Building an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy


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According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 50% of professionals have a documented content marketing strategy. In this presentation, learn the principles of effective content marketing, along with 5 actionable tips you can use to build your strategy. Plus, see the case study of one integrated content marketing strategy from an international online marketing firm and learn key takeaways from launching an integrated campaign.

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  • Strategy is KEY to Effectivness
    It takes someone owning responsibility for content marketing
    An integrated approach works best.
  • To create truly useful marketing, you have to START with the customer.
    Ask, don’t assume!
  • >Vanderbilt Orthapedics, Nashville TN
    > Identified a target audience they wanted to reach out to – Coaches. Instead of trying to decide what they thought coaches would want, they went and asked them. Turns out, their real need sparked the idea for this app.

    > The iPhone app CoachSmart is the ultimate resource for coaches, offering real-time information on heat index and lightning strikes, frequently asked sports medicine and safety questions, and a group contact feature.

    > A collaboration between Vanderbilt Sports Medicine and the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, the app is an extension of Vanderbilt Sports Medicine’s expertise.
  • Print magazines can be digital entry points
    Visit Central Florida is creating ebooks to help their target audience – all free of charge on their website. And they’re marketing them too.
  • Create maps, log workouts, create different activities to do in any given city
    Web and desktop app
  • Integrates into their overall campaign
    App that helps parents select the right car seat and educates them
    Focuses on the need of the audience
  • Educate of the Problem
    Inform about key selling points
    Promote our new integrated website and lead management solution
  • > Ebook to educate and inform the audience about the issue
  • Visual
    Compelling content
    Helped promote the site
    Seeded externally
    Also did a PR push
  • Useful tool
    Provides with interactive tool to help visualize vlaue of the product
    Educates along the way
    Provides a lifetime customer value calculation
    Report at the end
    - Lead Gen form to enable us to drip marketing to them
  • Campaign Website
    Promoted on company website
    Download and lead gen landing pages and forms
    Homepage “Takeover”
    Integrated landing pages
  • Website, PR, Social, Newsletter, etc.
  • Building an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

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    2. 2. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.2 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” — Content Marketing Institute
    3. 3. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.3 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx What’s Your Strategy?
    4. 4. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.4 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • 92% of nonprofit professionals use content marketing • 65% are producing more content than they did one year ago • They are using an average of 11 content marketing tactics • Yet, only 26% believe they are effective at it Content Marketing Today Source: Content Marketing Institute
    5. 5. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.5 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx 1. Useful to the consumer 2. Addresses a real need 3. Communicates effectively 4. Educates, informs, entertains 5. Inspires action 6. Achieves organization’s objectives 7. Strategic 7 Principles of Content Marketing
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    9. 9. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.9 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • Identify the Target Audience • Research the Consumer • Identify Objectives • Integrate Into Campaigns • Map the Editorial Calendar • Allocate Resources 1) Mapping Your Strategy Source: Content Marketing Institute
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    17. 17. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.17 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • Blog posts • Articles • White papers • Ebooks • Guides • Checklists • Emails • Magazines • Newsletters Written Content
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    21. 21. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.21 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Want More? Quickly Fuel Your Content Calendar with these 35 Blog Post Headlines that Work Download This Guide!
    22. 22. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.22 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Ex: Parent’s Summer Holiday Survival Guide • • Ebook: Summer Survival Guide • Informative, useful content • Focuses on parents and youth • Member-only content area
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    28. 28. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.28 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Map My Ride
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    30. 30. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.30 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • Where & How People Access Your Content • Leverage Owned Properties – Website, blog – Campaign site – Landing page • Optimize – Buttons – Download forms – Headlines – CTAs • Test, Test, Test! 3) Publish & Optimize
    31. 31. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.31 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx
    32. 32. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.32 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Market Your Marketing! 4) Promote Externally Use an Integrated Approach • Owned Channels (Build) • Newsletter • Blog posts • Email lists • Website “ads” • Social media accounts • Paid Channels (Buy) • Search & Display Ads • Social Media Ads • Sponsored Emails • Earned Channels • Press releases • Interviews • External blogs • Guest posts
    33. 33. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.33 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • Cross-promote channels to keep communication going – Follow on social media sites – Subscribe to Newsletter – Opt-in to Email lists • Consider drip marketing to drive objectives – Increase sign ups – Build awareness 5) Nurture Your Audience
    34. 34. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.34 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Integrated Content Marketing in Action
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    42. 42. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.42 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx • Don’t stop testing – Quantitative (form fills, visits, etc.) – Qualitative (user experience testing, feedback) • Test multiple tactics for promoting – Social (organic) – Social (paid) – Advertising – PR • You have to market your marketing! – Balance budget & creative on content and promotions Key Learnings
    43. 43. Copyright 2014, ReachLocal, Inc.43 @tmonhollon #brandaidtx Thank You! Tiffany Monhollon Senior Manager, Content Marketing Tweet this Talk: #brandaidtx @tmonhollon