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Energy Future Options


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Energy Market For Smart People 2

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Energy Future Options

  1. 1. What the TEC isworking towards
  2. 2. Incentives to promotereductions in peakdemand instead ofbuilding more polesand wires
  3. 3. Changing the legalobjective of ourelectricity marketso environmentaloutcomes areimproved, especially by reducinggreenhouse gasemissions, while stillprotecting consumers.
  4. 4. Setting a compulsorytarget for all energycompanies to helptheir big and smallcustomers makesavings.
  5. 5. Support forcommunities andbusiness to producetheir own electricityand sell excess to thegrid for a fair return,using green technology.
  6. 6. Support forcommunitiesespecially in ruraland regional areas,facing majornetworkprojects