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A Short Guide On How To Get A Following


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A Short Guide On How To Get A Following - Tips to get your business and your self well known.

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A Short Guide On How To Get A Following

  1. 1. A Short Guide On How To Get A Following You will often hear me speak of becoming a Niche Celebrity. This is where people know you as the go-to person in your industry. At the beginning of your journey into the entrepreneurial world this may seem like a daunting concept. How are you going to become a Niche Celebrity when you don’t even have a business yet? And if you have just started your business how can you become a Niche Celebrity quickly? The Quick Answer: First you need to stand for one thing and one thing only. I say to my clients imagine you were standing on Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, what would you preach about…? If this is in line with your business (which I would hope it is, as passion is key in business) then you know the one thing you want to get known for: • It is the one thing that you can speak about for hours • It is the one thing that you are talented at • It is the one thing that people need help with For example: if I were to stand on Speakers Corner I would preach (speak) about how life is too short to be building someone else’s dreams and why you must make following your passions your full time job. I am soooo passionate
  2. 2. about this, I am pretty darn hot at helping people achieve this, and I know that people will pay me to help them. Their pain is big enough, and I have the solution. So it’s clear what I want to be known for. Secondly, once you are clear, you need to be visible in a way that people know what you stand for, and know that you are there for them. So here is a quick outline of how to get known as a Niche Celebrity: 1) Choose a Niche to be known in. You cannot be jack-of-all- trades, you have to be known to help one particular niche of people. To start with you need to know the 3 dominant pains that your services can help your ideal client overcome. Once you know this you can drill down on whom you want to serve. 2) You need to know how to articulate what you do and for whom. You may have heard this referred to as a Marketing Message or a Pitch. But to give you a quick idea it needs to easily describe what you do in the language of a 7 year old… no jargon, just plain and simple English. 3) You must brand yourself and your business. These are two different things, although they will cross over. You cannot underestimate the power of having you as the go-to person. Your business will have its own branding, but in the end people buy people. Don’t ever think otherwise. We buy Apple products for Steve Jobs and his vision, and Virgin for the delightful Richard Branson and his ability to provide excellent customer service (although Virgin Broadband is not always in my good books). 4) You have to have a great product/service for people to buy. This weekend I ate at Aqua in the Shard. I went expecting great food, spectacular views and amazing customer service. I received poor food, spectacular views and shoddy customer service. I paid a huge price for poor value. If I had had great value I would have been happy to pay a fair price. The product and service was not great, and because of this I will not become part of their tribe (following). When you want to be a Niche Celebrity, and be the go-to person/business you have to make sure you provide HUGE value. Until you have a great product or service make it your mission to keep working on what you do to make it better. 5) Market your great product/service consistently. Depending on how long you have been on my list, you will have had an email from me on a Thursday, at 6:30am like clockwork. I keep in touch at least once a week. (More if the next intake of my program is about to close, which it is on the 5th February!) You will also see more of me if we are connected on LinkedIn, Twitter
  3. 3. or Facebook as I am very consistent there too. To get a following you have to make sure people know you are there, so once you are clear on who you serve you have to start to build your tribe. The more present and visible you are on social media, the more speaking gigs you do - the more people you share your message with, the more you will get a following. And you can do this without even having a website built (although I would suggest that a website is something you should have built pretty darn quickly). 6) Blog like there is no tomorrow. What better way is there to spread the word than to put pen to paper and share your thoughts? If you want to get known for something blog 4 times a week. If you can share your thoughts and knowledge regularly people will start to speak about what you do. Seth Godin is famous for his daily marketing blog. Sometimes there are less than 300 words written, but he has a massive following because he is consistent and shares his views. He stands for something. 7) Do not sit on the fence. If you sit on a picket fence trying not to upset anyone, people will walk on by and not see you. Like I said before, you MUST stand for something, or you will be overlooked. 8) If you really want to make a difference to your life and the world, then you have to be your number one fan, and shout about yourself more than anyone else. You may annoy the ‘wotsits’ out of some people, but you will certainly start to create a tribe and get a following. Those who resonate with you will love you. You will learn to ignore the rest. So in a nutshell, to get a following you must: • Stand for something • Choose a group of people you wish to help • Clearly articulate how you help them • Brand yourself and your business • Have a great product/service • Market consistently • Blog so people see you as an expert • Do not sit on the fence • Be your number one fan I would love to hear what you want to be known for, and who you want to help. Even if your idea is just that, an idea, do share it with me… I love to follow people who want to be more and do more. Have a great week folks… and for those who know that there is no other choice than to start making following your passion your full time job, I suggest you get in touch quickly… we have a week to go until launch of the next intake
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