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Route to Digital Distribution - Penta Teknoloji


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Who is Penta & what made us to implement DDWS?
Benefits of DDWS
to VAD
to VARs
to End Users
DDWS Workflow @ Penta
Steps of implementation

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Route to Digital Distribution - Penta Teknoloji

  1. 1. Route to Digital Distribution 18.05.2016 – OTX, Berlin Arda Serim
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Who is Penta & what made us to implement DDWS? 2. Benefits of DDWS • to VAD • to VARs • to End Users 3. DDWS Workflow @ Penta 4. Steps of implementation
  4. 4. Who is Penta? • Turkey’s 2nd largest IT distributor • With 50+ brands, 6000+ channel partners, 100.000+ products, 550+ M$ revenue • Turkey’s first B2B site implementation Bayinet in 1997 for automated order processing • Penta is Autodesk VAD in Turkey for 24 years • Acquisition of SAYISAL GRAFIK in 2015 • Providing both Value and Volume Autodesk products • Penta was awarded as «The Leader Digital Company in Wholesale» category in ICT sector according to Accenture Digital Density Index of Turkey • Penta is one of the most successful partners implementing Autodesk’s business model transformation to subscription model • We are very aware of benefits of DDWS implementation, and one of the first implementers in the world
  5. 5. Penta was founded. Penta founded the first fully-integrated web-enabled B2B platform in the ICT sector of Turkey. Penta launched credit card installment application via Bayinet. Penta achieved revenue over $100M. Penta achieved revenue over $300M. Penta joined Yıldız Holding in November. Penta & Mersasistem had a strategic partnership. Penta became one of the 3rd biggest technology distributor by growing 15 times in 5 years. Penta became the 4th fastest growing company in 10 years in Turkey. 1990 1997 2001 2006 2008 2012 2014 2004 2007 2010 2013 2015 Penta acquired Medyasoft, Ekip Elektronik, Beyaz İletişim and Sayısal Grafik in 2 years. Penta became the 9th largest ICT company by revenue, 3rd in IT sector and the first in the sales of Desktop Computer & OEM products in Turkey according to Bilişim 500 research. Penta became sole Value Added Distributor of Autodesk with the acquisition of Sayısal Grafik in June Penta & Mersasistem legally merged with the name of Penta Teknoloji Ürünleri Dağıtım Ticaret A.Ş. in November. Penta was awarded as The Leader Digital Company in Wholesale category in ICT sector according to Accenture Digital Density Index of Turkey. Penta Milestone
  6. 6. Overview 50+ Brands 6000 Active Resellers 100.000 Products 2014 627Million $ 2015 560Million $
  7. 7. 50 Marka Digitalization 2015 Awards Penta was the 9th largest ICT company by revenue, 3rd in IT sector and the first in the sales of Desktop Computer & OEM products in Turkey in Bilişim 500 Research. Penta was awarded as The Leader Digital Company in Wholesale category in ICT sector according to Accenture Digital Density Index of Turkey. Penta was the leader in ‘’Companies with the most increased revenue’’ in Capital 500 – “Turkey’s 500 Biggest Private Companies” research.
  8. 8. Strengths of Penta Trusted business partner with value added solutions Operational Efficency Wide Product Range Financial solutions alternatives Powerful IT infrastructure (SAP, Microsoft CRM, IBM Cognos, Wide market coverage with more than 5.500 reseller Access 2.500 reseller daily with B2B e- commerce website Supply chain management
  9. 9. 2650+ 440+ 270+ 105+ 230+ 500+ 80+ Regional Reseller Penetration Geographical covarage requires automated workflows.
  10. 10. Favourites List Product Informations Advanced Product Search Warranty & Support Authorized Services Your Account* Shopping Cart* Current account statement* Order Tracking* e-Payment* Orders* *Reseller Login Required Penta’s B2B platform since 1997 Strongest link between Penta & channel
  11. 11. Bayinet in Numbers Daily Average Number of Orders 400+ Daily Average Number of Companies Using Our Services 1.700+ Daily Average Number of Users 2.100+ Monthly Average Page Viewing Count 1.100.000+
  12. 12. Autodesk Presence in Bayinet
  13. 13. Penta’s DDWS Efforts • As technology influences the way customers build and manufacture, their way of doing things are evolving. Their needs are changing so as suppliers, we have to adopt to this new business model. • By nature, business model transformation requires digital distribution, otherwise old style distribution is not sustainable. Change is indispensable. • Digital distribution web services is a system that makes partner’s and Autodesk’s systems «talk and work» together in an automated environment • Web services automation investments has been made from early days • Penta so far has implemented: • Get License & Get Invoice & Get Order Details – ALL LIVE! • Utilized «Get invoice» to automate our internal workflows ensuring ADSK operational accuracy. • Place Order will launch in June • Plan to have more touchpoints on end user side in the future: Distributor White-label / VAR branded site which enables end user to place order directly from VARs branded site empowered by Penta’s e-commerce infrastructure • These automation efforts will enable us to flawlessly manage the auto-renewal and recurring subs business model
  14. 14. Benefits of Using Web Services • Automate previously manual tasks to increase efficiency • Gain workforce by using current employees in value added activities • Can work on 7/24 basis • Response is immediate – no need to wait days to get invoice and license • Eliminated human errors in order processing since system takes over the process • Scale to meet additional order volume • Our weekly order transaction volume is largely increased due to snowball effect of subs model, so DDWS is essential to process all on time, without error • System flawlessly works regardless of transaction count and manpower capacity • Less operations - No monthly POs • Less operations - No customer and VAR order required for renewal transactions for Auto-renewal model • Intregrated to our CRM and ERP systems • Integrated to Bayinet, our B2B system, so all information and transactions are automatic • Near real time communication with vendor, partners and end users • No human touch order processing • Partner renewal management area
  15. 15. Benefits of Using Web Services • Improve transaction accuracy through pre-validation • Pre-validation eliminates possible human errors prior order entry • Reduce order processing time • 3 day order processing time (from order receiving to invoicing) dropped to 2 hours • With implementation of «Place Order», time will drop to 30 mins. • Increased efficiency on reporting • Numbers are aligned with Autodesk • Monthly revenue calculation • Better forecasting
  16. 16. Benefits of Using Web Services • Benefits for VARs • Faster: Automated instant transactions, reduced processing time • Better: Enhanced ordering, tracking and reporting tools offered • Errorless: Operational excellence with reduced error • E-store: White label e-store site offering (in the future) to empower sales operations without maintenance needs from VARs So that: • Better customer management through DDWS tools • Establish & retain long term strategic relationship with customer base • Improve customer experience through nurture adoption activities ensuring their loyalty • Benefits for End Users • Fast and flawless end user experience • From order placement to delivery of invoice & license
  17. 17. Order processing workflow •Places order to VAR •Manualy •(White label in the future) End User •Places order to Penta •Via Bayinet VAR •Place order to ADSK •Via DDWS Penta •Processes order •Issues license and invoice ADSK •Invoice and license sent electronically •Via Bayinet •Invoice and license info sent •Manualy? From end user order placement to delivery of invoice & license Aim is to have a fast and seamless delivery
  18. 18. Historical View of Orders 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 Legacy Current Target License delivery time (minutes)
  19. 19. Legacy Ordering Process (3 Days) Order Comes from Partner via mail or spreadsheet •Risk of typos on order details ERP material lists don’t include the totality of pricelist SKUs. •New material creation took long processes on ERP Increasing order load decreases the staff efficiency •After Electronic License Delivery; dedicated orders triggered more operation Getting the Adsk Finance docs on daily basis •VARs had to wait at least a day to get their invoice. Getting Order and Invoice Details to ERP •Manual entry of selected order details (eg. S/N, contract no etc) was huge burden for warehouse staff Old Fashioned Hard Copy Invoices! •All the invoices were hardcopy and need to send via mail to partners leading to overall workflow inefficiency.
  20. 20. Current Ordering Process (2 Hours) Order Comes from Partner via Bayinet* •All required information is collected with the online order All the products are up to date with ERP and Autodesk’s price list. •New materials are able to create easily with all the information from Autodesk’s price list. Placing the Order Manually (Waiting to be implemented) •After Electronic License Delivery option every order has own transaction Using Get Invoice List •Invoice will arrive after 15 minutes from placing the order via web services Getting Order and Invoice Details to ERP •Get all the Invoice details via web services. •With more information we are able to have more detailed analyzes for sell-in and sell-out. Invoicing to Partner •Automated systems trigger via Autodesk’s services and automatically invoices to partner with no manual process. There is no more papers and mails since January 2016. * Bayinet is Penta’s E-Store since 1997.
  21. 21. Modern* Ordering Process (Minutes) Orders from Bayinet •By pre-validation, reduce information requirement with Get License. •Partners are able to process their renewals as easy as one click with all pre-work. All the materials has their own logic •Partners are able to apply their additional discount or calculate prorated prices for each product. Placing the Order Automatically •All the orders are able to place easily with web services. Using SNS Method for Getting the Invoice •Autodesk will notify our system when our invoice is ready. Tracking Order Details from Autodesk •Partners can see their orders status from Bayinet. Invoice with more data •Penta will e-mail to partners with end users and contracts details. * Autodesk’s all services are implementing to ERP and e-store. Planning to go production in June.
  22. 22. Implementation stages for DDWS Requirements: • Developers • Web Service Developers • .Net Developers • SOAP Consultants • SAP Consultants • ABAP Consultants • SD Consultants • MM Consultants • CM Consultants • FI Consultants • Project Manager • Key Users and Volunteers • 1 Hour Introduct ion • 1-2 Weeks Discovery • 1-2 Weeks Planning • 7-10 Days Security & Authentica tion • 4-6 Weeks Develop ment • 2-3 Weeks Test and Staging
  23. 23. Thank you.