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Current Event ThirteenDiagnosing Bipolar Disorder in Kids: Heres the DSM-5s Controversial NewUpdate
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Ce 13

  1. 1. Current Event ThirteenDiagnosing Bipolar Disorder in Kids: Heres the DSM-5s Controversial NewUpdate!eNwgr! Many kids are labelled with a mental disorders soon as an issue arises. Thisarticle specifically is about bipolar disorder. Many kids are not diagnosed with disordersbut develop serious cases of illnesses down the road. So the symptoms and guidelinesfor diagnosis are changing. People are acknowledging now that we need to payattention at a young age in hopes of reducing these violent outbursts later in life.Starting at a young age we have a chance to manage the situation prior to it becomingproblematic.! To me this article stood out because it focuses on the issue of mental health.Lately we have had the school shooting, the boston bombing, hostage situations, fourbodies turning up in a home, and even a Motherʼs Day Parade shooting. Violence hasbecome one thing after the next around every corner. I personally keep wondering howmany people have to die before this country takes mental health seriously. Clearly itʼs aserious problem.! This article isnʼt the most relevant but it is the root behind many court cases thispast year. Mental illness has become a root behind a lot of big events. Mental illnesseshave been considered taboo for an extended time period. I am sick of that being thecase. Mental illness is just as serious as physical illness. The brain is part of the bodyright? This article gets into this controversial issue and sheds some light on how societyhas downplayed mental illnesses.Tara Pawlyk Friday, May 17, 2013 9:37:09 AM ET 04:0c:ce:d3:10:88