ABB in Bulgaria  Leader in power and automation technologies     Production     Service     Headquarter     EngineeringABB...
•   Retrofit – reconstruction and modernization of all types of        Low Voltage Products    existing MV switchgears    ...
Process Automation                                                      TurbochargersThe Process Automation division provi...
Our achievements – References                                           Process AutomationPower Systems                   ...
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ABB in Bulgaria


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Informational leaflet about the activities of ABB in Bulgaria.

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ABB in Bulgaria

  1. 1. ABB in Bulgaria Leader in power and automation technologies Production Service Headquarter EngineeringABB is a global leader in power and The ABB group was established in 1988 through the merger of Swedish Asea and Swiss Brown Boveri (BBC) companies.automation technologies present in around Asea’s history dates back to 1883, while BBC Brown Boveri was100 countries. ABB’s state-of-the-art and founded in 1891. The headquarter of the company is in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB operates in around 100 countries, throughenergy efficient technologies enable its five key divisions: Power Products, Power Systems, Discretecustomers to improve performance, while Automation and Motion, Low Voltage Products and Process Automation.lowering the environmental impact of their Power Productsactivities. The Asea and Brown Boveri Power Products are the key products for the power transmissioncompanies have been present in Bulgaria and distribution. The division mainly produces and delivers HV products (Circuit Breakers, Switchgears, Instrument transfor-for over 80 years and ABB since 1993, mers, Power capacitors, Surge Arresters, Switchgear Modules),through a local organization. Nowadays MV products (Circuit Breakers , Instrument Transformers andthe company represents a strength on the Sensors, Modular Systems, OEM Switchgear Kits and Parts, Surge Arresters, Switches and Disconnectors, Switchgear andBulgarian market of power and automation Motor Control, vacuum interrupters and Poles etc), Transformersequipment. Due to its customer-oriented (Dry-type, Liquid-filled, transformer components, Service) . The main customers of the PP division are: Utilities, Industries, EPC’,structure, the company is in permanent OEM’s, Distributors. As part of the PP Division ABB has in Bulga-contact with its customers’ needs, offering ria one production unit located in Sevlievo:fast and easy access to the entire range of ABB AvangardABB’s products, services and solutions for • The factory produces High Voltage Equipment – NRB and respectively NSA Disconnectors, equipped with suitablepower and automation technologies. operating mechanisms – manual or motor driven. The dis- connectors can also be equipped with one or two earthing swithches.
  2. 2. • Retrofit – reconstruction and modernization of all types of Low Voltage Products existing MV switchgears The Low Voltage Products division in Bulgaria offers:• All products manufactured by ABB Avangard comply with IEC • Circuit breakers (solutions to restore the service condition in standards. case of fault; optimum protection in electrical installations; ABB range – from miniature circuit- breakers to molded-casePower Systems • Control Products (contactors, softstarters, starters, proximityThe division offers power grid connections, network management sensors, limit switches, manual motorstarters; relays; pilotand power generation solutions (engineering and devices) and Industrial plugs and sockets (covering up toturnkey projects for substations): 690V and 125A; compiling with the IEC standards); • Modular DIN Rail Products and LV Switchgear (including intel-• Transmission & Distribution substations with air and gas insu- ligent motor control systems); lated switchgears; • Wiring accessories (ABB is a leader in the manufacturing of• Substation automation systems (protection and control), wiring accessories) and Connection Devices (screw clamps; SCADA and Network management; spring clamps; Insulation Displacement Connections (IDC)• Rehabilitation and upgrade of existing grid systems; with the unique ADO system technology; stud, fast-on, plug-• Railway power supply systems and renewable power sys- gable, wrapping devices; tems. • Smart Home and Intelligent Building Control (KNX) – compo- nents covering the complete spectrum of applications inSubstation Automation Systems today’s buildings; for lighting and shutter control, heating,• Transmission & Distribution protection and control systems ventilation, security, energy management etc;• Rehabilitation, upgrade projects and service • LV Power Distribution Systems (ANSI/UL/NEMA; LV switch-• SCADA systems and wide area monitoring and protection gear, LV Switchboard, LV network, Quality (LVNQ) products and services;Power Generation Products and Systems • Enclosures and cable systems, Switches and fusegear (dis-• Generator Excitation Systems and generator protections connectors, cam switches, switch fuses, fuse basis, fuse• Auxiliary supply systems, wind parks and solar plants links, fuse monitors; switches and cable distribution cabinets).• Additional systems on offer include: flexible alternating current As part of the Low Voltage Product Division, ABB has in Bulgaria transmission systems (FACTS), high-voltage direct current two production units: (HVDC) transmission systems, network management systems The production unit in Petrich and compensators: • The main activities consist of welding / winding / pressing assembling of sub-assemblies for low voltage control pro-Discrete Automation and Motion ducts, DIN rail products and instrumentation. The plant isThe division provides products, solutions and related services certified ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS 18000.that increase industrial productivity and energy efficiency. The production unit in Rakovski, Plovdiv areaThe division’s offer includes: • Total area of production is 35,000 sqm and the factory com- bines four different productions for LV and MV components:• Motors, generators, programmable logic controllers (PLC) ADB Production (kit system enclosure), LPD Production and robotics; (manual assembling of sub-parts), LVB Production (prod of• Power electronics, LV and MV Drives, Excitation and synchro- thermosetting parts – injection, moulding and comprssion nization systems, Power converters & Power Quality systems, moulding, deburring etc); ECS Production. Products: Mettalic traction converters, High power rectifiers; enclosure, Plastic Enclosure, DIN Rail Components, LV Breakers.
  3. 3. Process Automation TurbochargersThe Process Automation division provides customers with the Ships, power generating facilities, locomotives and mining equip-best solutions for plant control and optimization, as well as indus- ment - wherever diesel/gas engines are used, ABB Turbochargerstry-specific application knowledge. The industries served include are not far away. We offer full range of spare parts and service forparticularly metals and minerals, pulp and paper, power, chemicals all kind of turbochargers.and pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, marine and the production of • The trend in turbocharging is towards simpler constructionturbochargers. Key customer benefits include improved asset pro- with fewer parts, and even greater efficiency at higherductivity and energy savings. pressures. • Modern turbochargers feature a simple, robust and compactIn Bulgaria, the division offers: design, and are modular for maximum flexibility in application. • The number of parts, overall size and weight are being conti-Industrial IT System 800 x A nually reduced, all the while with performance improvements,• Ieads to productivity and profitability longer lifetimes and increased times between overhauls• Includes all automation functions in single operations (TBO).Freelance 800F – Compact solution • Because prevention of failure is always better than repair,• Combines easy engineering with a modern system architec- ABB Bulgaria‘ s servicing and maintenance work are planned ture, allowing the integration of all common fieldbuses proactively, on request through a customised serviceCompact products 800 agreement.• This range can be used individually or combined, providing cost-effective control ABB Bulgaria EOOD• Customized control solutions: AC 800M controllers with Headquarter Varna Office Compact Control Builder and Panel 800, S800L I/O, S800 9 C. Columbus Blvd, fl. 3; Business Park Varna I/O and Compact HMI800 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria Building B1, Office 104;AC 500 – PLC Solution Phone: +359 2 807 5500; 9009 Varna, Bulgaria• Scalability and modular platform design Fax: +359 2 807 5599 Phone: +359 52 739 666 ;• Economical, easy to use and future-proof E-mail:; Fax: +359 25 755 766• TUV certified products and Safety systems and Range: sen- sors, safety controllers, final control elements• Consultancy and services for the entire lifecycle Petrich VarnaCollaborative Production management (CPM) LV Production unit Turbocharger service• Integrate all manufacturing systems, providing real-time visibi- 1, Varna Street; Odessos Shiprepair Yard lity, execution, tracking 2850 Petrich, Bulgaria 9009 Varna, BulgariaSoftware tools Phone: +359 745 69 200; Phone: +359 2 807 55 62/63• They facilitate the selection of the ABB products to match the Fax: +359 745 69 228 customers’ need 800 x 600 screen resolutionInstrumentation and Analytical ABB Avangard AD ABB Automation EOOD• ABB has 100 years of expertise in the field Production unit LV Production unit• Solutions certified at international standards 32 Nikola Petkov Str.; 4150 Rakovski, Bulgaria• Instrumentation Services and Flow and pressure 5400 Sevlievo, Bulgaria Industrial Zone, Plot 28‘; measurement Phone: +359 675 30037 Phone: +359 32 998 800;• Temperature Management and Analytical instruments Fax: +359 675 30043• Recorders and Controllers and Actuators and Positioners E-mail:
  4. 4. Our achievements – References Process AutomationPower Systems • Control System HPP Peshtera, NEK ADSubstations • Control System HPP Vacha 2, NEK AD• 110/20kV Trakata substation (turnkey project) – EoN Networks • 31,5 kV Switchgear Control System, TPP Maritza East 3 Bulgaria EAD • Continuous Casting Machine -2, Kremikovtzi AD• 110/20kV Targovishte-west substation (turnkey project) – NEK • Modernization of WWTP, Sofiyska Voda AD EAD • Coal Handling Control System - TPP Bobov Dol• 110/20kV Gotmar substation (turnkey project) – Gotmar AD • Coal Handling Control System - Enel Maritza East• 110/20kV Slatina substation (turnkey project) – EoN Networks Bulgaria EAD Power Products• 110/20kV Pamporovo substation (turnkey project) – NEK EAD Ellatzite-Med AD• 110/20kV Sozopol substation (turnkey project) – NEK EAD • 6kV Switchgear retrofit;• 110/20kV Extrapack substation (turnkey project) –Extrapack Maritsa East Mines OOD • 6kV Switchgears ZS1;• 110/20kV European Trade Center substation (turnkey project) – Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD ETC OOD, IP Retail OOD • Motor Control Center (MCC) 0.4kV, MNS type;• 110/20kV “Zlatni piasaci” substation (Rehabilitation project) – Ideal Standard - Vidima AD NEK EAD • Primary LV distribution switchgear 3200A, IP65, Form3b;• 110/20kV “Hermes Park” substation (turnkey project) – WTPP Bobov dol Carrefour Bulgaria AD • Motor Control Center (MCC) 0.4kV;Wind park projects Kremikovtzi AD• Grid connection of wind park Osvobojdenie – Vetrocom OOD • LV Switchgears; Blast furnace No.1; Continuous cast rolling mill;• Grid connection of wind park St. Nikola – AES Geo Energy OOD WWTP KubratovoPhotovoltaic projects • Design, supply, assembling, erection and commissioning supervision;• Grid connection and internal electrical part of Samovodene Training of assembling staff for SCADA, primary LV distribution 20MWp solar plant - SDN - South Korea switchgears, motor control centers and distribution transformers;• Grid connection and internal electrical part of Zlatitsa - 25 MWp National Stadium „Vasil Levski“ solar plant - SDN - South Korea • Primary and secondary LV distribution switchgears;Grid connection systems Solvey Sodi AD• Cable line 110kV for grid connection of substations:Trakata, • Motor Control Center (MCC) 0.4kV; Extra Park, European Trade Center, Vetrocom, Zlataritza Chaira PSHPP• Overhead line 110kV for grid connection of substation • LV Switchgears; SamovodeneSubstation Automation Systems ABB Bulgaria EOOD – Main Office• Substation Proslav, Razgrad, Bansko, Ruse, Dobrudja, Varna, 9 Chistophor Columbus Blvd, fl. 3; TPP Maritza East3 – NEK EAD 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria• Substation Maritza East 400/220/110/31.5/20/10kV – Phone: +359 2 807 5500; IBERDROLA Bulgaria Fax: +359 2 807 5599Power Generation Products and Systems E-mail:;• Rehabilitation of generator excitation systems, relay protection systems, auxiliary supply systems at: TPP Varna, TPP Maritza East 2, TPP Bobov dol, a lot of HPPs.