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TeachMeet 3 Ulearn13



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TeachMeetNZ shared before a live Ulearn13 audience

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TeachMeet 3 Ulearn13

  1. 1. Join the conversation by using #ulearn13 @ulearnnz Learn to connect and have conversations with like-minded educators using Google+ Hangout Sonya @vanschaijik Newmarket School #TeachMeetNZ
  2. 2. 2@vanschaijik Welcome Introductions Google Hangout 5x presenters and our guest. History Create / join a hangout Identify other tools for collaboration Q & A and evaluation
  3. 3. 3@vanschaijik
  4. 4. The Joys of Google Hangout 4@vanschaijik
  5. 5. @vanschaijik 5 Arjana Blazic
  6. 6. @vanschaijik 6 54
  7. 7. Implementing the project @vanschaijik 7
  8. 8. @vanschaijik 8
  9. 9. 9 Presenters 5x Observers 1x
  10. 10. Presenting to a Virtual Audience @vanschaijik 10 Take the stage and wave to the audience -turn off all microphones & Camera We have Marnel Monitoring Chatwing – Observers Live audience –special welcome and do broadcast us on twitter – Turn off device sounds. Use #TeachMeetNZ
  11. 11. Our random order is using -Fruit picker Chris Swanwick Melanie Matthews Tim Gander Hanna Fale Chris Dillon 11@vanschaijik
  12. 12. Poll Everywhere 12@vanschaijik
  13. 13. Live feed from Poll ce_polls/hcQ88Et7vmfzyTI 13@vanschaijik
  14. 14. Maps 14@vanschaijik
  15. 15. Google + 15@vanschaijik
  16. 16. Accessing a Hangout A message will come to your gmail, or your computer will ring. 16@vanschaijik
  17. 17. Google Doc to add your Google+ 17@vanschaijik
  18. 18. Hangout Trial I will give you 10 minutes to trial this. 18@vanschaijik
  19. 19. Identify collaborative tools you use. stopwatch/ 19@vanschaijik
  20. 20. @vanschaijik 20 Connect Share Learn Do WTN
  21. 21. @vanschaijik 21 Recap Google Hangout 5x presenters. History Create / join a hangout Identify other tools for collaboration
  22. 22. @vanschaijik 22 Q & A using Chantwing Evaluation forms please
  23. 23. Sonya @vanschaijik ulimasao08 Some useful links. 23@vanschaijik

Editor's Notes

  • Kiaora and welcome to everyone who has joined us in TeachMeetNZ live streamed from Ulearn 2013. Welcome everyone please wave to the audience and I will take a screen dump.    The format for the TeachMeetNZ google hangout is I will go first and give an overview of our journey and then we move straight into our speakers presentations via a planned hangout.   TeachMeetNZ presenters only have 3 minutes to present to ensure clarity in what they are sharing.   Today we are trying something a little different in that we are presenting before a live audience so ulearn audience I will ask that you all switch of your sound until after we have presented and to help us with bandwidth please stay off the wiki and google +.   However please do use twitter on your devices to broadcast and our hashtag is #TeachMeetNZ   We have a second special addition today in that we are trialling Chatwing and if you have any questions for our presenters please ad them on to the chat area under this screening.   We have Marnel who is on standby to answer where she can or will direct a presenter to the question via our twitter hashtag.   If we have any challenges, then the presenters have uploaded to slideshare or to google and can flickus the link via chtawing. We can continue using google audio and slideshare to view the slides.
  • The next part of this session is the live hangout so I will go ahead and invite the prepared team of 6 educators from around New Zealand to join me. The session will be live and I need to embed it onto the wiki, so please say hi to your neighbor while I do this task.
  • TeachMeetNZ is part of my ongoing leaning with Hyperconnectivity that I began as a Core Education efellow in 2011. SOLO allowed me to identify that at extended abstract I needed to create an event for teachers so this is it. SOLO Taxonomy has allowed me to rethink the ways that teachers can share learning and has framed my next steps which I recently carreid out as part of a TeachNZ sabatical.
  • Today I share the story briefly around setting up TeachMeetNZ. I have a fuller version on the VLN. To begin: “ TeachMeet is not about technology 100%, it is about the Teach first of all, and the tech is instrumental to achieving what we want to achieve pedagogically and never the other way around. ” Ewan Macintosh NZ is aimed for New Zealand Educators. Virtual is the online part.
  • Special welcome to Arjana who has joined us from Croatia. Arjana is one of my mentors for online learning. How I run TeachMeetNZ is what I have learnt from her. In 2012 a call for virtual presenters came via Arjana of TeachMeetInt. It was a 3.00am session on September 29, 2012. The session featured speakers from 16 countries sharing their passion. During this session of TeachMeet Int, there were technical problems. So I flicked over to slideshare and presented using the audio on Blackboard. The idea using hangouts was taking shape.
  • Two weeks later at Ignition in May, I placed a notice up if anyone wanted to trial google hangout and to present a nano presentation. There were 6 people who joined the discussion and I shoulder tapped others. The first group agreed on a date and my team of helpers supported me in ironing out all the glitches. We live streamed all the training and mistakes. So that they could be rewound and learnt from.
  • Implementing the project involves these tools and putting time aside to work with the presenters virtually. Any challenges with the tools, we faced together and sorted out together. The week before the first session, I lost a presenter and the day before I lost another. Valid reasons. The same thing happened this time but that is what teaching with technology is all about and to have a back up plan.
  • Ah Huh moments We quickly saw the potential of this google tool for blended learning. TeachMeetNZ is one way where teachers can share their learning virtually.
  • TeachMeetNZ has been successful in that there is a space where NZ teachers can come together and share their learning. For presenting they will receive a digital badge for their portfolio and a video clip of their presentation. This is the third session of TeachMeetNZ and I am proud to welcome the stunning line up that we have for today.
  • I call on our virtual presenters to wave to the audience to ensure we have a group photo for our records. Ulearn Audience I will ask you to do the same and please turn off all sounds and for today cameras while presenting. To you who are here Face2face with me, please leave visiting the wiki until after the session as I am conscious of bandwidth.
  • I now pass you over to our virtual presenters and call on Chris Swanick first. The order was randomly selected using fruit picker. When they have finished, I will continue with the session but without the recording.
  • Welcome back everyone It was great to have presenters share their learning. The next part of the workshop was to take you onto google+ and create your own hangout, but before we do, can we please have an indication of who has used hangouts before.
  • I had picked up live polls from a virtual presentation I attended a few months ago.
  • Please indicate where you are from.
  • Log onto Google and if you have not already done so, please upgrade your account to Google +.
  • You can access the hangout via gmail or the computer or device will ring. But before that we will select people to hangout with and select lead people who will create circles for others to join.
  • Access this document and add your gmail to the doc.
  • I use a live stop clock to keep track of the time.
  • Locate the shared presentation and add your own slide with a buddy, This will be shared on the resource area of the TeachMeetNZ wiki via Slide Share.
  • For me, is to continue to advance the use of google with my school. For you it is ……
  • To conclude with you were able to see a live google out. I covered the history of TeachMeetNZ briefly You learnt how to create and join a hangout
  • We will use ChatWing for questions and answers. Finally thanks for attending and please before you leave I leave you 5x minutes to fill in the evaluation forms and give me some feedback.
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