Flood modeling and mapping system for emergency responders


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Presented at the 2011 Texas GIS Forum

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Flood modeling and mapping system for emergency responders

  1. 1. Flood Mapping and ResponseSystem for Emergency Responders Durmus Cesur Ph.D., PMP, PE, GISP, CFM, ESRI Certified Enterprise GIS Associate ESRI Certified ArcGIS Desktop Asso/Professional ESRI Authorized & Certified Instructor San Antonio River Authority Email: dcesur@sara-tx.org
  2. 2. Outline• Introduction• Emergency management• Enterprise GIS• Enterprise GIS for emergency management• Enterprise GIS-based emergency management example application• Conclusions
  3. 3. Emergency Management• Discipline and profession of applying science, technology, planning and management to deal with extreme events including: • Human-caused • Natural disasters • Internal disturbances • Energy and material shortages • Attacks
  4. 4. Emergency Management Planning Recovery Mitigation Emergency Management Response Preparedness
  5. 5. Enterprise GIS• Uses – Manages, analyzes, visualizes and disseminates information using location (Where?) as the common denominator – Enables effective, efficient collaboration, and decision making and follow-up actions/implementations
  6. 6. Enterprise GIS for Emergency ManagementInformation Systems and Geographic Information SystemsComponent in Emergency Management• Understand where, when, why, who and how to take action• Share knowledge with the emergency management personnel and the public• Plan, mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover emergency situations using right, properly organized, and timely information and appropriate decisions based on these• Share/Coordinate information across multiple disciplines and promote a comprehensive approach for emergencies
  7. 7. Enterprise GIS for Emergency Management• GIS uses in emergency management: – Identifying and locating potential emergency problems, issues – Visualizing and analyzing the spatial information to find out high risk areas – Determining mitigation needs and measures including the legislative ones for various emergencies – Locating facilities, routes, and other critical assets – Real-time monitoring of emergency situation and early warning – Allocating short term recovery facilities, developing long term recovery plans, and tracking progress
  8. 8. SARA D/S Counties Flood Mapping and Response System (D/S FMRS)• San Antonio River Authority (SARA) Downstream Counties (Wilson, Karnes and Goliad Counties of Texas) Flood Mapping and Response System: – Designed for use by Emergency Operations Managers of downstream counties for flood mapping and response
  9. 9. SARA, The Basin & Jurisdiction
  10. 10. The Need for D/S FMRS• Provide a web GIS based tool for downstream counties emergency management personnel for use before, during, and after flooding events• Provide limited interactivity with the system for the end users (i.e., emergency managers) to let them assign stage elevations for all stations of interest and to have the flood maps accordingly• Reduce and/or eliminate the information technology infrastructure management and maintenance costs for flood related emergencies for these counties
  11. 11. D/S FMRS– ArcGIS Desktop-based application (extension)– Built in cooperation with the HEC– Based on the Susquehanna FWRS– Uses static inundation areas pieced together using forecast flood elevations– Being migrated to web GIS platform (ArcIMS initially and currently to ArcGIS Server)
  12. 12. SARA D/S FMRS – Present• D/S FMRS Present Functionalities: – Retrieval of NWS stream stage forecasts and observations using services – Retrieval of USGS Stream Gage stage observations using services – Allow users to define forecasts – Retrieval of the floodplain based on the forecast – Generic GIS functionalities (zoom in, out, pan etc.)
  13. 13. Example Application – SARA D/S FMRS
  14. 14. D/S FMRS Flood Forecast Based on User Input and Pre-rendered Model outcomes
  15. 15. D/S FMRS - FutureAdditional functionalities: – Depth measurements – Impacted Structures Report – Response tables tools – Others neededPlatform updates - Upgrade from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server JavaScriptAPI platform is in progress
  16. 16. SARA D/S FMRS Migration
  17. 17. Conclusions• D/S FMRS application: – Provides emergency responders with a tool to make better decision in the case of flooding when in fully operational – Supports emergency management personnel before, during, and after flooding by providing functionalities to: • Simulate what-if scenarios • Plan for emergency response • Have quick assessment reports after emergencies
  18. 18. Thank you!!!Any questions??? Durmus Cesur GIS Program Manager San Antonio River Authority Ph.D., PMP, GISP, CFM, PE ESRI Authorized & Certified Instructor ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase Management and ArcGIS Desktop Associate/Professional Email: dcesur@sara-tx.org SARA GIS Website: http://www.sara- tx.org/public_services/gis_information/