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Your Energy


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Energy Market for Smart People 3

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Your Energy

  1. 1. What this mightmean for households and businesses
  2. 2. A whole newrange of ways to seehow much energy youuse at home, at exactlywhat time of day andby what appliance.On the internet, smartphone, or a displayscreen insideat home.
  3. 3. Digital electricitymeters so that utilitiesknow exactly whereand when power isused and can targettheir energy savingsbetter.
  4. 4. More adoption of ‘time-of-use’ energy tariffs. (When you pay less to run appliances at night, and more in the early evening, to Night RatePeak Rate save money).$ $
  5. 5. More ‘green deals’for homes, wherehouseholds orbusinesses sign up tomeet energy targetsand get rewards tomeet them.
  6. 6. 25%Industry and business use three quarters ofelectricity in Australia 75% Special contracts, deals and even direct payments for big business to save energy.
  7. 7. More electricvehicles that chargefrom and dischargeto the grid, helpingto balance powerloads.
  8. 8. Voluntaryagreements for anenergy company toturn some appliancesdown remotely a fewminutes, on a fewdays a year, in returnfor lower bills.