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Get More Clients in 2013


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Actionable steps for getting more clients than you can handle.

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  • Those look like very useful book recommendations, one's I'll preview on as I try to understand why this Tweet has been RT & favorited so many times
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  • Bill- run to Amazon and order a copy of 'Book Yourself Solid' by Michael Port. It's about moving forward and taking action so you starting LOVING your business.

    Additionally, during my workshops I offer worksheets so it's dead simple to start the 'challenge'. I'll be posting my schedule of live sessions and webinars so stay tuned! Best DD

    BTW- I found this book to be a great tool to address what you prosed:
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  • I should use slide 21 as a screen saver for a few weeks, and see what new habits take root. Do any of your recommended steps or 60 day challenge recommend good tools, models or sites for doing a systemic review of 2012, identifying what working, not working -- a process some refer to as #SmartFailing?
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Get More Clients in 2013

  1. 1. GET MORE CLIENTS IN 2013 5 Things to Do Before Noon to Exponentially Grow Your Business
  2. 2. Why You Are Here• Get organized around lead generation, marketing and sales• Sharpen your focus, revisit/ adjust business & life goals• Get educated in areas that will drive immediate business results• Establish NEW BEHAVIOR and break old habits• Establish accountability relationships
  3. 3. Why This is Different• Learning what the top agents and service providers do each day is not the answer • They have established awareness and brands • Their past clients and current deals are magnets for their future business • Their contacts, referral lists and testimonials go on for miles • Listening to them present is not effective- they are back to their focus and not interested in you implementing
  4. 4. The Answer- Fall in LoveIf you love what you do and those you work with then you will be energized to do your best work each day!
  5. 5. Today’s Session• The Red Velvet Rope Policy- choosing your ideal clients• Get organized technique- review a FREE tool that will serve up your daily contact assignment• What you do and why- dialogues that sell• The 5 things you can do daily to exponentially increase the clients you work with• Next steps for implementing this 60 Day Challenge
  6. 6. The Red Velvet Rope Policy• When you define your best client, you’ll do your best work • You’ll love every minute of the work you do. • People will be talking about your work. • You’ll get more clients
  7. 7. The Red Velvet Rope Policy (2)• In addition to defining your perfect client, remove your duds • Those who drain you & you dread to work with them • It’s a filtration system for your business- it filters your ideal client• The old man, the boy and the donkey
  8. 8. The Values of my ideal client • People who already believe my services will work for them • I’ve built trust and awareness to get there •People who think I know what I’m doing • They trust my choices, don’t regard me as “an assistant” that they control •Kind, generous and Life Long Learners • Open for growth opportunities
  9. 9. The Red Velvet Rope Policy (3)• Exercise • Define the values of the people with whom you do your best work • Draw 3 columns & add clients to the appropriate column • a. Ideal/ b. Mid Range (everyone else, attempt to move to ideal)/ c. Duds (attempt to work it out, if not refer them and part ways politely)
  10. 10. What you do and why 1. Hi my name is Dawn Doherty and I help Real Estate professionals & entrepreneurs get more clients than they can handle. 2. I am passionate about the freedom that being an entrepreneur offers. I want to serve those who have the same passion so they can have the freedom they want and earn the money they deserve. Tagline: I’m the person to connect with when you’re ready to start a love affair with your business.
  11. 11. Solid Dialogue Formula 1. Summarize your target market in 1 sentence 2. Identify and summarize the 3 biggest & most critical problems that your target market faces. 3. List how you solve these problems and present clients with investable opportunities. 4. Demonstrate the NUMBER ONE most relevant result you help your clients to achieve. 5. Reveal the deeper core benefits your client’s experience.
  12. 12. The 5 Things• Investing in your relationships is paramount. When people know what you do, and they like you, and they need you, they buy from you. • My Brooklyn Heights story- $40,000 mistake!• The 5 things you should do each morning. More people will know about you and buy from you: 1. Talk to a stranger 2. Share something cool 3. Show you care 4. Make an introduction 5. Hang out
  13. 13. 1) Talk to a strangerWhat?Send an email to one person you’ve never spoken to beforeWho?Identify people who you admire, who can help you to create the business of yourdreams. Sources for this: 1. Your friends’ LinkedIn contacts, LinkedIn search 2. Your friends’ Facebook “friends” 3. Google search, other research60 day challengeEach month draw up a list of 20 people who you can help in the future and who arewell placed to help you one day.
  14. 14. 2) Share Something CoolWhat?Each morning send something cool to 3 people in your network. Go online and findlinks to articles that are interesting. Send them to relevant people.Who?Once you read something go through your database and choose the appropriateperson: Dawn likes knitting, send her the latest patterns from http://knitty.comHow?In the Subject line: Saw this and thought of you. In the body of the email: What do youthink?, link to share. Sign off with another question “when can we catch a coffee?”.
  15. 15. 3) Show you careWhat?Send somebody a note to tell them you are thinking of them.Who?Pick a person in your network. You don’t need an excuse. Social networks like Facebookoffer opportunities for acknowledging and congratulating people.How?It takes fifteen minutes a week to write 5 cards and put them in the mail- just do it.By the wayThis is about good karma and being a great person- don’t expect anything in return!
  16. 16. What? 4) Make an introductionIntroduce one person to one other person each day.Who?Pick two people in your network who are RELEVANT to each other but who don’tknow each other yet.How?Begin with an email: “Clay meet Casey, Casey meet Clay. Clay works with serviceproviders to optimize their social media presence and Casey shoots and edits amazingYoutube-ready video.”Then set expectations: “ If you get to connect and hang out, that’s great! If not, noobligations here.”“Speak soon and keep well.” And that’s it.See the Law of Reciprocity start working for your business soon after!
  17. 17. What? 5) Hang outHang out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or wherever your clients are hangingout, for a maximum of 15 minutes per day.Who?Anybody relevant. Social media is an invitation to converse.How? 1. Check the “Birthdays” on Facebook- give a personal shout out 2. “Like” and comment on posts that make sense for you and your brand 3. Status update- fun, non-salesy. Pictures in Facebook rule! 4. Promote your friends through tagging them. Share their posts.Why?Become MORE VISIBLE and MORE useful. Stay top-of-mind.
  18. 18. “Take away” Menu1. The Red Velvet Rope Policy 1. Identify your ideal client and find more of them2. Easy contact organization 1. sign up for Contactually at http://contactually.com3. Create your “What you do & why statement” 1. Buy “Book Yourself Solid” & download the workbook4. Implement the “5 Things to do Daily” 60 day Challenge 1. Time block, checklist & accountability partner check in5. Do one of the following “Options to Implement” 1. Don’t let this session be a waste of time- change behavior that leads to success
  19. 19. Options to Implement 1. 8 Week “Book Yourself Solid” live teleseminar w/ Michael Port 2. “Power Session” one-on-one 3. Online coaching & exercises (Closed Facebook Group)Get Clients in 2013 Stay tuned for more sessions Contact me to take this to your group at
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