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Tips on success

  1. 1. PM Leadership TIPS ON SUCCESS Kham Piseth A Collection From 
  2. 2. Amazing Formula for Success Posted on February 20, 2012 by Piseth KhamOne day, a man approached JP Morgan, held up an envelope, and said,“Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed formula for success, which I willgladly sell to you for $25,000.”“Sir,” JP Morgan replied, “I do not know what is in the envelope.However, if you show me and I like it, I give you my word as agentleman that I will pay you what you ask.”The man agreed to the terms and handed over the envelope. JP Morganopened it, and extracted a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look andhanded the piece of paper back to the gent, pulled out his checkbook,and paid the man the agreed-upon $25,000.The paper read:1. Every morning, write a list of the things that need to be done that day.2. DO THEM. You See! Success Is Simple. Now You Can Get The Formula For FREE. Oh Yes, It is FREE! 
  3. 3. Winning Secrets by Napoleon Hill Posted on January 31, 2012 by Piseth KhamWe live in a competitive world that measures success by winners andlosers, and insists that every victory creates a loss of equal dimension. Ifone person wins, it seems logical that someone else must lose. In reality,the only competition that matters is the one in which you compete withyourself. When your standard of performance is based upon being thebest you can be — for yourself — you will never lose. You will onlyimprove. Make it a practice to objectively review your performancefrom time to time. When you fall short, assess the situation and askyourself: “Is there anything I would or could have done to change theoutcome?” If the answer is “no,” if you are satisfied that you’ve doneyour best, don’t waste time reliving the past. Simply learn what you canfrom the experience, and then get into action again. If you consistentlydo your best, your temporary failures will take care of themselves. 
  4. 4. Activating Your Success Blueprint Posted on August 15, 2011 by Piseth KhamI am going to tell you the steps to “Activate Your Personal Success.” So,as you think of this outcome-whatever goal that you want to accomplish.Imagine if by accomplishing this goal or this outcome;• Would it take anything away from who you are?• Is there any excuse you can make right now that will stop you fromaccomplishing that goal?One key in accomplishing any goal and activating your blueprint is tokeep your goal in mind, keep it in your minds eye. Listen to yourhypnosis processes daily and find that upon awakening act as if you areguaranteed the result that you’re seeking.And when you act out of character, in other words, when youdemonstrating behaviors or attitude that are counter to accomplishingyour goals. You will change that the next time you listen to yourhypnosis process, you will make the necessary changes. So that movingforward you will think act and respond with the goal in mind. 
  5. 5. Each time that you practice using your hypnosis process you are goingto find that your inner ability to see, hear, and experience in your mind’seye improving.And just as you learned when you read through Awaken the Genius youfound that perhaps you’re more visual learner, maybe you’re moreauditory. What we are going to ask you do, is to become more of a fullsensory learner. Someone who can use all there senses, magnetize in theworld around you want you want as your goal. And then go after it anachieve it.The next step is to think about what needs to take place, or what needs tochange in your life so that you can have this goal you set for yourselftoday? Now matter what it is.In other words, what are you going to have to give up that your holdingonto dearly now?Because if you weren’t holding onto something dearly that stopping youfrom accomplishing this goal, you wouldn’t even be listening to myvoice right how, you’d be out there accomplishing your goal.What changes need to take place for you accomplish this goal, so youcan “Activate Your Personal Success?” 
  6. 6. Next, I need you to find out what resources you have internally toaccomplish your goal. During your hypnosis process take a mentalinventory. This will help you discover what Skills, what Abilities, whatResources do you have?I’m going to ask you to release any preconceived ideas about how youmight accomplish your goal and open your mind to the possibility thatthere is an even greater possibility out there for you. Thank you. 
  7. 7. Five Keys To Success Posted on August 14, 2011 by Piseth KhamTreating people with respect wins trust and develops lastingrelationships. Here’s what to do.1) Be on time. In fact, arrive early for appointments and meetings. Plantime milestones in your daily schedule that tell you when to begintransferring to an appointment. That is, note when you will stop workingon a task, begin collecting resource materials, and start traveling. Allowtime for delays in travel, especially if driving. Consider: The fastest wayto destroy people’s trust in you is to waste their time.2) Communicate with others. Answer your phone and return phonecalls. Listen carefully and completely when people talk to you. Show aninterest in others before telling about yourself. When making phone callsdevote all of your attention to what the other person is saying (instead oftime sharing with other tasks, such as checking e-mail or playingcomputer games). Phone others only when you can devote full attentionto what the other person is saying. Consider: ignoring people is rude andunprofessional.3) Plan projects. For example, always prepare an agenda for meetings.Contact key participants before the meeting to hear their views, solicit 
  8. 8. suggestions for agenda items, and coach them on how to prepare for themeeting. Send agendas far enough before the meeting so that peoplehave time to prepare. Consider: Bad meetings demonstrate an inability toprovide leadership.4) Be courteous. Find the good in everyone. Compliment others. Avoidstarting or listening to gossip. Never ridicule, insult, or make fun ofother people. Use positive words, always speaking about what you wantand how you want things to be. Avoid suggesting motives or assigningjudgments for other people’s actions and views. Consider: Discourtesydamages all relationships.5) Help others. Be a mentor for newcomers. Share ideas. Teach peopleskills that will help them excel. Work with a spirit of abundance. Seekwin/win results. Let others speak first, even on issues where you are anexpert. Give first without attaching a receipt for return favors. Consider:Selfish people end up working harder. 
  9. 9. 11 Great Reasons why Smiling makes us More Successful! Posted on August 14, 2011 by Piseth KhamFirst: Our smile shows others people that we are friendly.If a stranger approached you and gained eye contact with you and thentreated you to a broad smile you will have a fairly good idea that theyare being friendly and certainly mean you no harm.By contrast we would find it far more difficult to offer trust to thestranger that wears a scowl or unfriendly face features.Second: A smile can make people happy.When someone treats you to a smile, even a stranger, you usually smileback. For that moment you enjoy a flash of positive communicationwithout saying a word. As you walk through a crowed area such as amain street you can do this hundreds times in a very short period of time.When you smile at someone who is not already smiling and they smileback you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which,who knows, could last all day.Third: Smiling is infectious.When you spend a lot in the company of someone who smiles a lot youwill soon discover that their smile starts to wear off on you. It is hard 
  10. 10. not to return a smile; most of us do it at a subliminal level withoutthinking.Fourth: Smiling can make you popular.Which type of people do you prefer? A person that has a tired andlistless face. An expression that may reflect their inner thoughts ofboredom and worry? Or, would you prefer someone who isalways smiling and shows that they have an enthusiastic passionfor life.I think for the majority of us the choice would be obvious!Fifth: Smiling can help you to make new friendsIn the same way few of us would choice a miserable person for afriend. Lets face it we all want someone who is going to be bubblyand a happy and positive.Sixth: A smile is usually returnedWhen someone smiles back at you it make you feel good inside.You have just made a short but very positive communication andpossibly the first step in the process of getting to know or makingfriends with someone new.Seventh: Smiling makes you positive and happy inside.When you smile it is hard to feel unhappy, negative or sad in 
  11. 11. anyway. Smiling gives you enthusiasm and drive, it is also habitforming.Eight: A smile makes you look far more attractive.You don’t see many celebrities or media personalities that are notsmiling because if you did it is fairly certain that their popularitywould quickly start to drop!Ninth: Smiling also helps make you memorable to others!Have you noticed that smiling people are usually far morememorable than those that are not? It is fact that you are 3 timemore likely to remember the person that is smiling over the onethat is wearing a negative or neutral features.Tenth: Most importantly, smiling is good for your health!!!When you are smiling you find whatever you are doing far easier.It releases stress, worry and tension that you may have built upthroughout the day. Long term, developing the smiling habit willbe one of the smartest things that you can do to improve mostaspects of your life.Eleventh: The effects of smiling can last for hoursWhatever problems and challenges you have in your life, smilingtemporary puts them and hold. For a while you forget theproblems and become positive, and while you are in a positive 
  12. 12. state you have far more potential and power to advance andimprove your life.Lastly: Smiling is FREE!You are never going to run short of smiles and will always haveenough to go around. When you weigh up the positive points ofsmiling it is a no brainer decision to do far more smiling and sharethem with as many people as possible.Keep smiling. 
  13. 13. Piseth is a Student of Leaders thats why he becomes a leadership trainer. His clients include Virtus Group, Marist Solidarity Cambodia, CRTD, CSUK, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery, and more. He teaches leadership and management subjects to Bachelor and Master students in some universities in Cambodia. Piseth is invited to be a guest speaker forAsian Development Forum in Indonesia. And he contributed his managementexperiences to regional training in Bangalore, India.Piseth is often invited to be a guest speaker on TV show and Radio show on the subjectsof leadership, education, and self-empowerment.Piseth is the president of PM Leadership which has a vision to have a recognizedleadership development organization in Asia. Piseth has led PM Leadership andpartner with Success Resources, the largest seminar organizer of the world where hehas brought some of the international speakers to Cambodia. And he also helpsCambodian entrepreneurs and business owners to meet and learn with the world topgurus such Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Harv Eker, Ron Kaufman, and many more... To learn more about Piseth and PM Leadership go to: Or Contact Us: 
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