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Three Examples of MSP's Making Money with Autotask


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My presentation to the Autotask Accelerator event in Manchester on 12th June, 2013.

I look at three MSP's using Autotask to increase their profits.

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Three Examples of MSP's Making Money with Autotask

  1. 1. Making Moneywith AutotaskRichard TubbProviding Expert Advice to Help ITCompanies
  2. 2. What can be measured, can bemanaged...Bruce Penson, MDProDrive IT (• August 2012 - 470 hours onservice• Added additional MSP clients• March 2013 - 200 hours on service
  3. 3. ProDrive Live Reports - 1st linetickets over 2 hours
  4. 4. ProDrive Live Reports - Hoursworked against target
  5. 5. Using the APIMichael Freeman, OwnerSouthern IT (• Implemented Autotask last year• Uses Kashflow for accounts• Built integration using AutotaskAPI and now sells it to otherAutotask & Kashflow partners
  6. 6. Kashflow <> Autotask Screenshot
  7. 7. Kashflow <> Autotask Screenshots
  8. 8. Dashboards for Autotask
  9. 9. Integration with RMM toolsJonathan Fox, OwnerFlying Fox IT• Implemented Autotask lastAugust• Integrated with GFI Max RMM• Increased recurring revenue x10
  10. 10. Remember to...• Create metrics - manage based on fact-based decisions, not gut-feeling• Increase revenue by capturing and chargingfor lost time• Reduce the cost of service delivery throughautomation and integration
  11. 11. Questions
  12. 12. How to stay in touch with me• Sign-up for my MSP newsletter• Twitter - @tubblog• LinkedIn - to introduce yourself!)• Google+ -• E-Mail -