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Notes on a selection of presentations and meetings from the 2010 code4lib conference held in Asheville, NC in Feburary.

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  1. 1. code4lib February 22 - 25, Asheville NC
  2. 2. The Conference Site Powerpoint Presentations, PDF’s, etc.
  3. 3. Solr Whitebelt Bess Sadler, Standford, formerly UVA Index: works with your DB or XML engine and helps you find stuff Thorough and comprehensive relevance strategy LibGuides are catalogued/strategy for bringing them up in relevance SolrMARC connector (programatic wrapper for marc4j
  4. 4. cloud4lib Enable development efforts to enhance an entire platform, not just a single product, not just a single installation. Sustainability is the biggest cost of open-source development. There are many pockets of organic development Amazon cloud computing space – for collaboration
  5. 5. cloud4lib The three big things you need: 1. Repository 2. Metadata 3. Discovery
  6. 6. cloud4lib Is: Cloud-based repository Application layer: solr, Blacklight, etc. A service layer Provide options at application layer Easy web-based administration Community
  7. 7. cloud4lib Is not: Hardware WorldCat Free
  8. 8. cloud4lib Next steps: Sign up for accounts Google group Submit use cases Join listserv
  9. 9. Extensible Catalog Project 4 componenets: User Interface: faceting, frbized customized seach interface built on top fo Drupal web application framework for libraries MetaData tools: harvesting and processing large batches of metadata Connectivity Tools: III
  10. 10. Iterative Dev Done Simply Problem What is Agile? What is Scrum? Agile case study: NCSU Libraries Iterative development done simply Challenges