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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1:In what way does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  2. 2. When creating our teaser trailer we had to take in account the generic codes and conventions of exemplar trailersto be able to make our product as professional as possible. Within our research and trailer analysis three trailerswere of particular interest in our project, ‘Sinister’, ‘Hannibal Rising’ and ‘The Host’ all three found using IMDb andYouTube.The various editing techniques, sound and camera work must also be taken in account and we have noticedvarious codes and conventions that lay in those fields, however considering our budget and very minimumexperience we had difficulties in accomplishing them all and therefore used our imagination for most parts of thefilming process. We have many aspirations from the trailers such as Sinister, Hannibal Rising and The Host, asthey relate to our intension the most and we believe that the editing techniques, sound and camera movementused the trailers are very commonly seen in various other horror trailers. The cross-cutting editing technique iswidely seen not only in horrors but all genres and we incorporated this technique in our product, as it has amassive effect on the audiences mood and helps to intensify the consciousness of ones mind and cross-cutting isa technique that allows the viewer to see significant parts of the movie, which further increases their interest tosee the movie. Moreover, in the trailer for the movie sinister, there is an incredible fast cutting in-between scenesand the screen goes black, as this is often seen our aim become very clear because we chose to only accomplishthat aim of engaging our target audience by using fast cuts and music, however we decided to use the heart beat,which is non-diegetic throughout the trailer and we believe that this use of sound will allow our viewers to stayalert and focused capturing every moment. The heart beat sound track came to our attention in the trailer‘Hannibal Rises’ and ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. examples of theediting technique, blackfades in and out. Also thefont styles of the text aredifferent compared to thetrailer and poster.
  3. 3. Firstly, we established the key components that all three trailers included such as, the R ratedlogo is the first image that appears followed by the production companies moving image logo.We have also done this in our teaser trailer because it is essential to inform the viewers theage suitability and also the production company we chose is paramount pictures because wenoticed through our research that paramount pictures have produced many popular horrormovies such as ‘Paranormal Activity’.naddition, the three trailers we looked at have integrated texts that appear for two purposesthat we believe is vital, one being the fact that it anchors the viewers throughout the trailersmaking sure they understand the narrative and storyline. Moreover, the texts create anxietyand curiosity, as the texts are very short and are edited on the trailer like flashes after eachsignificant or frightening scene. The texts are also designed using large font sizes andattractive font styles to engage the viewers. We have incorporated this technique in our ownteaser trailer and believe it be a powerful tool to entertain our target audience throughout theteaser trailer, for example the font style we decided to use is ‘Charlemagne Std Bold’ and fontsize ‘96’, which we believe suited with the teaser trailer very well, as this is proved in ouraudience feed back.To continue we noticed that other details involving the film such as the tagline, title, releasedate, producers or directors popular work, production companies name, stars names andmovies official website address, these all appear near the end of the trailers that allows theviewers to first see the montages significant scenes then taking these information with them toremember last. We have also included these information’s on our teaser trailer, as ourintension is to be as professional and effectual to the audiences and assure they recognise thedetails, which could effect and alter their decision when choosing to watch a movie.
  4. 4. Poster analysis
  5. 5. As you can see the typical used elements are on thisposter e.g. the credits, the title, the release date and theimage. However, further analyzing this poster we willestablish other conventions that majority of only horror-crime movie posters include.The dominant image is of a human figure but wecannot see his/her face. We will see thistechnique being used in most horror movieposters. Moreover, the image has a directconnection with the films name ‘the uninvited’ andwe see someone looking through the window whois clearly not invited in the house. Thisautomatically effects the viewer and makes themask questions , instantly making them curious.This text also alerts the viewer as it is avery important piece of information to givebecause it informs the viewer of theproducers who have produced films whichhave become popular or liked by thetargeted audience. this information couldalso be negatively taken by viewerssimply because some audiences mayhave not liked the films( the ring anddisturbia).The title of the movie is positioned near thebottom of the poster. As shown in other analysismajority of posters will have their title near thebottom and also have the biggest font size, soviewers can clearly read it. Moreover, the greyand white colors on the poster are constantthroughout the poster, and essentially it isimportant to be constant when using colors.The release date is placed right at the bottom of theposter but clearly shown to the audience as it’s anessential piece of detail. On top of the credits the text‘fear moves in’ is called a tagline and its function is tograb the audiences attention. The credits are positionedunder the title as it has important names and individualcontributions including executive producers anddirectors, actors names, music and sound producersand etc.
  6. 6. Here, we see an eye dominating the poster because the film itselfis called ‘THE EYE’ and the purpose for this connection is to putemphasis on the narrative of the movie. Also the hand coming outof the eye is a disturbing image further creating a frighteningatmosphere and alter the viewers emotions. the image clearly hasthe biggest aspect ratio due to its impact to the viewers, which isgreater than other elements we see on the poster.‘Jessica Alba’ is a very popular actorknown for many of her previous filmsand simply because of her fan baseand reputation hers is the only name onthe poster, which is a power techniquebecause this could influences her fansto watch the movie and she being afemale could attract females as well asmales to watch the movie.The title is again positioned at the bottom of the poster, clearlydisplayed to the viewer. The color and font difference between THEand EYE can be connoted as the eye being an important part of thebody that the movie uses to create disturbing and horrific images.Further, this is a polysemic image and could have many meaningsand the only way to find out why they have chosen the eye is towatch the film.Moreover, the credits are again positioned at the bottom of theposter and the font size is usually pretty small and the font style isthin and close together making it unimportant for the audience toread. Additionally the bottom of the poster contains images of theproduction companies logo and web address of the film.
  7. 7. We notice the text ‘based on a true story’ this detail isdisplayed on the poster so the audience can read it. Thisinformation can be of great consideration when a personchooses to watch a movie, as he/she will be convinced that itwill be worth watching because of the fact that its based ontrue events and not made up, so further giving the movie adifferent perspective in terms of realism.The credits along with the release date and website are placedon the bottom of the poster, as the viewers will read thesedetails last and we notice the font size, style and color isdifferent emphasizing its importance and being clear as possibleto the audience.The central image which has the greatest aspect ratio is the mostpowerful element to the poster, as the image it self allows theaudience to identify the genre right away and give viewers a littletaste of the disturbing images which the movie will have. The imagealso links to the title of the film ‘the possession’ because we see ahand coming out of the women’s mouth, which greatly suggeststhat she is being controlled by something inside her. We as theconsumer therefore are encountered by an image that makes usask questions and curiosity builds up inside us, further we cannotsee the face of the villain or the victim, which adds to our curiosityand interest towards the movie.The title of the movie is positioned above the credits near the bottom ofthe poster making it clear to see and read for the viewers. Moreover, wenotice that the titles font style, size and color is different in comparisonto other texts on the poster, which suggests that the title is another keyelement in engaging the target audience as the added effect on the titlemakes it look more attractive for the naked eye to notice. Thisprofessional use of text designing was not in our reach when creatingour own text design, however be believe that our text font for our title iseffective in attracting our target audience.We are also given a tagline clearly displayed just belowthe title with a white font color, suitable font size and fontstyle. The purpose of the tagline is to hint the story of thefilm in just a few words to create suspense and tensionfor viewers.Another key factor is the producers namewhich is positioned on top of the title thatmay be significant for some audiences totake in account, as their reputation andpopularity is important.
  8. 8. Our PosterThis is our designed promotional film poster, which has been created using adobe premier pro cs6. It has been ofgreat value learning this program gaining knowledge of its uses in the media world. within the duration ofcompletion I have learnt many skills and successfully created a poster for our movie ‘asylum’.When it comes to evaluating our poster, we will compare and denote the elements that make this posterprofessional and effective for the audience.Firstly, as we can clearly see on the poster is that we have incorporated variousgeneric conventions, which make our poster professional. The dominant image wehave decided to use is an image of the villains face, but the viewers can only seehis one eye, as his hands cover up the rest of his face. The aim was to create amysterious character allowing the audience to stay active and curious makingsuggesting about the face. Moreover, we have positioned the names of the stars ontop of the poster clearly shown to viewers, as we believe the actors reputation isimportant, as it can influence our audiences decision, whether to watch the movieor not. The font style we used is ‘Trajan Pro’ because it seemed to be a suitable andattractive font style for our target audience and our audience feed back proved this.The titles font style was downloaded off the Internet and we did additional researchon finding the right font style. It is displayed near the bottom of the poster abovethe credits. The word ‘Asylum’ is a key to the poster as it allows the audience to getsome idea about the movies genre and narrative and using an appropriate fontstyle was one of the significant parts on making it as effectual as possible. Alongwith the title, just above it lays the tagline; its function is to create anxiety andcuriosity, using only a few words, to the audience. Moreover, another valuable texton the poster is ‘inspired by actual events’, which is a factual text to include on theposter because it engages the audience and grabs their attention because it makesthe whole narrative of the movie real and this has a great effect on the audiencesoutlook on the movies potentiality to be successful in entertaining them. We haveused a different font style and size to emphasize its importance to viewers and webelieve through our research that a wider mass audience will decide to watch themovie.
  9. 9.  Furthermore, the credits is positioned under the title and we have used the font style ‘onyx’ andfont size ‘5.3’ to clearly state the movies official titles including the production companiesnames, the name of the director, the names of the music producer and etc. these details arenot of great importance on the poster as majority of the audience will find this informationonline, which is the reason for a small font size. Along with the credits the website address andthe production companies logo is displayed on the bottom of the poster because it may be ofgreat consideration for people to recognise the logo and preferably like or dislike the companythat produced to movie. Lastly, along with the credits, title, the image and the logos we alsodecided to follow the typical positioning of the website address, which is right at the bottom ofthe poster and through our poster analysis the font style is different compared to the othertexts, so the font style was again downloaded of the internet and we must state the vitalimportance because the date of release is again another essential element that viewers want tosee and acknowledge the day which it appears in cinemas. Finally, on our poster we have included two newspaper reviews that challenge horror movieposters because we have noticed that majority of them do not include this detail, however webelieve it will further satisfy our targeted audience to know that we have gained positive feedback from popular news papers such as ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Guardian’. The purpose of thereviews is to persuade and convince our target audience that our movie deserves their praiseand its worthy of watching. The font style we decided to use is ‘modern No.20’ as it lookedattractive and appropriate on our poster and we positioned both reviews below the stars namesbecause we wanted the reviews to be clearly displayed and shown to viewers. To conclude thisevaluation we as a team can proudly say that this was a successful poster and by followingtypical conventions our aim was fulfilled.
  10. 10. Our Magazine• The image of the character takes up the vastamount of the page• The headline is usually big and catchy• All the text is consistent in that it is all in thesame font style and color. Anchorage text isincluded in almost all film magazines in theway it attaches meanings to pictures.• There is usually references to related films ofthe same genre or with the same castThe main film magazine conventionsconsist of the following :
  11. 11. Film Magazine Cover ResearchEmpire magazine is a popular British film magazine, that is published byBauer Consumer Media.As part of our research for the film magazine cover, we looked at empiremagazine and closely engaged with the magazines structural layout.Below are some of the covers that we looked at :The I AM LEGEND magazine cover is something we hope to correlate with.We particularly like the simple backdrop with the main character at the centerof the page, which is effective in creating mystery, as no action is conveyedso the audience is left wondering what the film is about.The consistent font style and lettering of the main bold title Empire, allowsreaders to easily identify with the magazine. Furthermore, at the bottom ofthis magazine, there are photo stills of other films of similar genres. So forreaders who might not be particularly fond of the I AM LEGEND film, mayfind the stills intriguing, which will ultimately attract viewers from all differentareas of interest.It seems like in most of the empire film magazines, the image takes up a vastamount of the magazine cover. The addition of stories being briefly describedon the magazine cover exemplifies the interests of film fanatics. We hope todo the same for our films magazine cover, to transfix a good solid fan base.The neo-color highlighting is successful in drawing attention to particular filmnews that may affect future or present films and actors etc.
  12. 12. It seems like in most of the empire film magazines, the imagetakes up a vast amount of the magazine cover. The addition ofstories being briefly described on the magazine cover exemplifiesthe interests of film fanatics. We hope to do the same for our filmsmagazine cover, to transfix a good solid fan base. The neo-colorhighlighting is successful in drawing attention to particular filmnews that may affect future or present films and actors etc.
  13. 13. The combination of our poster and magazine cover is effective in that it drawsattention onto the promotion of our Crime Horror film. Our magazine coverexemplifies the nature of Crime Horror films by using dark locations as thebackdrop, which is associated with mystery, a crucial aspect of films of thisgenre. In addition, this dark color scheme is employed in both magazine andfilm cover which compliments each other. In addition, similar font styles areused, bold white lettering which makes it easy to recognize as the promotionfor our film, Asylum. in real exemplar posters and magazines, there are oftennot many similarities and/or combinations of components that the poster andthe magazine would have because they purposes are different and they arenot found in the same place.the magazine is sold to those who are fans of horror movies and is targeted tothose who have hobbies such as people who research horror movies.whereas the poster is seen free, e.g. on buses, bill boards, bus stops, payphones, train stations and I am aware that each location uses different postersbut the purpose is to reassure that the general pupil are aware of itsappearance in cinemas.Within our research we noticed that action movie posters and magazines canbe combine perfectly, however horror genres tend to not use similarcomponents on the magazine cover and poster and actually on the contraryuse different styles and vast majority do not even have promotional magazinecovers. however, when creating the magazine our aim was to clearly allow thefans and other potential magazine consumers to identify the genre andpossibly connote the narrative by the use of the character in a doctors whitecoat and in the background showing the hospital beds. Moreover, get an ideaabout the movie through the title Asylum clearly displayed on both themagazine and the poster.