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Law notes


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Law notes

  1. 1. Law NotesJurisprudence- the study of lawCivil LawCivil- disagreement between two parties based on liability of negligenceTorts- wrongful act or infringement of a right that leads to legal liabilityCounterclaim- defendant sues plaintiff- Some will be held in district court- Examples of Civil Disputes- Divorce Court- Small Claims Court- Superior Court- Need majority vote to be sentenced guiltyCriminal LawCriminal- person who commits a crime based on the stateʼs penal code or systems oflaws and punishmentsPunitive- damage from pain and sufferingCompensatory- actual financial damage (medical bills, car damage repairs, ect.)- Courts- Magistrate (local)- District (minor cases - small claims under $5,000)- Superior (felonies)- State Court of Appeals (appealed due to unfair trial)- Supreme Court- All twelve must agree to be convicted guiltyTara Pawlyk Thursday, May 16, 2013 7:40:17 AM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88