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Florida court system


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Florida Court System for Legal Issues class

Published in: Education
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Florida court system

  1. 1. ER506 Legal Issues in Education 10-25-11 Prof: Steven Lindemann
  2. 2.  General Public Legal Community Press & Media Supreme Courts District Courts Circuit Courts County Courts Court Admin
  3. 3.  Mission and Vision- “The mission of the judicial branch is to protect rights and liberties, uphold and interpret the law, and provide for the peaceful resolution of disputes.” Vision of the Florida Judicial Branch- “ Justice in Florida will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive, and accountable.”
  4. 4.  Alternate Dispute Complex Litigation Court Interpreters Program Court Committees Court Technology Court Reporting Services Drug Courts Florida Innocence Commission Grant Information Judiciary Education Jury Information Justice Teaching Institute Performance & Accountability Privacy and Court Records Purchasing Funding Justice Strategic Planning
  5. 5.  Supreme Court Standing Committee on Fairness and Diversity Compilation of Court- Community Relations Activities Promoting and Ensuring the Diversity of Judicial Staff Attorneys and Law Clerks within the Florida state Courts System Law clerk Resume Repository
  6. 6.  Committee and Other Official Reports Long-Range Program Plan Operational Manuals and Forms Summary Reporting System Newsletters Annual Reports Statistics
  7. 7.  Purchasing ADA Information Grant Information Strategic Planning Contract Information
  8. 8.  Current Job Opportunities Class Specifications Salary Schedule Employment Policy Statement State of Florida Application Law Clerk Resume Repository
  9. 9.  Trial Court Statistical Trial Court Fact Sheet Historical Judicial Historic Statewide Trial Court Statistics Clearance Rate Dashboard Jury Management Uniform Data Reporting
  10. 10.  Supreme Court docket Search Clerk’s Office Court Decisions and Rules Oral Argument
  11. 11.  Districts Courts Docket Search First DCA Opinions Second DCA Opinions Third DCA Opinions Fourth DCA Opinions Fifth DCA Opinions
  12. 12.  Records Search from MyFloridaCounties Mediator Search List of Clerk Web sites Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinions Judiciary Education Guardianship
  13. 13. 