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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Unforgettable – Critical evaluation question 2How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary texts?
  2. 2.  When producing our main product, we wanted to create a short film which followed traditional aspects of its genre, but then offer a huge twist at the end which would entertain our audience who are watching it. We followed in this view when advertising our film as it shows some insight into the story of the film but doesn’t give too much away that it makes it obvious when the huge twist at the end of the film does happen. We used two main ways of advertising our film, these were an A3 poster and a short radio advert. In our poster we included; Title, Age certificate, Tag line, extra information and an image, all of which are on existing film posters. On our radio trailer we used music, a quote from the film and the sound of a car crash.
  3. 3. Research into advertisement Before we produced our ancillary texts, we did various research into different forms of advertisement and how companies produced them to make them effective and attractive enough to draw customers in to watch the film. The different types of advertisements which were effective and used a lot were posters, TV advertisements, radio advertisements, articles and advertisements in magazines or newspapers, internet page advertising and posts on social networking sites such as twitter or Facebook. When we were researching posters and radio advertisements we were looking to see what the companies did successfully and things what particularly works and things which don’t, we also found that there is some connection between what different film directors use on different film posters which we looked at and used on ours when we were producing it. Main actor name Tag LineTo the right is an Background which canexample of what is give some of the storynormally found onsuccessful film posters.This is an annotated Main characterposter of ‘Inception.’ in the forefront Large bold title
  4. 4. A3 poster Our A3 poster was our main advertisement as well as our radio trailer. It was effective to promote our film and what we were trying to achieve as it is a visual advertisement and something which people will be able to look at and get their own view from what the film will be like. It also shows the two main characters in the film (Ciaran and Clare) and shows the public what they look like so they can get an insight into what the characters may be like. Our poster was also effective into showing how much alike the two main characters are and how they ‘depend’ on each other as the picture on the poster shows them both looking at a lamppost in the middle which forms a sense of symmetry to the overall view of the poster which keeps in touch with our plot that if one of characters is removed, it just won’t be the same.
  5. 5.  Here is a small replica of our A3 poster. We feel our poster gives a good indication into the nature of our film as it shows the two main characters in the film and our title ‘unforgettable’ which shows an obvious relationship between the male and female and this will attract people in to come and watch the film.
  6. 6. How did our poster relate to other successful and famous film posters? As I have previously said, we did a large amount of research before we produced our film which gave us a good indication on what we should be aiming for to make our film poster effective and successful. The three films we look at in particularly were Inception, The Shawshank redemption and shifty. We related to these three films as they were a mixture of both high and low budget films, but they were all similar in certain ways. In particular, the three films had the main characters in the film as the main and most prominent aspect of the poster which shows that they are a main and important part of the film. The other things which needed to be large on the poster were the title of the film and the main actors/actresses’ names. These are simple things but are really important and if you get them right, it makes a simple yet effective improvement to the poster.
  7. 7. Inception was a film we were particularlyfocused on in our research as it was what wethought was simple yet effective and we strivedto be similar to it.The key similarities are that there is aninteresting background on both which makesyou think about the locations that the films willbe in, the main characters are on large on bothof the posters and there is big bold titles andnames. Tag Line Prominent main characters in the forefront Bold, clear title Small information at the bottom
  8. 8. Further details of the PosterWe knew we needed to make our two characters in the film more prominent so when we edited the poster we blurred some of the background out to make the characters more noticeable. We also added a quote/tag line from the film which was also used on the radio trailer which can give away some more of the story to the audience without giving too much of the film away to spoil the twist at the end of the film. These little details are very simple but are very effective at making the poster look more professional and give away more of the story.
  9. 9. Radio trailer To coincide with our poster, we decided to record and create a 30 second radio trailer which will give the audience audio insight which is an different insight into our film than what is already given by the poster. We feel that the radio trailer is a really effective way in selling our product as it is relatively low cost and easy to do. It also gives an audio into sounds and voiceovers from our film which in some ways give more of an insight into the film than a poster does. We did various research into what a lot of radio trailers consist of and what makes them effective and we found that simply giving little sections of sounds and voices from the film and giving some of the storyline away works well, which is what we have done with our trailer. The quote we use ‘One moment can change a lifetime’ also gives away a good amount of our story to the audience which they can make their own assumptions up about what will happen, which is what we wanted from our radio trailer. A link to our radio trailer is here:
  10. 10. How effective were our advertisements? We felt that our ancillary texts were effective and we didn’t switch from our plans of advertisement very much as our whole plot is that it follows a similar pattern which is in other films of a similar genre but then have a twist at the end. On our ancillary texts, we intended to give a ‘teaser’ of our storyline away just to show the audience what type of film it is and give away a stereotype that comes with the genre of film. Although, it’s important not to give away what happens in the twist as this is a key aspect of our film. We felt that both the radio trailer and poster were done to a high standard and in a professional manner and would be effective at selling our final product.