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Analysing Music Magazines


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Analysing Music Magazines

  1. 1. All bands featured in the magazine are at the very top of the page or at the bottom, this is so that they are the first thing that you see on the page also the last thing you see on the page. Title of the magazine is at the top left of the page, this catches the eye of the audience in two ways , one it is the first thing that your eye sees as it is positioned where the human eye naturally looks first, and second the colours of the Title are red, which doesn’t fit in with the house style of the magazine, making it stand out. The lead singer of the band is positioned directly in the centre of the magazine cover; this draws the attention of the reader, as the reader will look directly in the eyes of the subjects. All four of the band members are holding their instruments, this may be because they want to express the genre of music they represent which is folk, hence the banjo guitar and the accordion. Also the background of the magazine is very natural this fits in with the country folk music genre as well. Golden line, attracts the attention of the audience using powerful language such as ‘revolutionizing’ makes the reader want to find out how they are revolutionizing music. A lure is included on the magazine cover, by putting a celebrity tribute on the front page the reader wants to find out what made him an ‘underground icon’.
  2. 2. The sharks on this front cover connote danger this then makes the reader realise that the subject (in this case Shakira) is dangerous or has a dangerous attitude or even no fear. The masthead on this magazine is blocked by the subject, this connotes that the magazine “Rolling stone” is confident that the reader knows the name of their magazine. The sharks on the front cover are predators this connotes that shakira is a predator and the way she is dressed perhaps suggests she is a sexual predator. The colour pallet on the front cover is overall very plain and boring, but the colours used on the subject make her stand out to the reader, this is used because she has a successful music career and this is a successful music magazine. A lure is used in the top right hand corner of the magazine cover, it is in the position because it is the first thing you read after the mast head of the magazine, also it obstructs the mast head forcing you to read the lure. The bar code is positioned at the bottom left of the page as it is not important to the reader.
  3. 3. The Subject is very dominant on this cover, this may be because Florence has a very dominant voice when it comes to singing this subverts our understanding as men are stereotypically more dominant. Florence’s hair colour on the magazine cover is very vibrant, this is because she is known for having both a very powerful voice and image and both those attributes come across well on this magazine cover. The rest of the colours used on the pallet are dull for example her face is very pale, this is to make her hair appear even more dynamic than normal. There is a lure at the top right hand corner of the magazine cover, by mentioning that this issue is part of a special edition series of magazine, it attracts the reader to what makes this issue so different from the standard issues. This lure is positioned here as it appears directly after the mast head making it the second thing the reader sees. The subjects name is made very apparent to the reader this is because Florence is a very popular singer, it is made to stand out as the text colour and font are different to the rest of the cover. This quote is placed on the front cover as X Factor is a very well recognised music T.V programme and Florence believes that she would have not of made it through the auditions, this makes the reader question this as Florence is a very accomplished singer. The Bar code is positioned at the bottom right of the page and barely visible as it is not important to the reader.
  4. 4. This contents page includes a Band index to indicate to the reader which bands are included in the magazine. NME also includes a house style icon, this is so that the reader gets to know the magazines trademark. A news section is very important for a reader of a music magazine as they want to be informed of what is new in the world of music. A reviews section presents the reader with professional feedback on some of the newest bands. A live section gives the reader an opportunity to see live photos and opinions of gigs and concerts. NME presents the biggest or most important factor of the magazine in the centre of the page and with the biggest text and largest picture. A contents page offers a chance to advertise the magazine for example subscriptions to the magazine, it is positioned under the largest text so the readers eyes naturally notice it, also it is highlighted by yellow text and a black backdrop, the yellow text appears nowhere else on the page so it is more noticeable. The date is placed underneath the largest text on the page the date is also highlighted with contrasting colours, for example white text on a black backdrop. The gig guide is not only highlighted by alliteration and with a red background but it is positioned where the reader places their thumb to turn the page so it is inevitable to not be seen.
  5. 5. It is made clear to the reader which bands feature in this weeks magazine. Editorial profile written with a friendly tone, it is very informative to the reader, it is signed by the editor to make the magazine more personal to the reader. A contents to inform the reader what is in the magazine for example live reviews and album reviews. Biggest bands are made noticeable with pictures, as pictures are naturally more interesting to look at. Kerrang have placed a box in the bottom right hand corner of the contents page to advertise their magazine by offering to deliver Kerrang to your door. It is placed where it is as the bottom right hand corner because it is where you place your hand to turn the page.
  6. 6. Q magazine have included their logo on the contents page for house style, this is so the reader gets to know the logo so whenever they see it they get reminded of the magazine. Useful bits of information like the date are highlighted with contrasting colours in the top right hand corner. The magazine’s website is located underneath the date and issue number, this is to make it more noticeable to the reader, it is also highlighted with contrasting colours. Contents is included to inform reader of what is included in the issue, headed by a red title which matches the Q logo. Q magazine have included an “Oasis special” because Oasis is a very successful band and people want to know what they are up to. Reviews from professional critics so readers can get opinions on their favourite music artists.
  7. 7. The target audience is made very clear on this double page spread, it not only uses the word “teenagers” but it uses quite an unusual colour to highlight it, electric blue appeals more to a younger audience. Elements of the house style is shown on this double page spread, it also uses this to highlight the NME website. By using language like “need” the reader feels inclined to read this section and find out more. By using language such as “everyone’s talking about” the reader feels they need to read this section to find out what everyone’s talking about and to feel included. Big, famous bands are included in this section, this is also another pull factor for the reader, they are highlighted with contrasting colours.
  8. 8. By placing an accomplished female singer on the page, the reader is intently intrigued. This quote was used because it shows how Lily Allen is independent and doesn’t care what other people think, the font has mixed upper case and lower case this also connotes informality and a sense of not caring what people think. More information is included underneath the quote so reader wants to find out more of Lily Allen’s statements and views. Drop capital draws attention to the article. Stand first used as a lure as it includes information that makes the reader read on. Lily Allen’s name is highlighted in red to reiterate to the reader who the article is about.
  9. 9. It is instantly made clear to the reader who this article about as there is a large picture of Pink. Q magazines logo is included for house style, it is positioned in the bottom right hand corner because it is where the reader looks to turn the page. Drop capital is used to lure readers into the article. By including a photo of Pink smiling it makes the reader feel happy because we all love a smile. Quote from article to lure the reader to reader more. The layout of this double page spread is very simple and straight forward. The image is the main focal point and this grabs the readers’ attention.