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Richard Voda


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Vďaka prekážkam na trati zdieľa svoje učenie, prístup k životu a spôsoby, ako prekonať mentálne prekážky, ktoré nám bránia v dosiahnutí mentálneho a fyzického zdravia.

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Richard Voda

  1. 1. „How to build better you“ Obstacle is the Way „helping people overcome obstacles“ The Largest Slovak Obstacle Race established 2013 13 000+ finishers 20 countries
  2. 2. Human Machine Body/hardware + Inner Self/software (intellect, memory, emotions,...) + You (spirit/identity) If you do not know anything about the machine that you are handling, you will handle it by accident. You are not in control, the autopilot runs the machine and provides instructions.
  3. 3. Auto-Pilot – N.1 enemy Autopilot – mind content accumulated through out the life, that automatically fires response based on external stimuli • You are not in control of response but EGO with its mind patterns • How do you want to mange your life if you are not in control.
  4. 4. AutoPilot - Situations • Immediate auto fire-reaction • Ego-voice in head tells story, self-justified reaction. Making-other wrong inflating own ego • Labeling others • JEDOVAŤ SA
  6. 6. JEDOVAŤ SA – NAPÚŠŤAŤ SA JEDOM It is not the snake bait that kills you but the poison „negative thoughts“ circulating in your body. Do not blame others for your pain it’s within you.
  7. 7. Obstacle Instructs ! to grow – enhance ourselves we must learn to overcome internal obstacles. Thoughts, emotions are of our own making. Same principle as with muscles. No pain – No gain
  8. 8. HUMAN MACHINE INSTRUCTION MANUAL - TAKE CONTROL ON YOUR LIFE 1st you make habits than habits make you • Cold shower • 30 min Yoga • 1 hod excercise • Accept discomfort • Healthy Eating Body - training • 30 min meditation – stop thoughts • Mindfulness – be aware of thoughts • Practice concentration – start / finish • No attachments – things, people, goals • Amor Fati - accept reality • Reframing situations – change perspective Mind - training
  9. 9. Make commitment Find purpose, know priorities. Take action, create external conditions and make things happen. Make point of no return. Burn bridges, make your commitment public.
  10. 10. Do new things, change environment To grow and transform you must change environment and invest into the change. Do new things
  11. 11. Build I can attitude You achieve what your minds believe in. Set reasonable goals, and take small steps to achieve them. This will elevate your believe system and make you confident.
  12. 12. Self-Disciplined Discipline is your best friend, it will make things happen. Develop self- discipline by sticking to your routines and schedule. Every day commit to accomplish two tasks. Do not rush. People overestimate what they can do in one day but underestimate what they can do in 5 years. Finish things that you start.
  13. 13.