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EDU 653 powerpoint

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  1. 1. Executive President Vice President Administrative Staff
  2. 2. Legislative Senate House of Representatives
  3. 3. Judicial Supreme Court
  4. 4. Judicial Federal Court (District)
  5. 5. Judicial State Courts County Courts Municipal Courts
  6. 6. United States Constitution Supreme Law of the Land
  7. 7. Primary Sources Statutes * United States Code United States Reports * U.S. Supreme Court Official Publication
  8. 8. Secondary Sources Encyclopedias Brief broad summaries of legal topics WestLaw’s Corpus Juris Secundum LexisNexus’s American Jurisprudence Dictionaries Defines legal terms Black’s Law Dictionary Merriam Webster's Dictionary of Law
  9. 9. Case Method Name of the case is known U.S. vs. William Jefferson Clinton Topic and Index Method Subject of the case Impeachment
  10. 10. Word and Phrase Method Case is hinged on legal definitions Perjury Shepardizing Tracing the judicial history Latest decision on the case
  11. 11. Procedures Read the case at least 3 times Questions to keep in mind: What are the facts? What issues did the court consider? How did the court resolve these issues?
  12. 12. “IRAC” Method Issues Facts, jurisdiction (federal or state), Source of law (statutory, common, constitutional) Rule Statutes, regulations, precedents Application Identify, apply, arguments Conclusion Finding of the court and reasoning
  13. 13. Citing a Case United States Code Title - Subject Area – 50 Titles Publication – Abbreviated (U.S.C.) Section - Paragraph
  14. 14. Order to follow Citation Rule of Law – synopsis Facts Issues Holdings (Yes or no to the elements of a crime) Reasonings (The court’s rationale) Conclusion (Decision of the court) Dissent (Disagreeing judges)
  15. 15. Form Type Formal Memorandum Informal Memorandum Letter Email
  16. 16. Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute University of Washington School of Law ( Washburn University School of Law’s WashLaw ( Duke University’s Duke Law ( FindLaw ( (
  17. 17. The Executive Branch (2013). Our Government, Retrieved on June 29, 2013from The U.S. Capitol (2013). Retrieved on June 29, 2013 from The U.S. Supreme Court (2013). Retrieved on June 29, 2013 from U.S. Constitution (2013). Retrieved on June 30, 2013 from U.S. District Court Map (2013). Retrieved on June 30, 2013 from