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  1. 1. Print and Online for Free
  2. 2. Pennsylvania Case Reporters • Appellate Reports  Commonwealth, Superior, Supreme – published in official case reporters, in West’s Atlantic Reporter, or on the internet • Side Reports  Various county reporters publishing trial decisions from the Courts of Common Pleas, District and County, Administrative Agencies, Topical Reports, and Miscellaneous Reporters
  3. 3.  Appellate Reports • Commonwealth • Superior • State
  4. 4. Established in 1970 Appeals for which the state is a party • Examples: Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Compensation No advance sheets Discontinued in print in 1995 • Last volume is 168 Available online from 1997 – present on Unified Judicial System of PA website
  5. 5. Both criminal and civil appeals First published in 1895 No advance sheets Discontinued in print in 1997 • Last volume is 456 Left Atlantic Reporter as only comprehensive print source for these decisions Available online from 1998 – present on Unified Judicial System of PA website
  6. 6.  First 52 volumes are nominative – cited by the name of the person who compiled the reports  Several different publishers – West is current  No advance sheets – but will appear two to three months after the date of the decision in the Atlantic Reporter  Available online on Unified Judicial System of PA website
  7. 7.  Not all counties  Selective trial level decisions  Do publish weekly advance sheets  Some availability online on county website or part of local bar association website
  8. 8.  Changes in volume numbers between advance sheets and bound volumes  Shepard’s dropped coverage in 1970s  West stopped indexing in 1976 in the Pennsylvania Digest 2d • Still covers:  Fiduciary Reporter  District and County Reports – most significant decisions from trial level courts
  9. 9.  Vale Pennsylvania Digest  West’s Pennsylvania Digest 2d •Uses topic and key number system •Appellate and Side Reports •Published beginning 1980s •Uses topic and key number system; Descriptive Word Index, Words and Phrases, Table of Cases •Appellate 1938 – present •Side Reports 1938 – 1976 •District and County Reports •Fiduciary Reporter
  10. 10.  Each issue summarizes recent trial and appellate decisions  January and July has 6 month index • Still have to go to each issue to get reporter citation • Copy service for a fee  Best for Landlord Tenant cases
  11. 11.  Regional case law reporter; part of National Reporter System  Select opinions of Supreme Courts and lower appellate courts: • Connecticut • Delaware • DC • Maine • Maryland • New Hampshire • New Jersey • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • Vermont  A = 1895 to 1938  A2d = 1939 to 2010  A3d = 2010 to present
  12. 12. Large academic or county law libraries State library Microfilm or CD-ROM Jenkins Law Library Widener Law Library
  13. 13. Casemaker Google Scholar Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania • County websites Local Bar Associations
  14. 14. Constitution Session Laws Statutes / Codifications Administrative Decisions Attorney General Opinions
  15. 15. Annotated in Purdon’s Constitutions of Pennsylvania published in 1967 Debates of conventions in multi-volume sets Online from Duquesne University of Law
  16. 16.  Chronological order by date of passage  18th and 19th century referred to as Smith’s or Dallas’ Laws  Subject index  Bill numbers  Includes: • Appropriation Acts • Veto Messages • Reorganization Plans  Limited online at Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau
  17. 17.  Process of creating consolidated statutory code is ongoing  Pa Consolidated Statutes came about in the late 1960s  Purdon’s arrangement did not suit, new arrangement proposed  West agreed to republish Purdon’s reflecting the change
  18. 18. Only 2/3 have been republished Purdon’s is a hybrid, reflecting two different organizational schemes Several instances where two different statutes share same title number, one consolidated, one Purdon’s
  19. 19.  Two volume index with Popular Names Table  Updated by pocket part supplements • New statutes, amendments, notices of repealed statutes, annotations  Legislative Service pamphlets  Cumulative Interim Update
  20. 20. Cases from 1970s or older cite titles 12, 17, and 19 • In late 1970s those titles were repealed and material recodified in title 42 Renumbering of sections in a given title • To go from old to new – use Disposition Table (front of hardbound volumes, or beginning of chapter, first volume) • Master Disposition Table
  21. 21. Convert session law into Purdon’s citation • Use volumes labeled Tables • Look up session law by date; then locate the page or PL number where the statute begins • Each section will have corresponding Purdon’s citation Index “Words and Phrases” list every term defined by a statute in Purdon’s Index of Popular Names of statutes
  22. 22.  Very few PA agencies publish their decisions  Those that do: • Public Utilities Commission • Environmental Hearing Board • Department of Education (teacher tenure and special ed) • Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board • Workmen’s Compensation Board of Appeals • Liquor Control Board • Ethics Commission • Securities
  23. 23. Irregular publication by the Justice Department from 1887 Most recent volume ends at 1992 Found in PA Bulletin Some availability online at the Attorney General’s website
  24. 24.  Unofficial Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes West • • Note: These are the unofficial, unannotated version of the complete set of Purdon's Statutes.  Pennsylvania’s consolidated statues on the website of the Pennsylvania General Assembly • • Browse by title, PDF, word, or HTML formats • Note: These are the official, unannotated version of the Consolidated Statutes.
  25. 25.  Duquesne University of Law  PA Legislative Bureau  PUC  EHB  Department of Education  PA Labor Relations Board  Workemen’s Compensation Board of Appeals  Liquor Control Board  PA State Ethics Commission  PA Department of Banking and Securities  Attorney General  PA Bulletin
  26. 26. Print Online • PA Supreme Court Briefs • HeinOnline (with FastCase) • LLMC • Loislaw