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  1. 1. Analysing music magazines Kerrang NME Q
  2. 2. Kerrang Colour scheme: Pink, black, yellow and white these colours attract the reader as they are bold colours. Large headline Unique font (signature headline), Kerrang readers recognise the font. The font is meant to represent broken glass which adds to the pop punky style pre teen rebellion theme Unique, catchy headlines/tag lines Large bright kickers using same font as masthead Celebrity in the centre of the page, a tactic used to attract pre-teens to purchase the magazine Reasonable price This issue features icons, this will attract a lot of readers as the magazine features their icons. Images on the front also help with this List of bands featured in this issue will tell the readers what's in the magazine “ rock stars that changed your world!” this phrase sounds like a phrase a teenager would say and will probably attract teenagers. Repeated use of exclamation marks add emphasis to how powerful and appealing this magazine is. Images give reader clear idea of what's in the magazine Target audience are teens and musicians and with the use of colours and features in the magazine I feel that it has met the needs of the target audience Advertising festivals will attract more readers Most of the icons featured in the images are men wearing eyeliner, or “guyliner” this adds to the rockstar feel Model is standing in a rockstar pose, with a look of attitude about him “ life is loud” ties in with the loud rock music that the magazine is advertising All the fonts are informal sans serif fonts
  3. 3. Kerrang Contents Page Clearly labelled contents, sticking to the colour scheme using yellow and black, small print shows the issue no. and the cover date. Note from the editor tells us about the magazine and how she’s spent the week doing so. This will be useful when it comes to making the magazine Contents are clearly displayed down the right side of the page. Clear subheadings are used for feedback, news, live reviews, features, album reviews, gig guide and famous last words. This will help the reader find what they are looking for The main feature of the magazine is eye catching and takes up most of the page. The title and page number are clearly displayed, sticking to the colour scheme. Information about subscription of the magazine is displayed clearly with red backing and a white font. Having this on the contents page may interest the reader Images are used to show other features of the magazine. These are used to fill the page and make the page look interesting. The target audience (teens) will prefer to look at images rather than reading the contents A yellow filled in shape informs the readers of a competition, this sticks to the colour scheme and is eye-catching Subheadings stick to the colour scheme of black and yellow and are also eye-catching which will help the reader.
  4. 4. Kerrang Double Page Spread News is clearly displayed in the top left hand corner of the page “visit for all the latest news” this tells the reader where to find more news” “ world exclusive is in bold capital letters on a red background surrounded by stars” this is eye catching and lets the reader know it’s a world exclusive, that no other magazine has published it 1 st page is of the lead singer, caption at the bottom left hand corner “Gerard Way: rock n’ roll rebel” having an image on the first page and barely any text creates a strong impact, The layout is different to usual double page spreads, the headline is written across 2 pages rather than one, The headline is slanted and the font is quite grungy. The words “ The best MCR” are in a different colour and are slightly bigger than the other words in the headline to show how important the band are, and in the explanation below the bands name are in bold also to show how important they are The article is seperated into 2 columns. Because this magazine is focused more on teens, there are more pictures and less words than there would be in a magazine The article is about My Chemical Romance and their new album, the track information is on the right hand side of the page. The song titles are in a bold red font. This is against a white background to give the page more colour, and attract the reader
  5. 5. Conclusion – Double Page Spread I will use the informal layout that kerrang used on their double page spread, I will let my image spread over the first page and a bit of the second page. I will use more than one image to cater for my target audience.
  6. 6. NME Colour scheme: Black red white, small bit of yellow Band is in front of the magazine name to show importance This magazine stick to the 2/3 rule, the band are placed more to the right which is following the eye flow rule Font is recognisable, signature headline The bands name is clearly displayed in the middle of the page in a larger bolder font The word “sex” and “skins” are in a different colour because readers will be attracted to the different colours, and the fact the the words are sex and skins (tv programme) it’ll attract more of a teenage audience Taglines/selling lines will appeal to target audience Advert for a festival will attract more readers “ standing in the way of control” the use of the song title as well as the band image will attract fans of the band to buy the magazine Tagline “how three punks smashed the mainstream” this will attract punks to read about other punks, and record labels may wish to read about them as they have suddenly broke through to mainstream music Reasonable price The magazine tells you about album reviews and what bands are featured inside Kicker: “muse countdown to Wembley” this was a big event as Muse were to play Wembley stadium, this will attract their fans to find out more about it Some fonts are serif, and sans serif Target audience are teens – 20+ and musicians and with the use of colours and features in the magazine I feel that it has met the needs of the target audience
  7. 7. NME Contents Page Name of the magazine is using the left third rule, so it is the first thing you spot. It is written using the signature font and colours. List of bands that are in this weeks issue are displayed on the left hand side. They are written in a black font with a white background which is against a red background. This makes the bands list bolder and attracts the reader. It is also a lot clearer for the reader to read A snippet of the main story is displayed on the contents page to give the reader an idea of what’s expected Information about subscription of the magazine is displayed clearly at the bottom of the page with black backing and a yellow and white font. Having this on the contents page may interest the reader Contents are clearly displayed down the right side of the page. Clear subheadings are used for, news, radar, reviews, live, and features. This will help the reader find what they are looking for. The subheadings are written in a bold white font on a black background. In the bottom right hand corner it says “ The UK’s no. 1 gig guide” This reassures the reader that the magazine is the number 1 gig guide. This is in a bold white font against a red background to stand out
  8. 8. NME Double Page Spread Image is displayed on the 1 st page Featured artist name is in a large bold font written across the image Information about the band is at the top of the page Article is written in three columns, with a quote in the middle of the page Set out formally
  9. 9. Q Colour scheme: White black red and a sandy colour Left third and eye flow rule is in place Magazine title is eye-catching and is on the left in a large font with a bold coloured background (signature font, headline) Featured band name is in big black bold writing Free giveaway will attract more people to purchase the magazine, the word free is in a bigger font and will attract people Reasonable price Featured artist has a look of attitude about him, he is holding a guitar which emphasises the music. Fans of the featured band will purchase this magazine Exciting kickers and explanations Kicker and masthead use the same font Formal layout Target audience are older teens-20 +, and musicians the use of the artist holding a guitar shows it is a music magazine the magazine is in a formal style so it caters for an older target audience Masthead and explanation are in a serif style font showing that the magazine is a formal looking magazine which caters for its target audience More people are likely to purchase this magazine because of the artist on the front and because there is a free CD Selling line and list of bands tell the reader about and what's in the magazine
  10. 10. Q Contents Page Name of magazine displayed in top left hand corner, signature font Contents are displayed down the left hand side of the magazine. Subheadings are sans serif fonts, whereas the explanations are serif fonts This issue of Q is an Oasis special, it lets the reader know this, on the left hand side underneath the contents in a gold serif font it says Oasis special At the bottom left hand corner of the page it lets the reader know what is in the magazine every month, this is so that if they wish to purchase the magazine everyone month they will know what’s inside it The featured artist image is displayed across 2/3 of the page to show importance Review of all the latest albums DVDs and CDs are displayed at the bottom of the page .
  11. 11. Q Double Page Spread Featured artist are spread across the 1 st page and a bit of the 2 nd page Pre-introduction of the article is written in black, the featured artist name is written in red to show the importance and to make them stand out Introduction of the article is written in red Born to run is written using the colour scheme of this magazine, this is to attract the reader.
  12. 12. Conclusion – Front Cover Must have a reasonable price. I will take into consideration my target audience when designing my front cover. E.G Kerrang’s front cover layout is very informal compared to Q’s layout. This is because Kerrang is aimed at Pre-teens, whereas Q is aimed at older people. I will stick to a colour scheme of ¾ colours. I will relate this to my target audience too. I will place my main image on the right side of the magazine. This means I will stick to the left third rule and have my text all on the left hand side. The main image will have lots of attitude I will use smaller images with my kickers and explanations to fill space and make the cover look more interesting, which will then attract more people to look at it I will list a number of bands on the front cover that will also be featured in my magazine. This makes my magazine more interesting and let people know what bands will be featured I will use the same fonts for my kickers and explanations keeping it as simple as possible I will use catchy kickers to attract readers My selling line will be catchy I will use Sans serif to keep the magazine informal to cater for my target audience (pre – teens and teens) I will use the bands name as the main kicker, I will make sure it is large and bold
  13. 13. Conclusion – Contents Page I will display my contents on the right side of the page because both of the informal magazine I have looked have done this My main feature will take up some of the page. The kicker will be slightly bigger than the other kickers to show the importance of the main feature My subheadings will stick to the colour scheme of the magazine I will place a subscription box on the contents page I will use interesting shapes to attract the readers I will stick to an informal layout to keep my target audience happy, and I will use more than one image on the contents page I will use grungy fonts to keep my target audience happy