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Introduction to SPICEsim ESO Ltd.


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SPICEsim is unique within the Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) industry with more than 25 years experience in turning customer\'s concepts into world-class products through our unique set of value-added CAD or CAE solutions. These solutions include electronic and mechanical design, printed circuit board development, electronic circuit simulation and modeling, signal integrity analysis and finally, mechanical simulation.

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Introduction to SPICEsim ESO Ltd.

  1. 1. This presentation aims to be an eye-opener to kick-off exploratory discussions by: Introducing the capabilities and engineering services that SPICESIM can offer; laying out legal business scenarios for your company’s possible partnership with SPICESIM; providing further pertinent information
  2. 2.  An electro-mechanical design engineering services outsourcing (ESO) partnership between experienced engineers Arnold Labares (Mechanical Design) & Ivan Aquino (Electronics Design) Core partners have more than 11 years of experience on electro-mechanical product design Currently seeking clients, partners, and investors for medium- to long-term engagements Based in Manila, Philippines
  3. 3. ► 11 years of experience in power electronics industry with in-depth skills in CAD tools.  Design of AC-DC and DC-DC custom switch-mode power supplies.  Application of different SMPS topologies according to requirements.  Reduction of BOM cost through recommendation of alternate devices.  Power magnetics design and analysis using Ansoft software.  Analysis of SMPS using simulation and modeling (SPICE).  Multilayer PCB design using Cadence or Orcad software.► Proven record of successful design and development of switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) from concepts to production.  Co-designed a Full Bridge ZVT operating from 200V input. Output capable of varying from 10V to 50V at a 3kHz rate.  Performed the measurements and characterized the EMI performance of a 200W telecom SMPS.  Quoted approximately 150 power supply platforms.  Designed approximately 75 power supply platforms.  Optimized 60W flyback inverter; achieved greater than 94% efficiency.  Wrote data sheets for 3 product families.  Designed 100W flyback transformer and EMI filter.  Performed competitive analysis for three new product investigations.  Presented focus groups and white papers covering topics on optimizing SMPS design.
  4. 4. ► Eleven (11) years Research and Development (R&D) experience with focus on mechanical design► 14,000+ MCAD usage hours to date on Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks and Inventor with expertise on:  User defined parameter-controlled dimensioning  Family Table-driven part library creation  Part- and assembly-level programming  Design drawing automations  Sheet metal enclosures, plastics, rubber and metal parts & assemblies design► Knowledgeable on:  semiconductor assembly and test processes and equipment  printed circuit board mechanical assemblies design  Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T - ASME Y14.5M-1994)  metal stamping, machining, wire forming, die casting & injection molding mfg processes  Design for Manufacturability (DFM), project and supplier management, Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA), Finite Element Analyses (FEA)► Corporate experience & maturity :  Experienced in a virtual factory and multi-cultural corporate environment  International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certified  Excellent MS Office applications skills and presentation capability  Experienced on Six Sigma manufacturing environment  Experienced on China suppliers search and sourcing operations► Certified Professional Mechanical Engineer by Institute of Engineers Australia
  5. 5. * ECAD MCAD – Core tools but usage of other design/simulation platforms* negotiable.
  6. 6. ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGSERVICES: SERVICES:► switchmode power supply MCAD ► product/equipment parts (metal,design plastics, rubber) and assemblies► pcb design and layout mechanical design► prototype development ► product design team development► circuit simulation and ► supplier developmentmodeling ► rapid prototyping All SPICESIM DATA MGMT & WEBSITE deliverables shall be MAINTENANCE: exclusive only for ► product design/data Screen Labs management (PDM Vault) ► web & graphics http://www. design ECAD ►custom web application programming ► internet marketing & SEO
  7. 7. SPICESIM aims to be an extension of your company’s in-house electro-mechanical product development and data management team with these cost-effective value ads, among others:  software expenses Cost savings for  hardware expenses contract-basis JV  Headcount increase looks bright with access to pool of globally known & competitive Philippine workforce  SPICESIM takes management and accountability of all Philippine-based Human Resource, Design and Communication Tools and Work Environment  Certified Public Accountant ready Both 10 years + experienced  Philippine Barrister ready professionals  documentation (i.e. product catalogues)  web site maintenance in Manila
  8. 8. Arnold & Ivan are up front engineers experienced on multi-cultural & virtualfactory environments from US Multinational firms & can easily integrate with allof your company’s cross-functional teams . . . Legal & Logistics Finance Networks Mfg. Networks Global Marketing
  9. 9. On top of technical commitments, it is on SPICESIM’s ethical makeup to always abide by and conform to your organization’s policies on: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  FULL TRANSPARENCY NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT  NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT
  10. 10. * Philippine Branch  Requires your company’s license to do business in the Philippines  Expensive and not usually done Philippine Subsidiary  SPICESIM to be wholly-owned by your company  Arnold & Ivan would be employees 60-40 Equity Company Joint Venture  “60-40” on paper with equity advances from stockholder  Entails forming a domestic company Contract-basis Joint Venture  Every project has a contract  SPICESIM remains an independent entity Partnership  Professional partnership company  Drafting of articles required for registration with Philippine S.E.C. – legal expert’s inputs from preliminary consultations. You can consult* with your country’s and/or PH lawyers for more guidance.
  11. 11. ►The (ISO 9001:2000-certified) arm of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry ( that promotes investments, extends assistance, registers, grants incentives to and facilitate the business operations of investors in export-oriented manufacturing and service facilities inside selected areas throughout the country►Oversees and administers incentives to developers/operators of and locators in world-class, ready-to-occupy, environment- friendly, secured and competitively priced Special Economic Zones
  12. 12. ►Dynamic, responsive and client-oriented ethics have earned the trust and confidence of investors in its Special Economic Zones, the local business sector, and the foreign chambers of commerce in the Philippines►Operates and manages 134 I.T. economic zones (out of a total of 211 economic zones across the country) as of this writing Your company’s venture with SPICESIM can reside on a PEZA I.T. economic zone facility; among other incentives as an Information Technology Service Export firm
  13. 13. The major business districts in Metropolitan Manila that house the majority of PEZA I.T. economic zone facilities:►Makati CBD ►Manila Bay City►Ortigas Center Reclamation Area►Bonifacio Global City ►Madrigal Business Park►Eastwood City ►Filinvest Corporate City ►Triangle Park
  14. 14. Favorable tax regulationsThe Philippines is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a tax haven. But for theserious investor with a long-term outlook, the Philippines offers tax incentives, taxholidays for pioneer industries particularly in the Information Technology sector whereglobal growth is viewed in geometric terms, area or regional headquarters of offshorecompanies, a capital gains tax exemption for any sale or exchange of stocks forproperty, and an affinity towards the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Facility in registering corporations and partnershipsThe Philippines has probably one of the lowest prescribed paid up capitals in the worldat PHP5,000, a Corporation Code allowing for the holding of bearer stocks with very fewrestrictions, requiring a minimum of only five (5) incorporators to register a corporation,allowing for the registration of foreign corporations and the appointment of arepresentative office without any prescribed capital outlay for infrastructure, with veryfew nationalization restrictions, and with an “express lane” for processing applicationsfor registration of corporations and partnerships.
  15. 15. A developing market with a hospitable investment climateThe late 1990s saw the Philippine stock market as one of the best performers in the AsiaPacific Region and into the millennium the country has remained to be one of the topexporters in the region. With several export processing zones and a long standing set oftax and capital equipment incentives for pioneer industries, and with a long-awaitedpolitical stalemate finally being resolved, the Philippines is once again a favoreddestination of investments in high-end electronics and semiconductors to footwear andclothes. Lately, the country has developed into a business process outsourcing and callcenter site in the heart of Southeast Asia. Competing with India with its fast growingindustries, major multinationals such as Dell Computers and IBM have set upoperations in the Philippines. Low cost of living and doing businessMore and more international companies are seeing the value of establishing low costglobal offshore centers in the Philippines. These companies are estimated to havesavings of about 30% to 50% of their usual operating costs in countries with highercosts of living.
  16. 16. Skilled and educated labor forceWell-known companies ranging from the I.T. to Semiconductor industry have seen theadvantages of establishing their offshore offices in the Philippines. Various I.T. firmssuch as Emerson, SPL, Siemens, and Intel have massively hired computer graduates inthe country to provide offshore services to clients worldwide. Aside from the I.T.industry, many Filipinos are skilled in the communications, medical, and legal field. Familiar and compliant legal systemThe legal concepts on property rights, business, contracts, government, personalrights, and other fields of law are offshoots of 50 years of American colonial rule. Withthe American and British legal models being the norm in international commerce andbusiness, companies will readily adapt to the legal system with very little adjustment intheir day-to-day operations.
  17. 17. Multicultural and diversifiedWith around 7,107 islands, this archipelago is host to 8 major dialects, more than 6religions, and individuals with diverse nationalities. Filipino Chinese businesscommunities and other groups of expatriates are scattered throughout the majorislands of the Philippines from Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and the former locations ofthe military bases in Pampanga. English proficiencyThe Philippines is the third-largest English speaking country in the world, enabling itsmanpower to have a unique edge over neighboring countries in terms of labor quality.Having been educated in the American educational system with English as one of theofficial languages and primary medium of instruction, the Filipino worker readily adaptsto training and work across the spectrum of the labor market, from the semiconductorindustry and outsourced legal and business processes.
  18. 18. Vibrant democracyThe Philippines in the 60′s and 70′s was the showcase of democracy in Asia. Then cameMartial Rule under Ferdinand Marcos which underscored what was tamely referred tothen as constitutional dictatorship. The late 80′s to the present saw the countryregaining its more democratic and republican traditions, in the process opening itselfup as a haven and market for the free world. Strategic geographical locationFew countries in the Asia Pacific corridor enjoy a more strategic economic location thanthe Philippines. It is a few hours from the capital markets of Hong Kong and Shanghai inMainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.
  19. 19. Competitive Investment Incentives (for Domestically Incorporated Firms & Branch Offices) 4 to 8 years Income Tax Holiday Special 5% tax rate on gross income after the lapse of ITH (for IT Park locators) Tax and duty exemption on imported capital equipment (for IT Park locators) Unrestricted use of consigned equipment Deduction for training expense Exemption from wharfage dues Employment of foreign nationals Exemption from 10% input VAT on allowable local purchase of goods and services(e.g., communication charges)
  20. 20. Competitive Investment Incentives (for Expatriates) Multiple Entry Visa Tax & Duty Free Importation of Household Goods & Personal Effects Travel Tax Exemption Withholding Tax of Fifteen Percent (15%) Competitive Investment Incentives (for Regional Headquarters – RHQ/ROHQ)1. Corporate Income Tax  RHQ – exempt  ROHQ – 10% income taxable; to pay branch profit of ROHQ remits income derived from Philippine resources2. Tax and Duty Free Importation of Training Materials/Equipment3. VAT Exempt
  21. 21. Useful Links for Foreign Investors Guide to Investing in the Philippines: Philippine Investment Statistics: Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission: Philippine Department of Trade and Industry: Philippine Economic Zone Authority: Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc.: Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
  22. 22. SPICESIM is looking forward to hear your feedbacks, clarifications, and comments to, hopefully, lead to exploratory talks on this win-win opportunity proposal.
  23. 23. SPICESIM ESO Ltd.