Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think Local


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Is your marketing local? Learn why local is critical to any online marketing program - and practical, easy tips you can use to make sure your marketing helps you reach local customers.

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  • Search is still one of the most effective ways to reach local customers. Pew Internet recently found that search engines are the top source of online information on local businesses for local consumers. 70% of local consumers now using the Internet to find good local businesses (Search Engine Land)
  • Content is a big investment. It can be very effective, but is it for every brand? How many of you have a content strategy for your business or brand?How many of you have local content strategies for your locations?Consider: Owned and non-owned content opportunities Local or regional blogs that can target local keywords in strategyGetting local/regional leadership involved in content processContent team that coordinates with PR team to pursue non-owned opportunities to be a source or local spokesperson Local versions of SEO-optimized press releases for news and product announcements
  • Local / regional blogs should have local socail strategyExample: Chic-Fil-A & Tasti-d-lite franchisesExample: Chili’s has only one brand presenceSocial media policy examples:
  • 84% of mobile searchers look for local retailer information (phone, address, hours) (Performics)
  • Shoppers more likely to visit mobile site than download mobile app (MarketingProfs)
  • Local Business Mobile Search Surges 34% (MarketingProfs)at portion of your search engine advertising is local?Local ad spend will affect mobile searchers
  • The Google Maps App is one of the top Apps according to a Nielsen report, reaching 74.6% of the overall Android smartphone market. When Google Maps was removed from iOS, after it was re-launched to the App store it had millions of downloads and thousands of positive ratings within 24 hours. Google Plus Local Page affects Your Mobile Maps ListinAccuracyRankCitations
  • Example: Redbox movie lookup tool, uses location-based service to locate nearest kiosk with the movie I want. Example: Walgreens – Paid search leads people to their iPhone app, Have an iPhone app, you may be able to refill your prescription
  • Is local a part of that strategy?
  • For most brands, everyone leaving a review of your business has had an experience with the local representation of your brandMany review sites are set up for reviews to be coordinated around a location rather than a brandGoogle places rank well for core keywords and include reviewsGet local employees involved in the reviews process – have your team ask happy customers for reviews, create collateral, have specific places
  • Tool like FanCorps
  • Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think Local

    1. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.1Your Marketing Sucks:Why You Need toThink LocalTiffany MonhollonSenior Content Marketing Manager@tmonhollon
    2. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.2Local Matters
    3. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.3Local Marketing FailMarketing organizations are failing at some coretactics of local marketing:• 45% are not doing geo-modified paid search• 40% are not managing local business listings• 34% are not doing online directory ads• 55% are not on local online review sites
    4. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.4Why Local?• Search is Local• Places are Local• Mobile is Local• Customers are Local
    5. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.5Search engines are the #1 source of onlineinformation on local businesses for local consumers.By 2015, 30% of all searches will be local, comparedwith 12% in 2009 (MarketingProfs)Search is Local
    6. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.6PAID Search1) Localize Your SearchEngine Advertising• Quickly generate leads– Phone calls– Emails– Web forms• What portion of your searchbudget is allocated to localkeywords?– Geo-located search– Direct local keyword• Local ad extensionsSearch is Local
    7. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.7
    8. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.8ORGANIC Search2) Create a LocalizedContent & Keyword Strategy• Owned and non-owned• Local/regional blogs• Local/regional teamswriting• Bylined articles in localpublications• Local versions of SEO-optimized Press ReleasesSearch is Local
    9. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.93) Create a LocalizedSocial Media Strategy• Coordinate posts with localcontent strategy• Use same keyword strategyfor social posts• Consider local social mediapages• Create a solid social mediapolicy & training– Supports your strategy– Helps avoid rogueaccountsSearch is Local
    10. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.10Places are Local
    11. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.11Google+ Local Pages• Account for 33% of visits tolocal business websites• 59% of consumers useGoogle every month, andto locate a good localbusiness (31% every week)• Google Listings + OrganicSearch account for58% of visits to localbusiness websitesSource: BrightLocalPlaces are Local
    12. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.124) Claim & Optimize Google+ Local Pages• Google Places is now Google+ Local– Google+ Business Page (Social)– Google+ Local Page (Listing + Maps)• Claim Your Listing If– You have not previously claimed it– You want to merge a business page and a listing• For Multilocation Businesses– Google does not support merging multiple pagesto one business pagePlaces are Local
    13. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.13Get the Ebook! are Local
    14. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.14• 77% have contacted a business via mobile– 61% called– 59% visited the business• 88% of mobile users searching for a business takeaction within a day• 9 in 10 smartphone searches results in an action• 84% of mobile searchers look for local retailerinformation (phone, address, hours)• 52% of local-mobile search clicks turned into callsMobile is Local
    15. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.155) Create a Mobile-Optimized Site– Is your mobile site optimized for local/mobilesearch?– Mobile landing pages for localized sites andadvertisingMobile is Local
    16. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.166) Invest in Mobile SearchEngine Advertising– According toNielsen, Google searchreaches 71.9% of theAndroid smartphoneaudience– 80% of all searchesconducted viasmartphone are for localproducts and services(MarketingProfs)Mobile is Local
    17. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.177) Claim Mobile Maps &Location-Based Services– Google+ Local /Google Maps– Foursquare page– Facebook Page(mobile check-ins)Mobile is Local
    18. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.188) Localize Your MobileApps StrategyBrand Apps• Is your App localized?– Local search– Local content– Source of local info• Are you thinking outsideyour App?Mobile is Local
    19. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.198) Localize Your Mobile AppsStrategyThird-Party Apps• In-App Advertising• In-App Search– Directories + review sites• Yelp• Urbanspoon,• Citysearch• Yellow pages– Location-based servicesMobile is Local
    20. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.20100% of Customersare Local(to somebody)
    21. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.21Customers are Local9) Local Reviews & Reputation Management- Review sites organized by local (not brand)- Google+ Local- Reviews- Zagat 30-pt rating- Claim and optimize pages- Create a review request process- Involve teams- Use systems- Create fliers, posters, postcards for locations
    22. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.22Customers are LocalGet the Ebook!
    23. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.23Customers are Local10) Find & Empower LocalBrand Ambassadors• Community Management• Local Events• Power Users• Content Creation• Content Curation• Contests
    24. Copyright 2013, ReachLocal, Inc.24How Will You Think Local?Tiffany MonhollonSenior Content Marketing