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9 inbound marketing insights revealed 2014


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Recently, HubSpot launched our first edition of the State of Inbound UK report: Inbound Insights UK – 2014. We surveyed marketing professionals across the UK, both leaders and practitioners, to find out what the current trends in marketing are.

This extensive research aims to specifically help marketers in the UK set realistic benchmarks as well as focus on issues where they may be lagging behind on. For example, the relationship between sales and marketing is ever-increasing and the data indicates strongly that businesses that align these two departments outperform those that don’t by a significant margin.

We came up with many fascinating facts on the state of inbound marketing in the UK. The nine most remarkable discoveries were rolled into this SlideShare

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9 inbound marketing insights revealed 2014

  1. 1. 2014 Edition Revealing Inbound Marketing Insights From the U.K. 9 A Publication of
  2. 2. HubSpot surveyed Marketing Leaders and Practitioners in the U.K. …
  3. 3. … to find out what’s trending,
  4. 4. and to enable you to benchmark your company against others in the U.K.
  5. 5. We created our first annual U.K. report: INBOUND INSIGHTS U.K. - 2014
  6. 6. Here are of the report’s most remarkable discoveries.
  7. 7. Adoption of inbound in the U.K. is growing at a similar rate to that in the U.S. (Fast.)
  8. 8. 79% of U.K. companies implemented inbound inbound marketing strategies in 2014.
  9. 9. This is a year over year growth of 25%
  10. 10. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Inbound services have certainly increased. To be frank, we are seeing most businesses go for content provision rather than a cohesive strategy as they think content publishing without a purpose is enough to generate results, but the execution needs to be revisited for many businesses. The main thing missing is the focus on ensuring the content production is aligned to the media instead of what the organisations think the target audience & media require. Think channel first, then about what you have to say. Combining that with a creative experience to cut through the content ‘white noise’ will stand you in good stead. Alistair Norman, @AlistairNorman CEO, Tomorrow People, Internet Marketing Agency
  11. 11. Lead generation is the number one marketing goal in the U.K.
  12. 12. 1 in 4 Companies under 200 employees selected lead generation as their top priority.
  13. 13. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: B2B marketers are using inbound or content marketing to address both the brand and demand generation challenges, but they’re also increasingly using it to address other marketing-related challenges. In any instance where an organisation needs to communicate specific information to a specific audience or group of stakeholders, like recruitment and HR or customer service, there is the potential for inbound to play a role. In this day and age, we expect the information (of any kind) that we want to be freely available and accessible via search engines. The challenge for B2B brands is to present it in an attractive and digestible format. Joel Harrison, @Joel_B2BEditor Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing
  14. 14. Successful inbound marketers are focusing on SEO.
  15. 15. Of respondents who already see positive ROI from inbound are focusing on SEO and growing their organic traffic as top priority. 43%
  16. 16. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Despite the fact there is a lot of noise around ‘content marketing’ or ‘data’ right now, the inescapable fact is that organic search is still THE most important channel for almost all brands and industries in ROI terms. Social is catching up relatively quickly and paid search is a profitable tactic but long term, brands need to grow an ‘owned’ audience if they have any ambition to truly grow value. Speak to any brand spending big across all digital ‘channels’ and they will always tell you that organic search is the most profitable for them if the strategy and execution is right. Simon Penson, @simonpenson MD & Founder, Zazzle Media
  17. 17. Hiring top talent is not a priority for marketers in the U.K.
  18. 18. 3% Only of marketing leaders placed hiring top talent as a top priority.
  19. 19. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Hiring talent is essential for the on-going success of a marketing team and should be a strategic priority. The team needs to be made up of key players who work together to achieve results and individuals with varied talents, from writing to PPC and SEO. Building a network of talented employees attracts other talented individuals to want to become a part of the business and networks. It can be a difficult process but the key is not to be narrow in the recruitment funnel as you run the risk of rejecting talented people. It’s better to ask ‘killer’ questions and make sure that you’re getting the right people in the right roles. Hiring right the first time can save a lot of pain further down the line. Hiring talent is essen,al for the on-­‐going success of a marke,ng team and should be a strategic priority. The Team needs to be made up of key players who work together to achieve results and individuals with varied talents, from wri,ng to PPC and SEO. Building a network of talented employees aDracts other talented individuals to want to become a part of the business and networks. Bryan Adams, @Bryan_phc CEO & Co-founder, PH Creative
  20. 20. Proving ROI is a challenge, but not a priority.
  21. 21. Proving the ROI of inbound marketing activities was rated as the 29% top challenge for of U.K. marketers.
  22. 22. BUT …
  23. 23. Only rated it as a top priority for their company. 13%
  24. 24. The majority of content is being created internally.
  25. 25. Companies in the U.K. who have been successful with inbound marketing place content creation responsibility with their staff. 1 in 2
  26. 26. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Small businesses should aim for content self-sufficiency. I believe that, and I’m the chairman of a content agency. Clever content marketing can really accelerate business growth but to crack this, you have to build an internal culture for content; one where everyone contributes. You want people generating great ideas every day and being committed and competitive about their input. You want an environment where your owned media are seen as valuable business assets, and people are proud to be part of the publishing process. What SMEs should look to outsource in the early stages, however, is some content strategy support, to help them establish guiding principles, set up editorial processe,s and determine content guidelines. Catherine Toole, @CatherineToole Chairman, Sticky Content
  27. 27. Social and email are the top lead sources for UK marketers. 7
  28. 28. Of Marketers said that email has become more important as a lead source over the last 6 months. 71%
  29. 29. Of Marketers said that social has become more important as a lead source over the last 6 months. 82%
  30. 30. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: With 1.8 billion active social network users and the number growing rapidly by the day, social media has transitioned to a mature and essential marketing channel. Social media is such a rich source of information about what potential customers really need, their interests, and what motivates them. I don’t think any other channel provides such actionable intelligence. In the same way analytics revolutionised planning and deployment of PPC campaigns, data and insights gathered from social media are now the game changer in the industry. Social media enables a new level of dynamic targeting. Marketers can identify opportunities and act on them immediately, not just through social channels, but right across the marketing mix. Javier Buron, @JavierBuron CEO & Co-founder, SocialBro
  31. 31. Sales values inbound lead sources more than outbound sources. 78
  32. 32. Of salespeople believe social media has become a more important lead source in the last 6 months. 64%
  33. 33. Salespeople believe that tradeshows have become a LESS important lead source in the last 6 months. 1 in 2
  34. 34. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Although it’s refreshing to see social media playing a key role in sourcing leads, we still have a long way to go with brands and marketers using social media effectively. There is still far too much broadcasting and explicit selling, which will not convert your target audience into customers. Businesses need to be a lot smarter. Social media takes time; building trust and loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about connecting with your target audience and showing a brand’s human side. People buy from people after all. Lilach Bullock, @LilachBullock Co-founder & Director, Comms Axis
  35. 35. Better alignment is required between Sales and Marketing. 9
  36. 36. Of companies in the U.K. did not have a formal agreement between sales and marketing to determine responsibilities. 1/3
  37. 37. BUT …
  38. 38. There is a clear correlation between having an SLA in place and having a larger budget for inbound marketing.
  39. 39. Of companies who have an SLA in place also have a higher inbound marketing budget than last year. 63%
  40. 40. Download the full report for more insights on the inbound marketing trends in the U.K.: