The royal exchange amber and sarah


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The royal exchange amber and sarah

  1. 1. BY:Amber Sarah
  2. 2. An introduction• The Royal Exchange Theatre is a Victorian building in Manchester,England. It is located in the heart of the city centre.• There has glass dome that squats within the buildings Great wall. It is a pure theatre in the round in which the stage area is surrounded on all sides. There has a lot of famouse starts pictures on the wall and has grand marble pillar.
  3. 3. An introduction• The deepest impression to us is the ancient board on the wall. We think it stands for the history about The Royal Exchange Theatre
  4. 4. History• We knew the history about it when we had found the informations on the Internet.• It was built near the present site in 1792.• It replaced by a second,larger exchange constructed between 1806 and 1809.• It enlarged between 1847 and 1849.• The building was extended and modified between 1914 and 1931.• Unfortunately, it was seriously damaged during The World War II.
  5. 5. History• The building remained empty until 1973 when it was used to temporarily house a theatre company.• Due to it, in 1976 The Royal Exchange Theatre was found.
  6. 6. Purpose• The building was a exchange place for people to trade before it was damaged.• It became to a theatre for people to enjoy the show when the building had been repaired.• Nowadays, it is a famous hotel and a place to have rest, as well as theatre. If you want, you can drink a cup of coffee while reading a book.Because it has cafe and bookshop inside of the building.
  7. 7. Advice• If you want to feel the history of Manchester, you must not miss it.• Also,it is a good place for you to have a rest.• I think you will enjoy it