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21 great ways to sell more, faster


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21 great ways to sell more, faster

  1. 1. Brain Tracy
  2. 2. This book is for ambitious salesperson who are eager to increase their sales and boost their income immediately and its contains , ideas,techniques would immediatly increase their effectiveness .The better you become at selling the More opportunities will open up for you ,according to Dr .Thomas Stanly co author of the millionaire next poor fully 5% of sales made millionaires in america are sales people who have sold for another company all their lives.the way they become millionaires was quite straigh forward . First _ they become very good at selling Second _ they earned and invested substantial all part Third _ the saved and invested substantial part of their incomes as they along SO CAN YOU..
  3. 3. My personal story in the filed of selling is similaire to that of many others i started off with limited opportunities , my parents never had very much money my father was a carpenter and my mother was a nurse, but they were not always regularly employed . I didnt graduated from high school , in fact behaved so badly and eventually expelled from three different schools. When i left school ,the only work i could get was laboring jobs. I washed dishes in aback of small hotel, staked lumber in sawmill , dug wells , and work as construction laborer, carrying heavy materials from one place to another . i worked in farm and ranches and as galley boy on a ship in North Atlantic, finally when i couldnt get laboring job , i drifted into stright commission sales , selling office supplies from door to door so that i could see more people
  4. 4. I wasnt a fraid to wor k but hard work i didnt seem to be enough , i made a hundreds of calls with out making any sales. I used to ran from office to another and from door to door. But barely hanging on my finger nails.Then one day i began to ask my self why is it some sales people are more successfull than another? . I went to sales man in my company and ask him what he was doin differently from me.then he told me HOW TO ASK A QUESTION. HOW TO DEVELOP A SALES PRESENTATION HOW TO RESPOND TO OBJECTION A ND ASK FOR ORDERS. and what he did to develop him self: READING SELLING BOOKS AND BEGAN STUDY THE SUBJECT OF SELLING. LEARNED ABOUT AUDIO PROGRAM AND ATTEND IN TO SALES SEMINARS
  5. 5. and i attended every seminar i could find in less than one year i become from calling door to door making one or tow small sales per week to managing a six country sales organization and earning thousand of dollars. I didn the same things that the top people doing untill i got the same result that they were getting.When you learn and practice a mental qualities of top sales person, your whole life opens up for you like a summer sunrise. Lets begin
  6. 6. Make it a life rules to give your best to what ever passes . optimistic , people with high expectations of eventual success, are ambitious. The more optimistic they are, the more ambitious and determined they become.Ambitious people have remarkable characteristic in sales . They dream big dreams they have high aspirations they see them selves as capable to being the best in thier filed .Action Exercise:1. Make a list of all the things you do each day that contribute to your sales(describe in details).2. Give your self a grade from one to ten in each skill area.
  7. 7. Courage is resistance to fear mastery of fear not absence of fearFear ,uncertainty and doubt are and always have been the greatest enemies of success and happiness. The tow greatest obstacles on your road to success are:1. Fear of failure ,or loss.2. The fear of criticism or , rejection.Itis happens, itis not the actual failure or rejection that hurt you or hold you back itis a fear of failure or rejection stoped you from acting and paralyze you and block you from doing what you need to do to in the first place achieve you goals. The truth s every one is afraid of somethings ,the different between hero and coward is that the hero is brave just a couple of minutes longer if you do not do what you fear in life then the fear controls your life.Power word :say to your self over and over again when you start to be anxious and confused ICAN DO IT the more yo rebit the word you raise the self confedance
  8. 8. top salespeople believe in their companies. They believe in their products and services and they believe in their customers. Above all, they believe in themselves and their ability to succeed . There is a direct relationship between your level of belief in yourself and in the value of your product or service, and your ability to convince other people that it is good for them. Selling has often been called a transfer of enthusiasm The more enthusiastic and convinced you are about what you are selling, the more contagious this enthusiasm will be and the more your customer will sense it and act on it. Since you become what you think about most of the time, you should continue repeating the words, "I love my work! I love my work! I love my work! over and over. Action Exercise: If you want to feel enthusiastic, act enthusiastic! Imagine that you were totally committed and excited about the excellent products and services you sell. How would you behave in every customer interaction, all day long? Put your whole heart into your sales work. Imagine that you were being videotaped and that this video was going to be shown nationwide as a shining example of an outstanding salesperson in action. How would you treat every customer or prospect? Whatever your answer, practice that behavior every hour of every day.
  9. 9. The golde rules:1. Become a Brilliant Sales Professional by Seeking to Understand2. Improve Your Sales Performance by “Caring”3. They Don’t care How Much You Know4. Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors
  10. 10. This principle is so simple that it is often overlooked. reviewing every detail, before every sales meeting. The very best salespeople are those who review their presentations and study the details of their products and their sales materials repeatedly prior to every new sales contact.The Customer’s Situation:The salesperson with the best knowledge of the customer’s real situation will be the one most likely to make the sale The only way of assuring that your questions are clear and penetrating is by writing them out, word for word, in advance. Some of the most successful salespeople who have ever lived have been “question expertsSales Professionals Plan their questions in Advance:There is a direct relationship between the quality of the problem focused questions that you ask a customer and the likelihood of a sale taking placeNotes: The power is on the side of the salesperson with the best notes. Don’t trust to memory. take a few minutes to review the customer’s file, the customer’s situation, and your own notes on what has taken place in the past. You’ll be amazed at how impressive you sound when you go into a sales interview having just reviewed the customer’s file a few minutes beforePrior to Closing a Sale: prior to their presentations, and prior to closing. They think everything through in advance. And they leave nothing to chance. Remember, it’s the details that make the difference.
  11. 11. he highest paid people in America today work an average of 59 hours per week. They read an average of 2-3 hours per day. They belong to industry associations and organizations that encourage the individual to dedicate themselves to lifelong learning with current information and ideas on their fieldsThe Importance of Lifelong Learning: the minimum requirement for success in your field. Since information and knowledge in every field is doubling every 2-3 years, this means that your knowledge has to double every 2-3 years as well, just for you to stay even.Expand Your Mind: Many people think that reading an occasional book and keeping current with the magazines and newsletters in their field is the equivalent of adding to their education. But this is not the case. It is same as checking the stock market reports each day to find out the sales prices of various stocks and securities. Maintenance learning is absolutely essential. It is very similar to light physical exercise that keeps you at a particular level of fitness but does not increase your level of fitness or improve your conditioning in any way.
  12. 12. Growth Learning:this is the kind of learning that adds knowledge and skills to your repertoire that you did not have before. For example, if you decide to learn to speak Spanish so that you can expand your business opportunities into the Hispanic market, every word.Shock Learning:This is where something happens that contradicts or reverses a piece of knowledge or understanding that you already have. Shock learning can be extremely valuable if you act upon it.Dedicate Yourself to Continuous Education:nowledge is the primary source of value in our world today and your ability to expand your mind and devote yourself to lifelong learning is the key to breaking any success barriers that may be in front of you
  13. 13. Building and maintaining long-term selling relationships is the key behavior and skill of the top ten percent of the money earners in sales, in every field, selling every product and service.If you could take everything we know about communications, put it all in a large pot, boil it and distill it down into its critical essence, it is about the importance of relationships in successful sellingThe Reason for Success: Most of your success in life will depend on your ability to get along well with other people, and on the quality of your relationshipSell to Lots of People: Anyone can sell to a few people, some of the time. But only the very best human relations experts can sell to a wide variety of people, and sell to them repeatedly. the only way that you can make the kind of big money that you are capable of is by selling more easily, and more often, to the prospects you talk to, and by having those prospects open doors to others through testimonials and referrals. All top salespeople build and maintain high quality business relationships with their customers and sell to them repeatedly year after year.
  14. 14. Decide Emotionally, Justify Logically:We are all sensitive to the quality of our relationships with other people. We are primarily emotional and we make most of our decisions on the basis of how we feel inside. We may carefully consider all of the logical and practical reasons why or why not with regard to buying a product or service, but in the final analysis we tend to go with our gut feeling. We listen to our inner voices. We obey the dictates of our hearts. We buy on the basis of how we feel about the relationship that we have with the other person. Where there is no relationship, there is no sale.Focus on the Key Variable:Everything that you ever learned of value in the profession of selling, regarding your product or service, or personality, is only helpful to the degree to which it contributes to the building of high quality relationships with customers
  15. 15. Professional selling has three stages, which have been the same through out history: prospect, present, and follow up . These constitute the “sales funnel.If your sales and income are down, it is because you are not prospecting enough, presenting enough, or following up and closing enough the way to increase your sales is usually to increase the quality or quantity of your activities in one or more of these areas.Imagine Your Funnel:magine the basic sales model as a funnel. At the top of the funnel, you put in prospects. You have to call on a certain number of people, or suspects,This number varies depending on the market, your product or service, your individual skills in prospecting, advertising, and many other factors.Presenting:There is a direct ratio between the number of people you call on initially and the number of people who will agree to meet with you.Follow Up and Close:you have to follow up and close. Say you have to follow up with two prospects to get one sale. This means you have to put 20 prospects in the top of the funnel to get one sale out of the bottom of the funnel, a ratio of 20 to 1. The rule therefore is “Keep your funnel full.”
  16. 16. Prospecting Power: he definition of a good prospect is someone who can and will buy and pay within a reasonable period of time. Do not waste your precious selling time with nice people who do not have the authority, money, or ability to buy from you. Think continually about your personal income, and always be sure that the person you are talking to can contribute to that income soon enough to justify the time you are investing in him or her.
  17. 17. one of the major reason for failure in selling is poor territory management. sales people drive all the way up to the north city to make one call and return back to the south city spending hours in traffic to make the next call this is definitely not for you. take you sales territoryen devided to four parts:
  18. 18. There are seven secrets, or principles, of sales success. They are practiced by all the highest paid salespeople every day. The regular application of these principles is virtually guaranteed to move you to the top of your field. Get serious : Make a decision to go all the way to the top of your field. Make a today decision to join the top 10%. There is no one and nothing that can hold you back from being the best except yourself. Identify your limiting skill to sales success: i dentify your weakest single skill and make a plan to become absolutely excellent in that area. Get around the right people:Get around positive, successful people. Associate with men and women who are going somewhere with their lives. And get away from negative, critical, complaining people. Take excellent care of your physical health:You need high levels of energy to sell effectively, Be sure to eat the right foods, get the right amount of exercise and get plenty of rest and recreation. Make a decision that you are going to live to be 80 years old, or more, and begin today to do whatever you have to do to achieve that goal
  19. 19.  Visualise yourself as one of the top people in your field:magine yourself performing at your best all day long. Feed your subconscious mind with vivid, exciting, emotionalised pictures of yourself as positive, confident, competent and completely in control of every part of your life Practice positive self-talk continuously:Control your inner dialogue. Talk to yourself the way you want to be rather than the way you might be today. For example, repeat to yourself these powerful words, over and over again. "I like myself! Im the best! I can do it! I love my work Take positive action toward your goals:All successful salespeople are intensely action oriented. They have a sense of urgency. They develop a bias for action. They do it now! They have a compulsion to closure. They maintain a fast tempo and move quickly in everything they do