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  • Chef applies well to the cattle model but we’re also using it to handle the pet cases that can’t yet move over due to software limitations. So, they get cloud provisioning but flexible configuration management.
  • Cloud Foundry PaaS
    An application runs in a DEA. The Cloud Controller orchestrates the routing and lifecycle of all DEAs in the pool. Routers manage application traffic. Health Manager reports mismatched application states to the CC. A service gateway provides an interface for services (native or external). A messaging bus manages all system communication. Apps are accessed directly through the router while web and CLI clients (e.g., vmc, STS) access Cloud Controller via RESTful services.
  • Dozens of component types (Cloud Controller, Routers, etc.)
    Components communicate over a message bus
    Most components can have one or more instances
    Components can share a VM or be broken out into separate VMs
    Each deployment can be configured appropriately
    Each Cloud Foundry instance can be deployed differently
    Based on requirements e.g. for capacity and resilience
    Regular updates
    Think of Cloud Foundry itself as a Large, Distributed Application
  • Community and Growth
    Open source stats: 60 public repositories of related projects. 350 forks of the core CloudFoundry project. Growing rapidly.
    Code,  Platform and ISV partners
    ActiveState Community lead for the python framework and support code effort in CloudFoundry. It also builds on top of CloudFoundry with additional ease of use and management features and releases it as Stackato for private clouds. (DHL is currently seriously considering this for their application development paradigm)
    Piston Cloud: Builds its offerings (enterprise grade products for IaaS and PaaS clouds) on top of OpenStack. Its PaaS solution consists of running CloudFoundry on top of OpenStack facilitated by a shim layer called the BOSH CPI which is an opensource project led by Piston Cloud which inherently multiples Cloudfoundry multicloud options.
    AppFog: Community lead for PHP support in Cloudfoundry. Full feature cloud hosting environment (multi cloud capable)
    Joyent : Community lead for Node.js support in CloudFoundry
  • Cloud foundry meetup 12112013

    1. 1. Christopher Ferris, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Cloud Interoperability December11, 2013 Cloud Foundry: The Open Platform as a Service © 2013 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. Pets vs Cattle 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    3. 3. IBM embraces & invests in open source to foster innovation Application Servers Service Oriented Architecture Cloud Computing Systems of Interaction Service Orientation June 1998: IBM enters into an engineering agreement with The Apache Group for development of the open-source Apache HTTP server software eventually becoming the leader of the new Application Server market September 1999: IBM capitalizes on an untapped market trend and begins participating in the community development of Linux with a $60M annual investment 3 Social Business November 2001: IBM rallies 150 influential vendors and the development community around a new tools environment with a $40 Million software donation disrupting the leadership of the software development ecosystem Open Cloud Architecture September 2012: IBM orchestrates the launch of The OpenStack Foundation boasting $10 million in funding and 5,600 members changing the dynamics of the Cloud ecosystem © 2013 IBM Corporation
    4. 4. An open cloud architecture is emerging… built on open technologies OAuth TOSCA OSLC Hardware 4 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    5. 5. Agile Service Composition and Continuous Delivery ITERATE 1 2 Add Monitoring service instance Create app TASK: Create a secure application that analyses sentiment about certain topics in social media Add database service 3 5 6 Extract social media data into database 4 5 Secure the service Add social analytics service © 2013 IBM Corporation
    6. 6. Developer centric platform, marketplace & services in a Cloud Operating Environment Value Capability Fast, automated composition of services Repeatable patterns-of-expertise Deploy and scale applications in seconds OPEN ecosystem of composable services Optimized workload deployment Integration patterns with systems of record TOSCA Cloud Operating Environment API & Integration Services Services & Composition Patterns datastore mobile middleware Services security ops Traditional Workloads Traditional Traditional Workloads Workloads dev Workload definition, Optimization, & Orchestration Workload definition, Optimization, & Orchestration Software Software Defined Defined Environment Environment Hardware 6 Resource Abstraction & Optimization Software Defined Compute Software Defined Storage Software Defined Networking © 2013 IBM Corporation
    7. 7. Why Cloud Foundry, now? Open Cloud Platform Meets Developer’s Needs There is an increasing appetite for cloud-based mobile, social and analytics applications from line-of-business executives drives the need for a more open cloud development platform Focus on app development, not provisioning VMs, databases, messaging servers, etc Agile development model Deploy and scale in seconds 7 Compelling Community Cloud Foundry has a compelling community and emerging ecosystem as well as a mature set of capabilities and robustness © 2013 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. Cloud Foundry Architecture 8 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. Cloud Foundry Components Cloud Foundry PaaS Router User Authentication and Authorization Cloud Controller Health Manager Service Gateway Apps Service Nodes Service Connector Cloud Foundry services registry and runtime management layer. Components are dynamically discoverable and loosely coupled, exposing health through HTTP endpoints so agents can collect state and act on it. Build Packs Messaging DEA Pool Cloud Foundry BOSH Public Clouds 9 Private Clouds Micro Clouds © 2013 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Running Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry BOSH Deploys and manages large scale distributed systems. Continuous and predictive updates with minimal downtime. Router UAA Health Manager Cloud Controller Service Gateway Apps Service Nodes Service Connector Build Packs Messaging DEA Pool It includes interfaces for vSphere, vCloud, AWS and OpenStack. Additional CPI can be written for alternative IaaS providers. Cloud Foundry BOSH Cloud Provider Interface Public Clouds 10 Private Clouds Micro Clouds © 2013 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. Fostering the Cloud Foundry community The open platform as a service providing a faster and easier way to develop, test, deploy and scale apps TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS 863 COMMUNITY PRIORITIES Average per month 2013 average: 133 12mo average: 98 Lifetime average: 58 ADVISORY BOARD LINES OF CODE • Feedback on the Cloud Foundry roadmap • Advise on daily operations, community assets • Guidance on the Cloud Foundry charter: scope, definition of cloud profiles • Planning for semi-annual Platform Conference 568k PULL REQUESTS • Establish a Cloud Foundry Governance Structure • Name an advisory board of 5-8 founding members • Expand the governance structure to support the broad partner ecosystem • Increase transparency • Enable and encourage participation PUBLIC REPOSITORIES ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS 50+ 11 133+ 7 IBM, Piston, Savvis, Intel, ActiveState, CloudCredo, Stark & Wayne © 2013 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. PlatformCF Conference Sept 8, 2013 12 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    13. 13. Open governance is a catalyst for accelerating the ecosystem Principle: Governance by contribution • Balances inclusiveness of decision making processes with overall project velocity • Active committers have the most day-to-day influence • Representation in governing body as a function of active contribution levels Information Exchange & contributions Community Branding Guidelines Public issue trackers & bug reports Community Contribution Guidelines Community Advisory Board Community home Community ownership of Cloud Foundry assets Extending governance by contribution Open development model goals 13 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    14. 14. Progress towards a more open governance model • • • Community Advisory Board Announced (Sept 9) Lack of transparency, scattered issue management • Unpublished PR process, review criteria and tools • • No incubator process Pull Requests languishing • • • • • • • • • 14 Community Advisory Board Established Open CF Project Story Trackers (partial) Open Inception Process (TBA) Published PR process Contribution guideline/criteria and tools re-launched, to be subsumed into (partial) Incubator process established Community pair added, processing 50+ PRs/week Hybrid pairing established © 2013 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. WebSphere Liberty Buildpack is freely available for developers! WebSphere Liberty Buildpack Want to get started today on BlueMix? •Contact jStart: •Or visit us at: What is IBM BlueMix? IBM BlueMix leverages Cloud Foundry to enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage their cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks Want to collaborate on Cloud Foundry? •Contact: Todd Moore ( •Contact: Chris Ferris ( Contributed to open source Cloud Foundry community Visit our developer community at How Does it Work? IBM will provide services and runtimes into the ecosystem based on their extensive software portfolio The Buildpack for IBM WebSphere Liberty is freely available for developers        15 WebSphere Liberty is IBM’s premiere, lightweight container for Java applications Designed for the cloud to maximum performance, security, and scale More than a servlet container – as much Java EE Web Profile as your application needs Composable runtime for easy addition/removal of features including popular open source Enhanced performance via the IBM Java SDK Integrated with eclipse tools for rapid development and test Production extensions for elastic caching, analytics and, advanced programming models © 2013 IBM Corporation
    16. 16. Cloud Foundry Coverage in our Blogs 16 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    17. 17. IBM is delivering an integrated, enterprise class cloud stack based on an open and ecosystem rich approach External ecosystems around open source platforms OAuth Open data services Open API communities Open source for undifferentiated OpenShift service fabric Open source utilities provide access to developer communities Hardware TOSCA Resource Abstraction & Optimization OSLC Software Defined Compute 17 Add-on services based on popular open source software Software Defined Storage Software Defined Networking © 2013 IBM Corporation
    18. 18. Get started, today… Learn & engage Take a test drive IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator BETA 18 Project ICAP Technology Preview © 2013 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. Join the Community: 19 © 2013 IBM Corporation
    20. 20. App Push Flow 20 © 2013 IBM Corporation