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  1. 1. CURRICULUM OF LL.B. PART-II DESIGNED BY: ASMATULLAH KAKAR There are seven subjects (Papers) in LL.B. II. Following is the Syllabus, Contents of Syllabus and Recommended Books prescribed by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and is the approved syllabi of University of Balochistan, Quetta. PAPER-I THE CONSTITUTION OF PAKISTAN, 1973 100 MARKS Course Contents: The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, as amended up to date. Books prescribed: 1. Constitution of Pakistan by Shaukat Mahmood. 2. Constitutional Law of Pakistan by Shabbar Raza Rizvi. 3. Constitution of Pakistan by Ahmer Fazeel.
  2. 2. PAPER-II ADMINISTRATIVE LAW 100 MARKS Course Contents: Part – A Administrative Law 60 Marks Course Contents: General principles of Administrative Law; Administrative act, delegated legislation, administrative discretion, judicial review of the administrative acts and discretion, administrative tribunals and Ombudsman. Part – B Law s of Civil Service 40 Marks Course Contents: Laws of Civil Service. Civil Servants Act, 1973, Federal Service Tribunal, 1973, Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973 and Civil Servants (Conduct) Rules Books Recommended: 1. Administrative Law by HWR Wade. 2. Principles of Administrative Law by Griffith, J A G. 3. Principles of Administrative Law by Jain and Jain. 4. Principles of Administrative Law Yasrdley, D C M. 5. Administrative Law by Faulkes, David. 6. Principles of Administrative Law by Hamid Khan. 7. Administrative Law by Prof. Sathe. 8. Administrative Law by Prof. Chakrwarti Civil Services Law and Practice by Masud-ul-Hassan. 9. Manual of Civil Services Law by Janjua, Z I. 10. Civil Service Laws by Nisar Ahmad.
  3. 3. PAPER-III COMPANY LAW 100 MARKS Part – A Companies Ordinance, 1984. 80 Marks 1. Historical background 2. Kinds of companies 3. Difference between a company and other associations 4. Formation of company 5. Promoters, pre-contracts 6. Articles and Memorandum of Association 7. Prospectus 8. Membership 9. Capital, shares, stock, Mortgages 10. Management, Directors 11. Meeting, Resolutions 12. Audit and Accounts 13. Winding up, Kinds 14. Consequences of winding up and dissolution Part – B The Partnership Act, 1930. 20 Marks Course Contents: Partnership Act, 1930: All provisions of Partnership Act.
  4. 4. PAPER-IV LAW OF TRANSFER OF PROPERTY 100 MARKS Part – A The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 80 Marks Course Contents: Principles and all the detailed provisions of the Act Part – B The Registration Act, 1908 20 Marks Course Contents: Principles and all the detailed provisions of the Act Books Recommended: 1. Transfer of Property Act (Commentary) by Shaukat Mahmood. 2. Transfer of property Act (Commentary) by Dr C M Hanif. 3. Transfer of Property Act (Commentary) by I A Kazi. 4. The Registration Act by Shaukat Mehmood.
  5. 5. PAPER-V MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW 100 MARKS Course Contents: Muslim Personal Law and Law of Inheritance, in light of the Qur’anic Verses and relevant enactments such as: i. The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939. ii. The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961. iii. West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1962 iv. The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 (only Ss. 7, 8, 12, 25) 1. Marriage 2. Dower 3. Modes of the Dissolution of Marriage 4. Iddat 5. Maintenance 6. Parentage – Legitimacy and acknowledgement 7. Guardianship of Person and property 8. Gifts 9. Wakfs 10. Wills 11. Inheritance-General Rules 12. Sunni Law of Inheritance 13. Shia Law of Inheritance Books Recommended: 1. Outlines of Mohammadan Law by A A Fyzee. 2. Islamic Law Theory and Practice by Aziz Ahmad. 3. Islamic Law by D F Mulla.
  6. 6. 4. Islamic Law by Syed Amir Ali. 5. Islamic Law by Dr. Muhammad Hamid Ullah. 6. Islamic Law of Inheritance by Hamid Khan.
  7. 7. PAPER-VI PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW 100 MARKS Course Contents: 1. Nature, origin and Basis of International Law 2. Material Sources of International Law 3. Subjects of International Law 4. Relation between International and State law 5. States in General 6. Recognition 7. State Territorial Sovereignty 8. State Jurisdiction 9. State Responsibility 10. Succession to Rights and obligations 11. The State and the Individual 12. The State and the economic interest 13. Diplomatic Envoys, Councils and other Representatives 14. The Law and Practice as to Treaties 15. The International Disputes 16. War, Armed Conflicts and other Hostilities 17. Neutrality 18. International Humanitarian Law 19. International Institutions including International Criminal Court Books Recommended: 1. Principles of Public International Law by Brownie. 2. International Law by Oppenheiun, Vol.I & II Edited by H. Lauter Pacht. 3. Introduction to International Law by J G Starke.
  8. 8. 4. Law of Nations, Brierly, J L. 5. International Law by Schwazanberger. 6. International Law by Tandon. 7. International Law by DJ Harris. 8. International Humanitarian Law – a compilation of selected texts by ICRC- Pakistan. 9. International Institutions by D W Bowett.
  9. 9. PAPER-VII CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY OF PAKISTAN 100 MARKS Course Contents: 1. Salient features of the Government of India Act, 1935 2. Indian Independence Act, 1947 3. Objectives Resolution, 1949 4. Report of the Basic Principles Committee 5. Draft constitution of 1954 6. Salient features of the 1956 Constitution 7. Constitution Commission of 1960 (Shahabuddin Commission) 8. Salient features of the 1962 Constitution 9. Abrogation of the Constitutions and the Martial Laws 10. Legal Framework Order, 1970 11. The Interim Constitution of 1972 12. Fifth and Sixth Constitutional Amendments in the 1973 Constitution 13. The PCO of 1981 14. The RCO of 1985 15. The Eighth Amendment 16. The LFO-2002 and The Seventeenth Amendment, 2003 17. All the Development since 2002 till 2014 CASES: 1. Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan v. Federation of Pakistan PLD 1955 Sindh 2. Federation of Pakistan vs. Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan 3. Reference by the Governor-General PLD 1955 FC 435 4. State v. Dosso PLD 1958 SC 533
  10. 10. 5. Usif Patel v. Crown PLD 1955 FC 387 6. Begum Nusrat Bhutto v. Chief of the Army Staff PLD 1977 SC 657 7. Hakim Khan v. Government of Pakistan PLD 1992 SC 585 8. Nawaz Sharif v. President of Pakistan PLD 1993 SC 473 9. Benazir Bhutto v. the President of Pakistan PLD 1992 SC 492 10. Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, PLD 1988 Lah. 725 11. Federation of Pakistan v. Haji Saifullah Khan PLD 1989 SC 166 12. Khawaja Ahmad Tariq Rahim PLD 1992 SC 646 13. Benazir Bhutto v. President of Pakistan, PLD 1998 SC 388 14. Asma Jilani v. Government of the Punjab PLD 1972 SC 139 15. Mir Hassan… 16. State v. Zia ur Rehman PLD 1973 SC 49 17. Mahmood Khan Achakzai v. Fed. of Pakistan PLD 1997 SC 18. Zafar Ali Shah case, 2000 23 Books Recommended: 1. Constitutional Development of Pakistan by G W Chaudhry. 2. Constitutional Documents of Pakistan by Safdar Mahmood. 3. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan. 4. Book by Justice M. Munir. 5. Khalid Bin Sayed.