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Blake Mycoskie by Lindsay Schroll


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Blake Mycoskie by Lindsay Schroll

  1. 1. Founder of TOMS Shoes Lindsay Schroll
  2. 2. • Founded first company at 19, two more in 20’s • Dropped out of college to pursue his passion • Inspired by a trip to Argentina And it just hit me right in the heart. This was what I wanted to be doing. I mean business is great. Making money’s fun, but making people have tears of joy? That’s what life’s about.
  3. 3. • Who is Tom? • Since 2006, TOMS Shoes has provided 10 million pairs of shoes • TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to 175,000 since launching in 2011 • Recently launched TOMS Roasting Company, which provides clean water to developing communities
  4. 4. • Shoe drops – with family, friends, community • Taking time off each year to rejuvenate and get inspired • A Day Without Shoes – engaging community • Sailing with employees and friends • Biking to work • Creating a family-like work culture • Journaling to reflect on life & work
  5. 5. • Take time to re-charge and re-engage • Find a renewable energy source • If starting something, start small and focused, get it right, then let it grow • Spend some portion of each day on myself • Share hobbies with others • Pursue jobs with family-like culture