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  1. 1. IntroductionProduct and ServicesSWOT AnalysisStrategy For FutureConclusionIBM Business ModelGlobal Market Strategy
  2. 2. Type PublicFounded Endicott, New YorkJune 16, 1911Headquarters Armonk, NewYork,United StatesArea served WorldwideKey people Samuel J. Palmisano(Chairman, President and CEO)Revenue US$ 99.870 billion (2011)[1]Employees 426,751 (2011)[1]Website IBM.comIntroduction
  3. 3. Mission And VisionMISSIONIBM, we strive to lead in the invention,development and manufacture of the industrysmost advanced information technologies, includingcomputer systems, software, storage systems andmicroelectronics.VISIONSolutions for a small plane
  4. 4. Products System and servers Storage Networking Software Personal computer Printing products Point of sale Semiconductors Upgrades accessories and partsServices IT service Business consulting Application services Outsourcing services Training Small and medium businessProducts and Services
  5. 5. SWOT AnalysisStrength Leading provider of IT services Strong research and development Capabilities Strong profitabilitys
  6. 6. SWOT AnalysisWeakness Weak enterprise mobility product portfolio Communication across different countries can be veychallenging IBM size is also its weakness The current recession has hurt everyone and IBM is notexempt
  7. 7. SWOT AnalysisOpportunities Strong and stable economic marketcontext Sophisticated service market High individual consumption power Matured internet market High level of entry barrier to the severemarket
  8. 8. SWOT AnalysisThreatsCustomers have high experience on theserviceCustomers have low switching costIntense competitionHigh threat of substitutesIBM has high switching cost on the corehardware
  9. 9. Business Model
  10. 10. Business Strategy Growth & business model innovationstrategies M&A services: Sustainability strategy Smarter business
  11. 11. IBM understood Value was shifting in the IT industry, driven by the risingtide of global integration, a new computing paradigm and new client needs.Economies of developing nations were growing rapidly, driven by historicinvestments in fundamental business infrastructure. Enterprises werelooking to tap skills and expertise available all over the world and tointegrate their operations globally.Change in computing architecture was rippling across the data center andthe network, along with a proliferation of technology infused into all aspectsof work and life. Companies were seeking to integrate advancedtechnology with their business processes and operations, not only toreduce costs, but to enable innovation and growth.IBM remixed their businesses in order to move to the emerging higher-value spaces by focusing on software and IT industry.IBM Strategies
  12. 12.  In conclusion refer to both analysis in macro and micro level ofenvironmental factors on IBM strategy, IBM has strong competitors inhardware industry like Dell or Hp but IBM can work more powerful insoftware industry with few strong competitors like Microsoft. IBM accuracy understand the demand for software and services skills -across Asia and worldwide - is growing. Therefore, the computertechnology industry still has high market growth rate. Although the external factors such Iraq war, SARS and bird flu haveimpacted on computer technology industry, IBM still exit on the market.This is because of they have strong enough in terms of financial,management and experience. Moreover, the technology factor haseffected directly to computer technology industry.Conclusion
  13. 13.  IBM, should keep his position in the market as worlds largest informationtechnology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businessesinnovate. IBM should expand into new markets with promising growth through itspartners strategy network program. Already prospering high growth inChina, India, Brazil, and Russia, gives them competitive advantage overother Western brands. IBM have the advantage to be top Western brandby rapidly expanding into these markets all the while developing newproducts, services, and solutions to better help its wide variety ofcustomers from small to large. To improve and maintain its corporate image, IBM needs to find new andbetter ways to be philanthropic company worldwide. For examplesimproving job satisfaction, communities, and living standards. IBM canalso offer scholarships, educational assistance, and internships to improveeducational system, which enable them to have quality staff, partners,customer, and suppliers.Recommendations