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  1. 1. Planning and ResearchThe codes and conventions of film trailers:Most common film trailers always include their production companies logo which helps theAudience to know the budget of the film and who actually created the film. We have noticedthat Sometimes the original production logo changes to indicate the different genres whichthey have Create/produced. However we did not have the time or the technology to changeparamount pictures Logo to make it seem more spooky, as our chosen genre is horror-crime.Moreover, the indication of the logo can also encourage and persuade the mass audience towatch the film they have created because of their previous film reputations.This is the samecompany logo but asyou can see it is amore scaryversion, which is usedin harry potter.
  2. 2. •This is also shown in trailers as it determines the minimum age whom the film is suitable for,Which is also determined by the content of the film. Our chosen genre is horror-crime and we targages 15 and above because it contains scary and violent scenes.Moreover, trailers all start with the R rated logoWhich indicates that the film requires parentalcompany, due to its content and we also used thisbecause it is an crucial to inform the audiencewhat they are choosing to see.
  3. 3. • Cast and Crew informationWe noticed that film trailers contain the cast that play the characters, which I believe isvery important, as it allows the audience to judge and make a decision in regards toactors/actresses Reputation and previous performances to either watch the film or not. Whena well-known actor or actress is casted in a movie it can engage a greater audience to watchthe film, which further is an indication of the films potential to be good and worthy to watch.The movie I robot includes ‘Will Smith’which is an example of the importance ofshowing the audience the cast becausewill smith is a very popular actor knownfor many excellent movies which peopletake in consideration when they arechoosing what movie to watch., along with the actors/actressesreputation the audience also considers the work of theDirector, which can also encourage people to see amovie and in most trailers this detail is given to theaudience persuading them to pay to see the movie.
  4. 4. Filming techniquesFirstly, we aim to make our product as professional and effective to the audience aspossible, in our research we have discovered a variety of techniques that will help us achievethis aim.We noticed that the use of low key lighting and shadows are very engaging elements that helpcreate frightening scenes for the viewer and therefore have an impact to their emotions asthey are watching the trailer. Also we believe that the use of fast cut editing will create anadrenaline rush for the audience allowing them to grasp everything within the trailer.