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Question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologiesin the planning, research andproduction stages in creating yourmedia product?The benefits of technology in our media course work is widelyadvantageous and many of our planning and research tookplace browsing the internet and using YouTube, Google, bloggerand etc., to gather important information about the codes andconventions of trailers, film posters and magazine covers and inour planning and research process.
  2. 2. We used internet explorer, inorder to look at theconventions of Crime-horrorfilm trailers. We also took alook at students blogs as wellas analyzing the elementsused in real media products ofthe same genre.We used media technologies such as YouTube as part ofour planning stage for our coursework. We looked atvarious forms of Horror teaser trailers on YouTube inorder for some inspiration. Initially, this was part of ourresearch. Furthermore, when looking to do our magazinecover and film poster, we looked closely at online andprint media. Empire magazine is the basis for ourinspiration, as we adopted similar consistency of fontstyles and colors in our magazine cover and film poster.We used YouTube toexplore and safari to find thetraits of Crime-Horror filmsand what makes them sodistinct and enjoyable towatch. I looked carefully atthe use of shotstyles, costume andsoundtrack, which makesthe teaser trailer effective inengaging with the audience.
  3. 3. ‘’ to put emphasize on thestrengths of our analysis for our teaser trailer.The internet was the most useful source we hadto gather information about real media productsand acknowledge the essential elements to asuccessful teaser trailer, poster and magazinecover. Within internet ‘Google’ was the centralsearch engine we used to access websites andother beneficial sites such as‘’ and ‘’ to presentthe evaluation questions., we had to do additional browsingto find a suitable font style for our posters title‘asylum’, which was downloaded off the internet.Also our research and planning was a massivepart when creating our trailer, poster andmagazine cover for example when we looked atexemplar movie trailers such as, sinister, saw5, shutter, insidious and many more, which gaveus aspirations and ideas we used YouTube.Furthermore, as the research and planning had a big impact on our products the benefits ofthe development of technology increased our potential to create successful products, forexample the blogger was first launched in 1999 and we can see that over the years it haschanged and become more valuable, in our case all of our research and planning, writtendocuments such as our mind maps are displayed on the blog, pictures of the locations andcostumes are all on our blog. Furthermore, YouTube has become a global and internationalvideo site which was launched in 2005 and including the soundtrack we used for our teaserwas found using YouTube.
  4. 4. The creation of our poster and magazine required us tolearn ‘Adobe Photoshop’ cs5 and cs6 and in doing so wegained skills in designing posters and magazine, as its mainfunction is to guide people to design their own print mediaformats such as posters and magazines. This program in somany aspects, such as title fonts, colors and sizes also thetools were extremely necessary for us because it enabledus to design a professional poster and magazine.In the production and post production process of our poster, magazine and teasertrailer we had access, through the college, to a very practical and useful computersoftware company called ‘Adobe systems incorporated’, which was founded in 1982and has developed extremely in terms of technology designing new programs of whichwe used were Adobe Premier Pro cs5&cs6 and Adobe Photoshop cs5&cs6; bothfunctions for different purposes.Adobe Photoshop cs5&cs6 allowed us to manipulate and maneuverimages and fonts by using the variety of different tools that enableus to do so, for example we downloaded image of floor cracks andwe took a picture using (another great technological equipment) adigital camera, the actors one eye and rest of his face is covered byhis hands, and using the over-layer tool on Photoshop we were ableto put the cracks on the actors face.
  5. 5. We must now look another valuable technological computer software, which belongsto Adobe ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ that helped us edit our footage together and for thefilming part we used a ‘Panasonic HD’ camcorder. Using premier pro gave us anadditional professional feel to the whole project and we learnt various tools and skillswithin the program and it is the most sophisticated editing program out. To be able toedit the footage within a few months was difficult but it was somewhat simplifiedbecause YouTube had many video tutorials that guided us to learn the different toolsand watching these tutorials we were able to edit the scenes together.I want to also mention that, as technology develops programs like these will alwaysadvance and soon there will be a sc7 and we can proudly say that technology in mediais a crucial and essential part in being able to be involved In such projects and webelieve that we have produced an engaging and affective teaser trailer for our targetaudience.Many of the programs features, such as how to add text, import videos, addsound, cut scenes and use transition tools took us time to get used to, however withconstant practice we learnt how to use all these features, which were all of greatimportance when we edited our footage and neither of them were more importantthan each other. We learnt that to edit properly and professionally a person mustknow the functions of each tool, but as we did not have the time we used thesefundamental tools to edit our footage.