Breitburn Energy Winwire V4 (2)


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Customer Testemonial utilizing Pragmatic Works

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Breitburn Energy Winwire V4 (2)

  1. 1. Win Wire BreitBurn Energy October 2009 Business Problem BreitBurn Energy Partners is an independent oil and gas limited partnership, focused on the acquisition, exploitation and development of hundreds of oil and gas properties. After extensive company growth, an accounting system consolidation in 2009, and rapidly changing commodity prices BreitBurn was left with a P&L tool that no longer met the needs of the company. The existing P&L reports were restrictive and only available after hours of manual data extracts, summarization, and “Senior management formatting into fixed, Excel based, reports. Overall the process had a negative feeling was inefficient, laborious, and was not able to answer all the towards Data questions presented by Operations. C-Level management Warehousing based on requested a better, more flexible BI solution. their prior experience and feedback from Mike Dominick, Manager of Systems Integration and Development, peers. The Pragmatic determined that a SQL Server 2008 data warehouse based BI Works „Agile BI‟ solution would deliver the best results and provide long term methodology helped us benefits. But first he needed to get his team up the BI learning show results after a curve and show solid results to the management team early in the week and deliver a investment cycle for the project. production BI solution in under 4 months.” Mike Dominick, BreitBurn Energy Solution Pragmatic Works provided a one week, onsite “Business Intelligence Quick Start” engagement in late June to build a proof of concept Data Warehouse, and mentor the Breitburn technical team on using the Microsoft BI stack technologies. During July through September the BreitBurn team continued working on the project. In August the Pragmatic Works BI Consultant returned for a one week “Sprint” engagement to continue mentoring the team and work on the more difficult BI issues. A final week of reporting assistance in September pushed the project across the finish line for BreitBurn. The new Data Warehouse based property P&L reports were rolled out to business users in October, less than 4 months after the project started.
  2. 2. Page 2 Win Wire – BreitBurn Energy Value Key elements of the value proposition for Breitburn Energy were: KEYS TO SUCCESS  Pragmatic Works:  Shorter time to value o BI Quick Start  Lower cost to value for mentoring and  Flexible P&L reporting now available to users on demand Proof of Concept  Increased level of reporting detail o Sprint week to  Hours of manual summarization eliminated drive project towards finish  BreitBurn team is now equipped to complete BI solutions line rapidly for additional business problems  Microsoft Business  The project flushed out, and addressed, data and Intelligence nomenclature inconsistencies so that future projects will technologies: proceed even more quickly. o SSIS  Rapid delivery of this initial BI application with C-level o SSAS visibility has established credibility for the Microsoft SQL o SSRS 2008 BI stack technology and the Breitburn BI team for future projects For additional information contact: Sam Washburn, Technical Director, Pragmatic Works Consulting. +1.617.326.3846,