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  • Judicial legal research

    1. 1. Federal Judicial Legal Research: <br />Go to the Source<br />
    2. 2. Federal Judicial Legal Research<br />United States Supreme Court<br /><ul><li>http://www.supremecourt.gov/</li></ul>Opinions from 2006-present<br />Transcripts of Oral Arguments<br />Orders from the most recent term<br />Information about Justices<br />
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    5. 5. Federal Judicial Legal Research<br />United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit<br />http://www.ca11.uscourts.gov/<br />Opinions from 1995 to present<br />PDF format<br />Can search by <br />Keyword (like party name)<br />Case number<br />Date of issue of opinion<br />
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    9. 9. Federal Judicial Legal Research<br />Other helpful sites<br />
    10. 10. Federal Judicial Legal Research<br />Oyez- Supreme Court Opinions and Information<br />http://www.oyez.org/<br />All Supreme Court cases listed by year<br />Bios of all Supreme Court Justices<br />Cornell Law Legal Information Institute<br />http://www.law.cornell.edu/<br />Supreme Court decisions from 1990- present<br />Links to sites for other court opinions<br />
    11. 11. Federal Judicial Legal Research <br />Justia Supreme Court Center<br />http://supreme.justia.com/<br />1791 to the present<br />FindLaw<br />http://lp.findlaw.com/<br />
    12. 12. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />Go to the Source<br />
    13. 13. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />Florida Supreme Court Opinions<br />Florida Supreme Court & District Courts of Appeals<br />http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/decisions/opinions.shtml<br /> Opinions from 1999 to present<br /> Also has links to all Florida District Courts of Appeal<br />FSU College of Law’s Florida Supreme Court Briefs and Opinions<br />http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/flsupct/index.html<br /> From 1990 to present<br /> Listed by Docket Number<br /> Can search by keyword<br />
    14. 14.
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    16. 16. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />First District Court of Appeal<br />http://opinions.1dca.org/<br />Opinions from Jan. 2003<br />Second District Court of Appeal<br />http://www.2dca.org/opinions/opinions.shtml<br />Opinions from Aug. 2001<br />Third District Court of Appeals<br />http://www.3dca.flcourts.org/Opinions/Opinions.shtml<br />Opinions from Jul. 2001<br />Fourth District Court of Appeals<br />http://www.4dca.org/opinions.shtml<br />Opinions from Jan. 2005<br />Fifth District Court of Appeals<br />http://www.5dca.org/opinions.shtml<br />Opinions from May 2001<br />
    17. 17. Florida Judicial Legal Research <br />Florida Circuit Courts<br />http://www.flcourts.org/courts/circuit/circuit.shtml<br />Links to the Circuit Court websites and counties <br />Contains other helpful information about Florida Circuit Courts<br />
    18. 18. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />Other helpful sources<br />
    19. 19. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />FastCase<br />Free limited access for certain bar associations<br />Florida Bar Members can view<br />U.S. Supreme Court decisions<br />Florida Supreme Court & Appellate Court decisions<br />Nationwide Statutes and Regulations<br />Authority Check<br />Dual Column Batch & Printing<br />Visualize Search Results with Timeline View<br />
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    27. 27. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />Florida Law Weekly (FLW)<br />http://www.floridalawweekly.com/flwonline/<br />Florida Law Weekly print collection available at the FSU Research Center<br />FLW Online available with FSU login<br />
    28. 28. Florida Judicial Legal Research<br />Florida Law Weekly includes:<br />Florida Law Weekly <br />Florida Appellate Court decisions from 1995 to present<br />FLW Supplement<br />Significant circuit court appellate, circuit court trial and county court decisions from October 2002 to present<br />FLW Federal <br />Federal cases from the U. S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, U.S. District Courts in Florida & U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in Florida<br />
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    33. 33. All Judicial Legal Research<br />Google Scholar<br />http://scholar.google.com/<br />Allows user to <br />search diverse sources<br />find articles and court opinions<br />locate them either on the web or through a library<br />