce Operating Costs…Presenter: Bruce Beegle Vice President - Truck & Military Sales
  2. 2. Agenda• Vanner’s Purpose and History-Markets Served / Industry Affiliations / Green Initiatives• Vanner’s Technology-Experienced / Traditional Technology-Technical Support-Emerging S.M.A.R.T. Technology• Vanner IdleWatch™ and IdleGuard™ technology-System Components-Programming / Data Collection / Diagnostics• Worksite power technology for work trucks-Existing technology and the performance gaps-Mild Hybrid / PHEV review-Vanner Idle Reduction Systems – By Market-Testing / Data / ROI / What’s Next …• Vanner StartSentry™ ultra capacitor start assist module-When engine starting is critical• Idle Reduction Summary / Value Propositions• Funding and Incentive Resources For more information- Idle-reduction incentives and subsidies.
  3. 3. Purpose “We are vehicle transformation specialists. We transform vehicles with power conversionsolutions that change markets for our partners” Vanner is a proud member and active supporter of…
  4. 4. History•“We’ve been green since 1977” •36 Years Experience - Designing and manufacturing patented power conversion and power management products.•Products are designed and manufactured in Hilliard, OH. •ISO-9001 / TS-16949 certified facility. •100% on-time delivery to our OEM partners.•Our partners include: Core Markets Served Market Channels -On-Highway Vehicles (Class 3-8) -OEM Truck & Bus Chassis Manufacturers -Heavy Duty Work Truck -OEM Ship-Thru / Bailment Pools -Transit & Coach Bus -Truck Equipment and Body Manufacturers -Ambulance -Aftermarket Electrical System Integrators -Military / Defense•Our products are designed from the ground up for mobile applications, to perform reliably in the most rugged environments. •OEM and Military products are 100% endurance tested. •Ruggedized environmental designs for severe applications. •Full power output at high temperatures (95C rating for military products).
  5. 5. “Living Green”Heat from ATE is cycled in and out Corrugated cardboard packaging replaces of the plant as required. expansion foam. Reusable Component Packaging Endurance Testing Equipment power Is cycled between products to use the energy twice.
  6. 6. Experienced Technology•Inverters DC to AC / Battery Chargers AC to DC •Conventional Static DC support from battery and/or alternator / Vehicle engine on or off for AC power •300W to 3600W •Sine wave - When clean power is required to power sophisticated electronics. •Modified /Quasi Sine wave – When high surge is required for inductive loads. •Low Frequency (Industrial) & High Frequency (Commercial) Topologies •Customized Designs •Inverter Only •Inverter / Charger Combination •Inverter / Charger / DC Power Supply – Purpose Designed for Ambulance •Inverter Technology with “Extended Power Range” •Dynamic Systems DC support from high output alternator / Vehicle engine on for AC power •3000W to 6000W •Stationary worksite or mobile power. When continuous power is required.•High Voltage DC to DC •Hybrid system power conversion and power management •600V to 28V Transit Bus Hybrid Systems •380V to 12V Truck Hybrid Systems•Low Voltage DC to DC / Battery Equalization •Multiple DC voltages managed from a single voltage OEM charging system. •Simplifies electrical systems / Extends battery life / Improves electrical system performance and reliability•J-1939 CAN Bus Communication and Control •Electrical system diagnostics / prognostics / system analysis to reduce maintenance cost and reduce downtime •Communications with other on-board electronic systems. •Vanner’s patented Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM) for “S.M.A.R.T.” electrical systems …“The capability and experience, to economically combine all of thesetechnologies into a customized, balanced, and reliable electrical system”
  7. 7. Configuration / Installation Support IdleWatch Quote Worksheet V.S.I.T – Vehicle System Integration Team Part Number Description Qty per List Price System Mike O’Sullivan Team Leader PMEC-12/24 PMEC-12/24 1 Doug Dean Application Specialist D015148 Remote 1 VSS-C80/600 High Current Sensor 1 Jeff Carey Service Dept Manager VSS-VT Battery Temperature Sensor 1 D015753 Assm, Harness, Main I/O 1- Assist Vanner engineering with system development -”Real world” validation and pilot installations. D015250 ASSM, HARNESS, PIGTAIL, PMEC-12/24 D015251 ASSM, HARNESS, PIGTAIL, REMOTE, PMEC -Assist with make/buy decisions on components. D015321 ASSM, HARNESS, PIGTAIL, 2FT, VSS-VT -Interface with OEMs to assure compliance. D015322 Assm, Harness, Pigtail, 2 ft, VSS Cur Sensors Optional Equipment 015692 Module, Key Override All-Assist System Integrators, TEMs, and Body Builders 015693 Module, Fast Idle -Discovery with fleets to help design system. 014694 Relay, 500A, 24V, Sealed 015691 Module, Remote Starter -Electrical system foundation analysis. -Custom harnesses for most economical installations. D015756 Additional Components Main Harness Break Out Box -Installation training and system validation. D015699 Current Sensor Bracket 012922 Fuse Block -Phone and internet support. 013916 Fuse, 250A 015782 Hood Switch 1 Misc Wiring / Loom / Cables Aftermarket System Integrators TOTAL COMPONENT COST LABOR ESTIMATE-Introduce system integrators in attendance XX man hours @ $75.00 per hour -Fleet Electric Worcester, MA Additional Material / Equipment -Mobile Power Solutions Gormley, ON Deep Cycle / Box / Cables Inverter -Polytek Equipment Laval, QC -Van’s Electrical Indianapolis, IN -Expert Auto Electric Seattle, WA VANN-BUS SMK-1939 PMEC Dashboard Kit
  8. 8. S.M.A.R.T. SystemsSystem Management And Reliability Technology Truck fleets and transit agencies in Vanner’s markets have historically been burdened with inefficiencies in their electrical systems, absorbing higher maintenance costs, fuel costs, and increased downtime. Vanner’s is developing S.M.A.R.T. systems for our OEM and aftermarket partners, based on Vanner’s patented Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM™) technology, reducing maintenance costs, reducing fuel consumption, and improving battery life and overall electrical system performance. Let’s look at some examples …
  9. 9. Truck Market Transit & Coach Bus Market Product Review IdleGuard™ IdleWatch™ Idle Shutdown Idle Reduction “MBBM INSIDE” 80-Series Hybrid HBA™ (Patented 2008) Smart Equalizer Dynamic Regulation 80-Series VSS-MBVCE StartSentry™ 90-60CANSmart Equalizer MBBM™ Start Assist Isolator / Converter Ambulance Market Military MarketShuttle / Paratransit Market -Battery Current VSS-MBVCE 81-Series -Battery Voltage MBBM™ Smart Equalizer IdleGuard™ IdleWatch™ -Battery Temperature Idle Shutdown Idle Reduction 91-60CAN -Battery State Of Charge Isolator / Converter -Battery State of Health -Battery Time To Run -Prognostics -Diagnostics StartSentry™ Silent Watch StartSentry™ -J-1939 CAN Bus Start Assist Monitoring Cold Climate Starting
  10. 10. What is MBBM™•Patented technology, that provides the most accurate battery monitoring andelectrical system analysis. First and foremost, it is a manager of the battery. - Batteries are “profiled” (discharged and charged through various temperature ranges) then a virtual model (algorithm) is created to compare to. - As the battery is charged, discharged, the State of Health (SOH) changes. - The MBBM™ compares the current SOH to the profiled battery SOH, to accurately calculate the auxiliary battery life as it ages. - The MBBM™ also compares the battery State-of-Charge (SOC) to the minimum (customer specified) SOC for controlling loads. In idle-reduction systems the SOC is used to auto-start the vehicle, or to notify the driver to start the vehicle, or remove the loads.
  11. 11. Why MBBM™ Matters …Vanner’s MBBM™ assures that the auxiliary batteries stay at the optimum SOCthroughout the entire work cycle, optimizing no-idle run time and battery life. - Accuracy… Accuracy… Accuracy !!! - IdleWatch™ monitors battery SOC, not battery voltage. -MBBM™ SOC monitoring eliminates the fuel wasting nuisance starts that voltage based monitoring systems can create. -MBBM™ SOH compensates for aging batteries to assure reliability through their entire life. - The MBBM™ J-1939 CAN Bus communication broadcasts auxiliary battery data, allowing it to be captured for maintenance analysis. - The J-1939 CAN Bus also provides the ability to communicate with on-board telemetry systems for “real-time” system monitoring.
  12. 12. What MBBM™ Doesn’t Do … IT DOESN’T PRODUCE ENERGY !!!! No idle reduction or idle management system doesThere are two energy storage systems on the vehicle: -Fuel Tank -Auxiliary BatteriesIf the energy on the jobsite is provided by the auxiliary battery, the State ofHealth of the battery will be affected.The balance is to understand which energy source is best to use for thevocational application. If significant fuel savings are realized, expect theauxiliary battery life to be diminished.
  13. 13. MBBM™ Improving Military Systems Mission Critical System Reliability Silent Watch - Accurate Battery Time to Run Properly manage and charge FLA and AGM batteries from one alternator
  14. 14. MBBM™ Improving Hybrid Systems
  15. 15. Conventional to “Hybrid” Systems Transit Agencies can obtain funding to retrofit inefficient belt-driven air conditioning compressors, alternators, and mechanical cooling fans. Conventional Diesel to They will upgrade to a highly efficient 600V generator that will provide power for 600VDC / 120VAC HVAC systems, an HBA, and electric cooling fans, for a bus they will keep 6-8 more years, or longer. Vanner 600VDC / 120VAC Vanner HVDC HVAC HVDM “HBA” Vanner Equalizer MBBM 600VBelt Driven 24V Electric 600VGenerator Cooling Fans 24V
  16. 16. Idle Reduction Solutions“At the Worksite” “In the Cab” “At Stand-by”
  17. 17. IdleWatch™ System Components “Power Management / Engine Control” IdleWatch™ (PMEC) Module Dashboard Remote Panel (with MBBM™ inside)Voltage / Temperature Dual 80A / 600A Auto-Start Module Sensor Current Sensor (Optional)
  18. 18. IdleGuard™ System Components “Programmable Idle Shut Down” IdleGuard™ Module Dashboard Remote Panel (with MBBM™ inside)Voltage / Temperature Dual 80A / 600A Sensor Current Sensor
  19. 19. IdleWatch™ / IdleGuard™ Feature Comparison Feature IdleWatch™ IdleGuard™12V/24V Current Sensing up to 600A Yes Yes -System Enable/Disable -System Enable/DisablePanel Mounted Remote -Status Indicators -Status Indicators -Audible and Visual Alarm for Idle ShutdownFast Idle Output Signal Yes YesBattery Temperature Sensing Yes Yes Yes YesEngine Start Output Signal Separate remote start module required Remote start controls integrated into unit Yes YesCAN Configurability Vanners Dashboard Software Vanners Dashboard SoftwareProgrammable Idle Shut Down No Yes Yes YesSwitched Outputs 2 x 50A Positive 3 x 1A Negative -Park Switch -Hood Switch -Ignition Switch -Park Switch -Key Sense -Hood SwitchVehicle Communications (I/O) -Parking Brake -Ignition Switch -Neutral Switch -Key Sense -Oil Pressure or Tachometer Switch -Engine Shutdown -Ignition Bypass Yes YesAuto-Start Enabled Output 5A Positive 5A PositiveIP Rating 55 67
  20. 20. IdleWatch™ / IdleGuard™ Battery Models 12V System 001 - EAST PENN 8A31DT 2 Batteries in Parallel 002 - DEKA 7T31 Doubles (12V) ampere hour capacity 003 - DEKA DOMINATOR 8G31 004 - LIFELINE GPL-31T 005 - LIFELINE GPL-30HT 006 - LIFELINE GPL-8DL 007 - GENESIS XE95 008 - EXIDE EXHC - 200D 009 - LIFELINE GPL-4DL 010 - DEKA INTIMIDATOR 9A31 12V/24V System 011 - DEKA INTIMIDATOR 8A8D4 Batteries in Series / ParallelDoubles voltage (24V) and ampere hour 015 - ODYSSEY EXTREME 31-PC2150capacity 016 - OPTIMA 34 RED TOP 017 - TROJAN OVERDRIVE AGM31 and TRANSPOWER ST1000 019 - DISCOVER EV31A-A 020 - DYNO H8DC 021 - INTERSTATE SRM29 100 - HAWKER 6TAGM
  21. 21. PMEC Dashboard Main Window– Top portion indicates battery voltages, currents, loads and temperature– Heartbeat indicates CAN messages are being received– The bottom left portion displays battery monitoring information– The bottom right portion displays PMEC status and fault information– The middle portion contains battery monitor control buttons
  22. 22. ProgrammabilityBattery Parameters Window – Battery and PMEC parameters can be updated if they differ from factory default values – Correct battery parameters are needed by the battery monitoring algorithm to accurately monitor battery status
  23. 23. Data LoggingData Logging Window – Battery and PMEC status information can be logged in two RAM chips (if populated) at a user- specified rate – The data can be saved to a text file by clicking the “Save” button – The text file can be imported later into Microsoft Excel for further analysis – A data report example is presented later.
  24. 24. DiagnosticsDiagnostic Messages Window– The Diagnostic Message Window can be used to inspect Diagnostic Messages (DM1) sent from the PMEC– The user can also request DM1 message, Software ID, and Component ID information from the PMEC
  25. 25. Programming CAN Bootloader– Firmware can be updated via CAN bus– It removes the need to disassemble and program via JTAG programmersVANN-BUS SMK-1939 P-Can Interface and CD
  26. 26. Worksite Power TechnologyVanner Idle Reduction Systems
  27. 27. Work Trucks – OEM SolutionsOEM truck manufacturers aresupplying the work truck marketwith hybrid and EV systemsoptimized for fuel reductionwhile driving. Not for providingengine-off worksite power.
  28. 28. ‘Green” Technology - Work Trucks
  29. 29. Mild Hybrid Feature Comparison IdleWatch™ / IdleGuard™ Mild-Hybrid / PHEV Benefits Mild-Hybrid / PHEV Drawbacks-Large AH battery for extended engine-off power. -Weight and fuel cost premium for large battery.-Engine off export AC power (~3KW - ~5KW). -Retrofit capable, but most cost effective on new vehicle.-Engine off cab comfort - Heat / HVAC. -Infrastructure and training for plug-in battery charging.-Ample power to operate large aerial devices. -Large components / Some systems take cargo space.-Some systems have a “launch assist” feature -Significantly different technology than the legacy fleet..IdleWatch™ / IdleGuard™ Differences-Auxiliary batteries are “right sized” for vehicle and duty-cycle. Minimum weight and fuel costs, especially for urban vehicles.-Export AC power can be “right sized” according to the inverter selected and the amount of DC support available.-Easily retrofit on existing vehicles in the fleet. Biggest retrofit challenge is identifying and consolidating DC loads.-Can be used with a plug-in battery charger, but not necessary. Systems will equalize and properly charge battery when required.-Use on any chassis, with any fuel type. Components are small and can be installed on any vehicle, even police cars.
  30. 30. Work Truck System Utility / TeleCom / Municipal Worksite SunPower Technologies Auxiliary Batteries DC Powered Deep Cycle batteries supply Rechargeable Battery HVAC Vanner Inverter the engine off power to all (For AC Loads & Tools) Operated Equipment vehicle loads at the worksite. Aqua Hot CNG Espar Diesel Interior & Radios Engine Coolant Engine Coolant Laptops Warning & Cab Heater & Cab Heater Office Equipment Lights Vanner Vanner Cab comfort loads are removed IdleGuard™ IdleWatch™ Vehicle DC & AC loads are from the engine and powered by Programmable Power Management powered by auxiliary batteries auxiliary batteries. Idle Shut-Down Engine Control at the worksite. IdleWatch™ and IdleGuard™ IdleWatch™ and IdleGuard™ provide seamless worksite monitor all loads bypower, only starting the vehicle monitoring the auxiliary when the auxiliary battery batteries. SOC requires it.
  31. 31. Snow Plow System Municipal / DOT / Airport Snow Plows Interior & Warning Radios Lights Auxiliary Batteries Vanner Vanner IdleWatch™ IdleGuard™ Power Management Programmable Engine Control Idle Shut-Down Espar Engine Coolant & Cab HeaterNo idling when crews are on stand-by
  32. 32. On-Highway System Cab Comfort Day Cab System Vehicle DC and AC Loads Loads Auxiliary Batteries Interior Lights Vanner Inverter / Charger Bergstrom NITE ™ Day Cab HVAC Television Stereo Vanner VannerSunPower Technologies IdleWatch™ IdleGuard™ HVAC Power Management Idle Shut-Down Engine Control Internal Auto-Start Laptops Radios Office Equipment Espar Engine Coolant & Cab Heater
  33. 33. On-Highway System Cab Comfort Sleeper Cab / Bergstrom NITE™ Vehicle DC and AC Loads Loads Auxiliary Batteries Interior Lights Vanner Inverter / Charger Bergstrom NITE ™ Television DC Powered HVAC Stereo and Vanner Game System IdleWatch™ Espar Engine Power Management Coolant Engine Control Laptops & Cab Heater Office Equipment DVD / VCRIdleWatch™ provides continuousoperation of Bergstrom NITE™ System. Sleep Apnea Refrigerator MachineOnce the driver sets the cab temperature,the system is autonomous.
  34. 34. On-Highway System Sleeper Cab / Bergstrom NITE™ Vehicle DC and AC Cab Comfort Loads with Auxiliary Power Unit Loads Auxiliary Batteries Interior Lights Vanner Inverter / Charger Bergstrom NITE ™ Television DC Powered HVAC APU Stereo and Game System Espar Engine Coolant Laptops & Cab Heater Office Equipment DVD / VCRAuxiliary batteries are primary Vannerpower source for lighter and IdleWatch™intermittent loads Power Management Engine Control Sleep Apnea Refrigerator MachineAPU provides secondarypower to operate loads whenSOC is low and rechargeauxiliary batteries.
  35. 35. Bus System Mobility / Shuttle Bus Auxiliary Batteries Sun Power Technologies Inverter Interior and Warning HVAC(For AC Loads) LightsTelevision Espar Engine Coolant Radio Refrigerator & Cab Heater Vanner IdleGuard™ Cab comfort loads Idle Shut DownDVD / VCR Stereo are removed from the engine. Vehicle DC / AC Loads
  36. 36. Ambulance System Auxiliary Batteries Sun Power Technologies Warning HVACVanner LifeStar™ Lights Inverter (For AC Loads) Espar Engine Coolant & Cab Heater Radio Refrigerator Cab comfort loads are removed from Vehicle DC / AC Loads Vanner the engine. IdleWatch™ If engine-off operation at Currently ambulance the scene is required… systems are designed to Later in the presentation provide crew comfort when at stand-by.
  37. 37. IdleWatch™ at Work Cable Bucket TruckRogers Cable Service Truck IdleWatch™ VLT12-2000 Inverter
  38. 38. IdleWatch™ at Work – Lawn Care IdleWatch™ mounted under passenger seat Engine off power for spray pumps
  39. 39. IdleWatch™ at Work Sewer Camera City of Longmont, CO2011 Ford Transit Connect 2012 Nissan NV IdleWatch mounted in auxiliary battery rack ITC 12-3200 Inverter / Charger
  40. 40. IdleWatch™ at Work Cable Bucket Truck 12V / 24VIdleWatch™ System
  41. 41. IdleWatch™ at Work Utility Service Vehicle Extreme Cold Temperature Li Fe BatteryUtility Service Vehicle IT Sine wave Inverter IdleWatch™ Idle reduction system
  42. 42. IdleWatch™ at WorkNatural Gas MaintenanceEnbridge Gas - Toronto, On Unique Features -CNG Fuel -CNG Cab Heat -CNG Body Heat -IdleWatch™
  43. 43. IdleWatch™ at WorkNatural Gas Maintenance
  44. 44. IdleWatch™ at Work AmbulancePower Management System DC Powered Cab HVAC System 2012 Wheeled Coach – Smart Aire™ Smart Aire™ Engine-Off HVAC System
  45. 45. IdleWatch™ at Work Ambulance Smart Aire™ Engine-Off HVAC System Sun Power Technologies Air HandlerVanner IdleWatch™ Remote Panel
  46. 46. IdleWatch™ at Work AmbulanceFirst Smart Aire™ ambulance in service 2013 North Shore Long Island, NY
  47. 47. Testing & Data IdleWatch™ Data Log(Recording - 40hz / Average 7 Work Days) Lawn Care Fleet – 4 Vehicle Test
  48. 48. Pilot Test Results Testing & Data IdleWatch Pilot Test Data 11 Truck Sample ~ 90K Urban Miles +/- 6 Month Test Sample Non LITRES USED KM LITRES PER IdleWatch LITRES USED KM LITRES PER Per Truck Savings Per Truck Savings MODEL In-Service Dates 2010 MODEL In-Service Dates 2011IdleWatch 2010 MILLEAGE 100 KM Vehicles 2011 MILLEAGE 100 KM 2010-2011 Total Fleet Sample 1 E-450 5712.98 13212 Mar-10 Nov-10 43.2 A E-450 5873.46 14985 Mar-11 Nov-11 39.2 9% 1.48% 2 E-450 1366.07 3473 Sep-10 Nov-10 39.3 B E-450 1619.66 4841 Sep-11 Nov-11 33.5 15% 0.80% 3 E-450 2181.32 3332 Sep-10 Nov-10 65.5 C E-450 1195.04 3269 Aug-11 Nov-11 36.6 44% 1.59% 4 E-450 2209.3 4409 Sep-10 Nov-10 50.1 D E-450 1419.38 3794 Aug-11 Nov-11 37.4 25% 1.05% 5 E-450 3282.02 7980 Aug-10 Nov-10 41.1 E E-450 2386.55 6558 Jul-11 Nov-11 36.4 12% 0.87% 6 E-450 5397.57 11202 May-10 Nov-10 48.2 F E-450 6893.84 18300 May-11 Nov-11 37.7 22% 4.47% 7 E-450 3182.16 8418 May-10 Nov-10 37.8 G E-450 3229.11 9176 May-11 Nov-11 35.2 7% 0.71% 8 E-450 3099.78 6625 Aug-10 Nov-10 46.8 H E-450 2446.23 6328 Jul-11 Nov-11 38.7 17% 1.19% 9 E-450 6040.91 13708 Apr-10 Nov-10 44.1 I E-450 4362.18 10134 Mar-11 Nov-11 43.0 2% 0.22% 10 E-450 2732.74 5820 Sep-10 Nov-10 47.0 J E-450 1474.94 4590 Aug-11 Nov-11 32.1 32% 1.63% 11 E-450 3852.04 6992 Jun-10 Nov-10 55.1 K E-450 3243.6 8012 Jun-11 Nov-11 40.5 27% 2.40%TOTAL 39057 85171 518.2 TOTAL 34144 89987 410.2 21.20% 16.41% Data Acquired From 2010 and 2011 Fuel Consumption Files 4816 Additional Miles Driven In IdleWatch Sample Vehicles 108 Liters Per 100 KM Fuel Reduction 4913 Liters - Total Fuel Reduction $6,141 - Fuel savings documented during 6-month test period ($1.25 per liter x 4,913 liters saved) Additional Savings: >Engine hours are reduced >Engine wear & tear is reduced / Maintenance intervals are extended >If warranty is based on engine hours, vehicle warranty is extended >IdleWatch™ and IdleGuard™ qualify for EPA / DOE incentives >Vanners SBA status satisfies federal program requirements and qualifies for SBA incentives
  49. 49. Pilot Test Results Testing & DataWhat’s next …•More data is required across a broader base of applications. •Participation in NREL duty cycle / drive cycle testing. •Reporting time set at 1hz to capture drive information. •Vanner can select one fleet candidate for consideration. •Participation requires telemetry capability and a duty/drive cycle not in test. •For more information attend GTA VETC meeting tomorrow. •Independent 3rd party validation and ROI information. •March -Initial review of current test data and ROI review. -Test procedures and timeline established. •April -Select target fleets for data logging and information capture. -Research availability of FED / State / Local funding. -Installations of systems and data logging on test fleets. •If you are interested in participation in either testing program please contact me or one of the Vanner representatives in the room.
  50. 50. Upcoming Applications Fleet Vehicle Application LoadsSpecialized Express Volvo Class-8 Sleeper Cab Bergstrom NITE / Espar Inverter (1000W) Office Equip / Refrigerator / TVFord Motor Co Taurus / Explorer Police Cruiser Demo HVAC Office Equip OEM / Emergency Flashers Small Inverter (600W)Hydro One F-150 Pick Up Supervisor Vehicle Office Equip OEM Heater Rev 2 – Add HVACCity Chicago Oshkosh - Brush Airport Runway Espar Heaters (2) Snow Removal HVAC Emergency FlashersLA DPW TBD Flagger Truck Arrow Board Emergency FlashersSnohomish County TBD Flagger Truck Arrow Board Emergency Flashers Spot Light Inverter (1000W)
  51. 51. STARTSENTRY™ Ultra Capacitor Modules“When engine starting is critical”
  52. 52. StartSentry™ Technology•Enhances engine starting dependability.•Fast re-charge, even from “dead “ batteries.•100,000’s start cycles, will last the vehicle life.•Flexibility - Installs on all makes and models, any fuel.•Mounts in multiple locations.•Reduces Weight- (+/-100 lbs) GVW savings when replacing startingbatteries•Eliminates need for second battery compartment.•Extends OEM alternator and starter life.
  53. 53. Basic IdleWatch™ System STARTING BATTERY - - + STARTING BATTERY - + Dual Current Temp/Voltage “B” Loads “A” Loads Sensor Sensor 12V AUX 50A max 50A max 12V BATTERY - ALT + + - 12V AUX BATTERY INVERTER + -ISO 9001 / TS-16949 Certified
  54. 54. IdleWatch™ & StartSentry™ Remove Starting Batteries.. Replace with StartSentry Power Engine-off Loads with Deep Cycle Batteries STARTSENTR Y X STARTING BATTERY - + STARTING BATTERY - + Dual Current Temp/Voltage “B” Loads “A” Loads Sensor Sensor Deep Cycle 50A max 50A max 12V BATTERY - ALT + + - Deep Cycle BATTERY INVERTER + -ISO 9001 / TS-16949 Certified
  55. 55. Idle Reduction & StartSentry™ Value Proposition Summary•Vanner’s Idle Reduction technology and StartSentry™ combined, provide securityand redundancy for engine-off operation, when engine starting is critical inapplications like ambulances, when operating with engine-off on scene.• StartSentry assures engine re-starting and can be recharged quickly from the deepcycle batteries, even at a low state of DC voltage.•Both technologies can be installed on any vehicle, in just about any location, and are able to be retrofit on existing vehicles in the fleet.
  56. 56. Idle Reduction SummarySafety / Regulation Compliance -AC power is available with the engine-off -Multiple safety checks must be positive before auto-starting vehicle -Lowers vehicle’s emissions / Can be used indoors -Power for cab comfort equipment (HVAC / Fuel – Cab Heater)
  57. 57. Idle Reduction SummaryFlexible -Installs on any make or model vehicle -Fuel Neutral - Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LNG, Propane -Retrofit existing vehicles in fleet -Stationary and mobile power available -Use with any brand inverter or DC loads only -12V or 12V/24V system configuration
  58. 58. Idle Reduction Summary Economical -Saves fuel at the worksite -Low cost alternative for hybrid vehicles -Extends auxiliary battery life -Extends vehicle warranty if by engine hours -Reduces maintenance if by engine hours -Fast ROI on fuel savings alone
  59. 59. Funding and Incentives
  60. 60. Funding and Incentives
  61. 61. Funding and IncentivesClean Cities Coalitions
  62. 62. Funding and IncentivesFederal Grant InformationNational Clean Diesel Campaign - – Idle reduction, cleaner fuels, vehicle replacements, and other.Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)Improvement - – Similar vehicle projects, infrastructure – Must be non-attainment or maintenance area – Subject to competitive local and state processes Clean Cities Financial Opportunities - _opps.html
  63. 63. Funding and Incentives Guidelines for Success• Contact your local Clean Cities coalition.• Develop your project NOW. Don’t wait for grant opportunity to come along.• Orient application to selection criteria• Develop an internal grant team and application plan.• Follow the directions TO THE LETTER.
  64. 64. Thank 2013 NTEAYou Truck Show Work Vanner Booth #5577 CalStart Green Pavilion www.vanner.comThursday - March 7 Meeting Room #238 3:00PM – 4:00PM Level 2 Vehicle Electrification Technology Council (VETC) - Develop electrification standards and practices - NTEA GTA fleet electrification survey results - PHEV hybrid and idle reduction industry overview - NREL duty cycle / drive cycle testing overview I-Pad Mini Drawing