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7 helping

  1. 1. Want to earn 7k amonth while helping people?7 K a month.It It s 1, more than most people talk about which is 6k,because that is how much money most people need to QUIT THEIR JOBS.So there I was.Slaving away on the phones taking stock and options trades 8 hours a day.For 3 years I did it deep nights, going to work at 11 p.m. I ll never forgetopening my eyes at 5:30 a.m. and realizing I m on a call with someone andhave NO IDEA what the call is about!Whew.I never dreamed that years later I d never have a job like that again.It s a fact that people on jobs like that lose a lot of hair and have illnessproblems. That s how I got asthma. Not good times. But it was kinda cooltrading in the brokerage department. That was the elite department.If you made 2 trading mistakes you got fired. I freaked out once when I gotan error because a guy placed a trade between the spread and I d neverheard that expression before and screwed up the trade.The worse part of a job is having to get along with people you don t like orwho don t like you or both. And working really hard for FOREVER,looking at the clock and realizing only ONE hour has gone by and you have7 more to go.
  2. 2. Or the annual review where you get that 5% raise or the quarterly reviewwhere you get that $300 bonus. Or whatever it is but it s not enough.Anyway, you made decent money in trading, so I had the funds to buyabout the only high-end marketing course. Changed my life.Of course, understand that at the time, no one was teaching Unique SellingProposition, Lifetime Value of a Customer or anything else. So what seemslike basic things today at the time were revolutionary.Later, those ideas helped me come up with the plan for Amazing Formula.The plan was simple: a $67 front end and $500 back end all digitallydelivered. People said then you couldn t sell a $500 digital product, but Idid.This was back in 1997 or so.They also said you couldn t sell a $67 front-end DIGITAL ONLY ebook. Noone was doing it. My friend Declan sold a digital ebook but followed it upwith a printed book as, I believe, did my friend Corey Rudl on his carsecrets book that was famous once upon a time.Now, the company I was trading for didn t like the idea that I had a parttime business on the side. They made you sign disclosures about such stuff.So I ended up quitting.It was strong arm tactics and WRONG. But I m lucky it happened or Imight still be slaving away there.I won t go through the whole litany of what happened after that. It was along haul.Let s just say that I was marketing on AOL and Compuserve and later theworld wide web, I wrote clients and did a lot of stuff.I was selling physically delivered info products with way too many trips toKinkos, paid WAY too many bills to have stuff printed and duped, had myown cassette duplication machine, bought tape shells, stuffed in coversall that jazz.
  3. 3. What a nightmare.One of the happiest days of my life was when I went all digital and cleanedall that junk out of my garage. Except I STILL think I got some of those oldplastic albums stored in my garage somewhere. The Secret of 7k-10k a monthSo what s the secret?How do you go from nothing to something to 7k to 10k a month?I learned a few lessons along the way I ll share with you:Lesson One: There is NO failureThe first lesson is that not everything works. A lot of things won t work.And if you aren t willing to do things that don t work you ll never find thethings that do.Most people don t understand this so they blame themselves forFAILURES. My mentor taught me that there are no failures, only tests.If you haven t made money yet, you haven t failed. You just haven t had atest succeed yet or, more likely, you haven t done ANY tests or you ve onlydone a couple.Have you ever not tried something or done it half-heartedly because youhad some knowing fear you wouldn t do it well or wouldn t be good at it?Well, if not, a lot of people have.And you ve got to move beyond that.Lesson Two: Help others sell stuff and be successfulAlong the way I met a great friend, Johathan Mizel, and plugged him into aplace or two that could sell his stuff. Later, he plugged me into things, a lotof things.
  4. 4. Just this week I spent time on Skype and the phone with Bryan Winterswho sold $4,000 or something like that of my products last week, so wechatted and I gave HIM some ideas to increase his sales.And also emailed his product to one of my lists.I also spent time with Terry Duff who has been selling my productsSTEADY for the past 6 months. I learned a lot from him and I turned himonto Nanacast, some primo designers and other things.Win. Win.Meet people. Make friends. Help them any way you can. Not just withtheir marketing. ANY way. Doesn t matter.If you like to HELP PEOPLE, this is how you can do it and make money fordoing it. It s not true that jerks always win in business. I ve found thatpeople who are nice and help others are TREMENDOUS networkers andform relationships that can turn into a lot of money.Lesson Three: Stop giving away the farmAmazing Formula was originally designed to be a free viral ebook to sell myback end. That didn t work so hot.So what I couldn t give away for FREE, I sold I guess millions of dollars of.I don t even know my cumulative sales figures but I know it was and still isa lot.Some people have problems GETTING value when they GIVE value. Theyhave a mental blockage to CHARGINGING because then they are open tonegative criticism and feedback.If you sell stuff, you WILL get refunds, complaints and whatnot. Get usedto it. People are BRAVE when they hide behind a keyboard.Lesson Four: Get good at selling and persuading
  5. 5. We re in the business of getting people to buy stuff. Now, to state that in away people feel GOOD about, I d call it helping people make good buyingdecisions with their money.Stated differently, persuading people.Stated bluntly, we sell stuff.And you better get good at it. My friend Jason Fladlien went from nothingto a real sensation in 1-2 years. Why? He s GREAT at pitching and sellingstuff. Just phenomenal.Lee McIntyre. Yeah, he was a teacher and before that an attorney and cpa.But ALL of those skills were dwarfed by his ability to do one of heck of a jobselling stuff or persuading people.I like to write and persuade in print. I m not much on doing it verbally. ButI m starting to like the idea of just reading off slides that ARE the pitch andrecording that.No biggie there. It s READING!Lesson Five: Always have a BACK ENDFirst some terminology.Front end = The initial sale to the customerBack end = repeat business or everything they buy AFTER thefirst saleBasically, we re talking about repeat business.My original method for Amazing Formula was to sell it on the front-end, asthe initial sale. And the Big Course or what was later called Cash LikeClockwork on the back end.Worked like a charm.Wow, I sold a LOT of Big Courses and Cash Like Clockworks over the years.
  6. 6. Lesson Six: Turn your customers into your promoters andevangelistsYou need promoters and evangelists who tell others about your brand foryou.I ve always felt that your BEST affiliates are customers who LOVE yourproduct. If you produce subpar, crappy products, you won t get manyevangelists.If you put love into your products, if you take pride into them, if you reallywork at understanding the needs and wants of your customers and givethem products that meet those needs, you ll find that you have evangelists.Then you just need to make it EASY for them to promote and tell others.Lesson Seven: Stand upIt s a hackneyed phrase to say be persistent or other platitudes. Really,though, it s more said than DONE.The vast majority of people expend as little effort as humanly possible toget a result. Instead of creating a product, they buy plr.Instead of producing, they sell as an affiliate.Instead of promoting, they find a reason to not promote.They run wso s because it s the easiest possible way to get traffic.Nothing wrong with any of those things at all. But if that s where you stopand it s the end of the road for you, you re vastly limiting your income.Training wheels are great but if you never take them off, you ll never ridethe bike.The truth is, if you DO something, you re only competing with 5%. Because95% of people do very little if nothing.You ve heard the expression, there s always room at the top. Well, THISis why it s true!
  7. 7. The world is your oyster and clichéd as it sounds. But there s a SOUNDreason for saying that: Very few people have the one quality it takesIt s NOT hard to stand out when . . Everyone else is sitting on the sofa.If you re a rare stander then you immediately stand out. The ironic thingis if you have a laptop, you really CAN do it on the sofa! You don t evenhave to get off of that, although I certainly find it easier to type at mycomputer desk. The ability to take focused action consistentlyAlmost no one can do that.If you can, they sky is the limit. Who knows what you re capable of or whatyou can do?I dare say even YOU don t know.It s ODD and maybe SHOCKING that the single greatest secret to earning7k to 10k a month in online marketing is NOT a method, trick, secret ortechnique.It s the ability to do something no one else willTake focused action consistently. And I might add with a sound plan,which is something else no one has.That s why I started my 30-day coaching program. To help people have asound plan and at least KICK START them into taking consistent focusedaction using my PDCA system.That brings us to YOU.You.Your keyboard.Your computer.
  8. 8. A headset or microphone.Skype.The skype call button.Your voice.Talking. Speaking. Writing. Recording.Because you promote, you sell, you assist others with WORDS.And that s what we do in this business for a living, to make more than mostdo, and a live a lifestyle most dream about.We get people to pull out their wallet or purse, grab a credit card, type it in,and hit BUY.Does THAT beat your day job?If it does, then go find your headset, your keyboard, your skype.Start writing, talking, speaking, recording.And do that every day.Don t know which one to start with?Or where to start?It DON T matter.You just start.You ll find the right things to do along the way because what you do eitherpersuades people to pull out their credit card or it doesn t.If it doesn t, you just try something ELSE the next day.And the next.And the next.One of those days, something will work.
  9. 9. I can virtually guarantee THAT.Most people don t do the work.And that s why nothing works.For them.But all it is writing, talking, speaking, recording.Is that REALLY work?I mean, honestly??????Can you keep at it for longer than 21 days? It takes just 21 days to develop ahabit.So out of around 80,000 who will get an email linking to this report, I llhave 1 or 2 who actually DO what I just said.Are you that person?If you are, welcome to your new life. I d love to have you in my coachingprogram. Or, if not, check out this, this, this, this and this.Welcome to your new life.Best wishes,Marlon Sanders