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Explore India in great depth through incredible tours to this colourful destination. Explore incredible India tour and find out more.

On top since 1985, Top Travel and Tours is a one of the leading destination management companies in India. Awarded several times for ‘Excellence in Tourism Sector’, Top is synonymous with providing expert travel solutions. The company with its experience employs professional standards to deliver service beyond value. This has made Top earn the specialization in organizing interest based tours discovering cultural, pilgrimage, historical, wildlife, adventure, safaris and MICE tours in India.The company enjoys an edge in terms of offering the best negotiated deals for luxury trains, hotels and bulk bookings. The self owned luxury transportation also equips Top Travel in providing comfortable road tour experience. The nationwide network and associate offices in Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka make Top’s presence felt on a global platform. Affiliations to IATA, IATO, TAAI, AFTA, ASTA, USTOA, JATA and PATA also authenticate Top Travel.

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Incredible India Tour

  1. Explore India through Top Travel and
  2. QUIZ BUZZCan you name any two things that you find synonymous to India? • Taj Mahal • World Heritage Sites • Buddha • Culture • Yoga, Ayurveda and • Languages Meditation • Wedding • Spirituality • Religions • Zero • Music • Spices, Basmati Rice, Saffron, • Classical Dance Forms Tea, Mango • Bollywood • Biryanis, Street Food, Butter • Colours Chicken, Pickles, Chutneys • Jewellery • Vedas and Epics like • Shopping Mahabharata and Ramayana • Plastic Surgery • Fashion • Fairs and Festivals • Etc. And there is a lot more to be explored in DISCOVERY OF INDIA
  3. India – A Country with a Difference• India has worlds largest, oldest continuous civilization• The world counts on India through its Number System• In 700 BC, India had first two universities at Takshila and Nalanda teaching students from world over.• The Ancient language of India - Sanskrit refined the most European languages• 2500 year old medicinal discipline, Ayurveda derives its origins from India• India gave to the world - Algebra, Trigonometry, Yoga & Calculus• India has the largest number of English speaking people in the world
  4. History of the Land India through the ages has been a rich Golden Bird Even after a lot of invasions, conquests and change in rulers, this timeless civilization has bloomed as a Mini World sheltering a vibrant mélange of cultures, religions, regions, languages, cuisines & many more Above all, the country has maintained its essence of being one India uniting all
  5. Geography of the Land Surrounded by countries like Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka; India is the Seventh largest country in the world Crowned by Himalayas and surrounded by Indian Ocean and other two seas Mountains, jungles, deserts and beaches, India has it all The land of spices, India basks in fertility with plentiful food grains, fruits and beverages used in the country and exported all
  6. Topographical Contours India is ‘Home’ to the most significant geographical wonders • The Great Indian Desert • Himalayas – the Second Highest Peak above Sea Level - K2 • The Northern Plains • Plateaus • Beaches and Backwaters • Coral Reefs A land of contrasts, India covers the largest part of South Asia
  7. Incredible !ndia Tour• Adventure Tours • Beach Tours• Wildlife Tours • Ayurveda and Spa Tours•Golf Tours • Gourmet Tours • Rural Tours•Safari Tours • Medical Tours•Spiritual Tours • MICE Tours•Buddhist Circuit Tours•Cultural Tours
  8. Adventure Tours • India is blessed with diverse topography and climates suiting lucrative Adventure Options • Touching nature in its pristine form, Adventure Tours also promote ECO TOURISM • The Great Himalayas - Skiing, Trekking, River Rafting, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Jeep Safari, Paragliding, Rock Climbing • Thar Desert – Hot Air Ballooning, Dune Tents, Lake Boating, Safari’s like Camel, Horse, Jeep • Beach – Parasailing, Motor Bike, Boat Racing, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing • Under the Sea - Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Canyoning, Yacht sailing and many more…
  9. QUIZ BUZZCan you name the adventure activities shown in this slide? Kayaking Hot Air Ballooning Paragliding Mountain Trekking
  10. Beach Tours• With Arabian Sea on the west, Indian Ocean below the diamond tip and Bay of Bengal on the eastern side, Indian coastline is adorned with a number of incredible and serene beaches• Be it Goa, Kerala or Karnataka, every beach on the Indian contours is a picture perfect holiday destination• These palm fringed beaches offer perfect opportunity to chill out and soak the sun• Kerala, Goa, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep are the best beach spots in India to rejuvenate, refresh and laze around
  11. Spiritual Tours• India has been a mystic destination• Various visitors have found themselves by engaging their mind, spirit and soul through spirituality• Rich in holy places, traditions and rituals, India offers much for those seeking knowledge and awareness• The sacred texts, mantras and havans purify not only the soul, but environment at large• The spiritual experience is not only limited to Hinduism, but other religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Jews, Islam and many more
  12. Wildlife Tours• Indian Biodiversity is one of the 12 richly bio-diverse countries of the world• Blessed with 10% forest cover, India is a flourishing ground for Wildlife• Home to Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Lions and Elephants, Nilgai, Antelopes and Golden Langur• At least 90 National Parks & 482 Wildlife Sanctuaries concentrate on preserving the Wildlife Wonders in India
  13. Safari Tours• The rich Indian topography offers Various Safari Options• Safari is an amazing way to get close to the breathtaking views of the countryside• These traditional forms of travelling take a tourist to the rustic bygone era• Various modes to experience this traditional way are on Elephants, Camels, Horses, Jeeps, etc.
  14. Buddhist Circuit Tours• Based on the teachings of Buddha, Buddhism bloomed in India during 6th Century• The spiritual journey of Prince Siddhartha to being an ‘Awakened One’ crossed many cities• The traces of Buddhism can be experienced through ancient monasteries, temples, caves and stupa which now constitute Buddhist Footprints
  15. Buddha Footprints• Lumbini (The birthplace of Lord Buddha, now in Nepal)• Bodhgaya (The place of enlightenment)• Varanasi - Sarnath (Where Buddha preached his first sermon)• Rajgir - Girdkut (Buddha used to meditate here)• Vaishali (Declaration of attaining Mahaparinirvana)• Kushinagar (Last sermon - Mahaparinirvana)• Sanchi (Ancient place of Buddhist learning)• Ajanta and Ellora Caves (depicting the life of Lord Buddha through rock cut paintings)Known as ‘Footprints of Lord Buddha’, these destinations offer a unique Buddhist perspective to find true inner self along with calm
  16. Cultural Tours• India is the only country which strings so many religions, beliefs and traditions into its rich culture• The variety of languages, cuisines, dance forms, music, architecture and customs enrich the country• The glimpses of Colourful Indian Culture can be experienced through - Elegant arts and crafts - Folk Music - Puppet Shows - Fairs and Festivals - Cultural Exchange Programs• Rangoli, Henna give new meaning to celebrations• All over India, a traveler can explore the multiplicity of Indian Culture through its healthy and diverse heritage
  17. Ayurveda and Spa Tours• India is the homeland of Ayurveda and Spa• Since ages, these practices are followed as a ritual and tradition• They include use of various herbs, diet modification & cleansing stress for a relaxed existence• Overall effect of these therapies promote positive health and bliss• Kovalam, Kumarakom, Cochin and Rishikesh are the Prime Ayurveda and Spa Destinations in India
  18. Golf Tours• With over 250 Golf Courses, India is the first country outside British Kingdom to experience the lavishness of Golf• The Highest Elevated Golf Courses of the World are in India – The Royal Springs Golf Course in Srinagar and Gulmarg Golf Course• Wide expanses of golf greens are dotted throughout the country• Also, one can explore a different angle of India through its Golf courses• Understanding the popularity of the game, India also hosts amateur Golf Championships in various Golf Courses such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Gurgaon
  19. Gourmet Tours• India is a gastronomic delight• The Secret behind Indian Recipe is generous use of Spices and lavish approach while cooking• Indian food is a therapy for taste buds and an exploration of tangy flavours• Variety in cooking is based on different regions, weathers, occasions and traditions• India gave to the World – Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Dal Makhani, Kheer, Naan, Jalebis, Paan and a lot more…• The Great Indian Meal constitutes a Thali serving various accompaniments like roti, dal, curry, deserts, pickle and many more
  20. Rural Tours• Indian Countryside offers glimpses of the country that is rustic, calm and yet vibrant• Away from rushes of city life, Rural Tours allow a visitor to soak pleasures in company of nature through earthy flavour• Famous Farms and Agriculture can also be explored• The art, folk, traditions, customs, crafts, artifacts, colours, and music of such villages are spellbinding• Explore Rural India through Real India
  21. Medical Tours• India is a "Global Health Destination”• Indian hospitality & Personalised care is known worldwide• Doctors are experts in the areas of Coronary Bypass, Cosmetic, Dental and Heart Surgeries• The country offers • the best and economical medical treatments • Qualified Brigade of Specialised Doctors • World class infrastructure • Multi-Speciality Centres • Giving Medical Service an edge over other countries
  22. MICE Tours• On the forefront of innovation, India has emerged out as a promising new market for the whole world• From hi-tech IT Parks to state-of-the-art exhibition centers, India has it all.• Also, the country has wondrous locations for team building exercises or corporate workshops• On the way to become a global superpower, India is a perfect MICE Destination
  23. Hotels in
  24. Hotels in IndiaLuxury Hotels in India
  25. Top Travel and Tours
  26. Top Travel and Tours• Travel through the T – Top Travel and Tours• Established in 1985, the company enjoys more than 25 years of experience• Awarded many times for Excellence in Tourism Sector by Govt. of India• Synonymous with topmost travel solutions• Headquartered in Delhi, Top Travel has a network spread all over India• Employs the best multi-linguistic team to deliver the service beyond satisfaction• Experts in offering best negotiated rates for many luxury trains, hotels and MICE Destinations
  27. Top Travel and Tours A GSA and Ground Handling Agent to Mahaparinirvana Express - A Buddhist Train exploringThe Footprints of Lord Buddha’s Journey to Nirvana
  28. Coaches and Car RentalsWe at Top Travel and Tourshave our own fleet oftransport which includes – Tata Indigos - Toyota Innova – Tempo Traveller - 35 and 40 Seater Coaches – Luxury Car Segments
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  30. Airline Ticketing• Being an IATA Agent, Top Travel and Tours enjoys - – Access to airline members inventory and ticketing worldwide – Access and use of the airlines distribution system – Benefits of IATA standardization
  31. Atithi Devo Bhavah
  32. To sum up with• Atithi Devo Bhavah – India is a country where every tourist is treated par God• Respecting God in everyone, every Indian values ethos and greets a guest with ‘Namaste’• And make them feel the best of hospitality and great experience while travelling• So what are you waiting for… Incredible India Tour awaits you…• Explore it with Top Travels and Tours