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Big Brand Influencer Marketing - Trends, Case Studies, Best Practices

  1. BIG BRAND INFLUENCER MARKETING Trends & Best Practices @LeeOdden TopRank Marketing Photo: CBS Television
  2. @leeodden #CMWorld Works with Brands
  3. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television Authen9city Variety Engage SMEs Scale Quality Reach Measurable Trust
  4. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: Syfy
  5. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng ac9vates internal and industry experts with engaged networks to co-create content of mutual value and achieve measurable business goals. Photo: Syfy
  6. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television So When is Influencer Marke9ng Not Quite Right?
  7. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television When your audience is growing fast and furious along with aggressively increasing sales – all through advocacy and endorsements from customers and non- customers alike. Grrr!
  8. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television When your business towers above all others on the social web and virtually all engagement amongst prospects and customers includes a men9on of your beloved brand.
  9. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television When, by all calcula9ons, your organic content amplifica9on is so substan9al and customer community brand awareness is so ubiquitous, no expenditures for paid promo9on have been necessary for over a year.
  10. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: Giphy Nice try gentlemen, but let’s take this seriously. Lack of consensus on strategy “Magic sales” expecta9ons Lack of resources to commit Disregard for importance of FTC compliance Unable to measure inputs, outputs and performance
  11. @leeodden #CMWorld “If you’re in business, you’re in the business of influence.” Philip Sheldrake @sheldrake Managing Partner, Euler Partners
  12. @leeodden #CMWorld My First Time
  13. @leeodden #CMWorld Let’s Co-Create!
  14. @leeodden #CMWorld Photo: CBS Television Guess How Many Replied!
  15. @leeodden #CMWorld Enterprise Brand Study & Influencer Marke+ng Framework Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  16. @leeodden #CMWorld But… enterprise companies only spend 10% of marke9ng budgets on influencer marke9ng. 55% plan on spending more this year. Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  17. @leeodden #CMWorld It’s early days for influencer marke9ng - just 24% of companies have ongoing programs. Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  18. @leeodden #CMWorld Only 11% of B2B companies running ongoing influencer marke9ng programs. Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  19. @leeodden #CMWorld A BIG JUMP from just 5% of marketers integra9ng influencer marke9ng today. Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  20. @leeodden #CMWorld Even More Reason for Op9mism $9.60 EMV for every $1 spent Burst Media 10X increase in conversion rates Content Marke9ng Ins9tute 37% higher reten9on rate McKinsey Photo: CBS Television
  21. @leeodden #CMWorld Organiza9onal Maturity - Influencer Marke9ng Experiment *Early tes9ng *Warm influencers *Evaluate tech *Developing skills *One off projects *Marke9ng focus Process * Tac9cal * Recruit influencers * Tool investment * Campaign based * Transac9onal * Reach metrics * Maturing skills * Output metrics Rela+onships * Strategic * Influencer personas * Developed programs * Rela9onship based * Influencer community * Plaiorm investment * Paid and organic * Mul9-departmental * Engagement metrics Authority * CXO sponsorship * Always on engagement * Ac9ve brand advocacy * Plaiorm maturity * Advanced skills * Cross func9onal * Internal influencers * Dominant SOV * ROI metrics Integra+on * Marke9ng integra9on * Plaiorm integra9on * Process integra9on * Influencer ecosystem * Employees engage * Advanced skills * End to end metrics Source: TopRank Marke9ng
  22. @leeodden #CMWorld Influence Works Across the Customer Lifecycle Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  23. @leeodden #CMWorld 5 Best Prac9ces for Influencer Content Success Photo: SciFiNow
  24. @leeodden #CMWorld ü  Understand possibili9es ü  Be specific ü  Any content can use influencer co-crea9on ü  Map goals to metrics 1. Influencer Content Best Prac9ce: Goals Diagram: Onaly9ca, Defini9ve Prac9cal Guide to Influencer Rela9onship Management
  25. @leeodden #CMWorld “A brandividual is popular. An influencer is effec5ve at crea5ng popularity.”
  26. @leeodden #CMWorld 2. Influencer Content Best Prac9ce: Engagement Confluence Romance Follow, interact on social Recognize in a list, post Invite to quote, interview Apply as modular content Engage in the real world Invite as a VIP influencer ü  Develop an influencer persona ü  Research influencers: relevance, resonance, reach ü  Iden9fy, qualify and recruit influencers ü  Understand influencer message & channel(s) ü  What’s in it for the influencer? ü  Connect to a bigger mo9va9on than $ or exposure Image: Traackr
  27. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Content Engagement
  28. @leeodden #CMWorld ü  Match influencer channel with the ask ü  Give them the goal and control ü  Make it easy ü  Set expecta9ons, give examples & deadline ü  Ensure compliance, employ governance ü  Organic vs. Paid – very different asks ü  Use a modular approach & repurpose 3. Influencer Content Best Prac9ce: Co-Crea9on
  29. @leeodden #CMWorld ü  Share goals, examples & resources ü  Set expecta9ons ü  Make it easy: prewrite shares ü  Provide SEO 9ps, social 9ps ü  Inspire organic shares ü  Target with paid ü  Communicate progress ü  Always do a last call! 4. Influencer Content Best Prac9ce: Amplifica9on
  30. @leeodden #CMWorld ü  Metrics for influencers performance ü  Metrics for influencer community performance ü  Metrics for content performance 5. Influencer Content Best Prac9ce: Measure Diagram: Onaly9ca, Defini9ve Prac9cal Guide to Influencer Rela9onship Management
  31. @leeodden #CMWorld 3 Lessons Learned From Big Brand IM Programs Image: Inverse Entertainment
  32. @leeodden #CMWorld B2C Case Study: MGM Resorts #LiveFromLV @MgMResortsIntl promote Las Vegas as “Times Square of the West” for New Year’s Featured 3 niche Millenial influencers lifecas9ng NYE & pre-recorded content Image: Twiqer 22.7MTotal Impressions 5.4MPeriscope Video Views 641KEngagements 14%Brand Sen9ment
  33. @leeodden #CMWorld MGM Resorts Lesson Learned Lilian Tomovich @lilitomovich Chief Experience Officer/CMO MGM Resorts “MGM Resorts is in the experience business. Combining influencers with live video broadcas9ng allows us to give our prospec9ve audiences a taste of what they are missing and a beqer understanding of our brands.” FOMO IS POWERFUL
  34. @leeodden #CMWorld B2B Case Study: Dell Luminaries Podcast Interview series highlights execu9ves from the family of companies that are now Dell Technologies Collabora9on, co-crea9on amongst stakeholders in mul9ple businesses Hosts are prepped, but are free to tell the best story they can. Influencer Hosts: Mark Schaefer – Douglas Karr
  35. @leeodden #CMWorld Dell Technologies: Lesson Learned Konstanze Alex @Konstanze Head of Influencer Rela9ons Dell Technologies “We are humanizing a new family of brands with fully integrated influencer content co-crea9on. Mutually, we create value: Dell Technologies provides insights into our technology vision. Influencers provide cri9cal third party perspec9ve in an authen9c way.” Source: Onaly9ca MUTUTAL VALUE IS POWERFUL
  36. @leeodden #CMWorld SAP Case Study: B2B Influencers, Interac9ve Content Posi9on SAP leadership through 35 Digital Transforma9on Experts Published in conjunc9on with SAP SAPPHIRE conference and launch of SAP Leonardo plaiorm hqp:// 100%Influencer Share Rate 18MImpressions
  37. @leeodden #CMWorld SAP Lesson Learned “Working with influencers to co-create content delivers mutual value. When that content is interac9ve, it creates an experience that is more engaging and inspires ac9on.” Amisha Gandhi @AmishaGandhi Head of Influencer Marke9ng SAP EXPERIENCES ARE POWERFUL
  38. @leeodden #CMWorld 5 Influencer Marke9ng Tools & Plaiorms Image: Wallpaper Safari
  39. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tools: BuzzSumo B2C / B2B Social Influencer & Content Search Content Analysis Projects to Monitor URL Shares/Links Twiqer Influencer, Blog Author Search Outreach Lists to Engage New Content Monitoring Influencer Content Alerts Ques9on Analyzer (Content Topics) Freemium & Subscrip9on Pricing
  40. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tools: Izea B2C Marketplace & Services Creator Search, Profiles & Lists Influencer Bidding & Offers Content & Campaign Management Transac9on Management Content Promo9on, Ads, Compliance Analy9cs, Monitoring, Verifica9on Subscrip9on Based Pricing
  41. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tools: Linqia B2C Plaiorm, Marketplace & Services Ar9ficial Intelligence Discovery 5 Years of Data + Con9nuous Crawl Performance Match Campaign Management Compliance Governance Content Lab & Asset Management Program Analy9cs Goal-Based Pricing
  42. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tools: Traackr B2C / B2B - Global DIY IRM Plaiorm Influencer Search Engine Upload Influencers, Find Lookalikes Influencer Content Feeds, Trending Influencer Engagement Management Network Visualiza9on Analy9cs & Performance Repor9ng Subscrip9on Based Pricing
  43. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tools: Onaly9ca B2C / B2B - Global DIY Plaiorm & Services Discovery via Search & Doc Analysis Network Map Custom Dashboards Influencer Profiles Real-Time Feed & Alerts Influencer Sharing Recommenda9ons Analy9cs & Repor9ng Subscrip9on Based Pricing
  44. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Marke9ng Tech Guidelines 5 func+ons to scale: 1.  Discovery 2.  Engagement 3.  Content 4.  Promo9on 5.  Measurement Photo: CBS Television
  45. @leeodden #CMWorld Mature Influencer Marke9ng is Integrated Influencers: Thought Leaders Customers Advocates Employees Journalists Departments: Marke9ng Public Rela9ons Customer Success Community Management Human Resources Source: Influence 2.0 Al9meter, Traackr, TopRank Marke9ng
  46. @leeodden #CMWorld Influencer Content Integra9on Framework
  47. @leeodden #CMWorld What Happened on My First Time?
  48. @leeodden #CMWorld Simplified with a Secret – And Humor You're a secret agent on a mission and you're having a rendezvous with your agency contact awer pulling a dangerous undercover opera9on. You now have a coveted secret. A content marke9ng secret. What secret for achieving success with content marke9ng will you share? The content marke9ng world depends on it!
  49. @leeodden #CMWorld 43,000+ views on Slideshare 1,000+ PDF downloads 5000+ visits of interviews 3,300+ Retweets 100+ inbound links Mul+ple client engagements Invaluable Rela+onships Start of a 6 Year Engagement 29 Influencers Contributed - Results
  50. @leeodden #CMWorld Lesson Learned: Influencer Empathy FTW
  51. @leeodden #CMWorld Takeaways 1. Use content to develop rela9onships that inspire greater content 2. Reach + Topical Relevance + Community Resonance = Win 3. Spreadsheets will never scale – invest in a IRM plaiorm Image: Giphy
  52. @leeodden #CMWorld Thank You! May You Live Long and Prosper INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC + REPORT Lee Odden