Persuasion: herding the digital sheep

Thomas Vande Casteele
Thomas Vande CasteeleEntrepreneur at indio
PERSUASION,[object Object],Herding the digital sheep,[object Object],“,[object Object],… best presentation in years!  ,[object Object],Someguy, Slideshare,[object Object]
1. The Theory,[object Object]
Life = makingchoices,[object Object]
more information,[object Object],=,[object Object],more difficult to choose,[object Object]
more choiceavailable,[object Object],=,[object Object],more difficult to choose,[object Object]
Duringevolution, ,[object Object],man has developed,[object Object],semi-automaticreactions to help,[object Object],himmakechoices,[object Object],Must. Buy. ,[object Object],Stuff. Online.,[object Object]
Someguywe’ll mention at the,[object Object],end of the presentationboiledit,[object Object],down to 6 BASIC PRINCIPLES,[object Object]
Reciprocity,[object Object],Scarcity,[object Object],Liking,[object Object],Authority,[object Object],Social Proof,[object Object],Commitment/Consistency,[object Object]
1. RECIPROCITY,[object Object],« you scratch my back,,[object Object],I’ll scratch yours  »,[object Object]
Use reciprocity to givethingsaway,[object Object],for free and people will return,[object Object]
Do youconsidergoing back when,[object Object],yougotsomething for free?,[object Object]
Do youconsidergoing back when,[object Object],yougotsomething for free?,[object Object]
Do youconsidergoing back when,[object Object],yougotsomething for free?,[object Object]
People are inclined to return,[object Object],favorsyou have donethem,[object Object]
What do you do when,[object Object],someonefollowsyou on twitter?,[object Object]
If youjustread a good article and the,[object Object],authorasksyou to promoteit, willyou?,[object Object]
Chances are you’realreadygiving,[object Object],stuffaway for free,[object Object]
Free newsletter,[object Object],Free RSS feed,[object Object],Free tutorials,[object Object],Free tips,[object Object],Free webinar/podcast,[object Object],Free software,[object Object],Free trial,[object Object],…,[object Object]
Askyourusers/visitors to promote,[object Object],your content in return for whattheyget,[object Object]
2. SCARCITY,[object Object],We all love a good,[object Object],stampede,[object Object]
Whensomethingisscarce,,[object Object],people automaticallyperceiveit,[object Object],as more valuable,[object Object]
Persuasion: herding the digital sheep
« …createdscarcityaround a virtual,[object Object],good and thatcreatesbuzz. »,[object Object]
Scarcityisparticularly effective,[object Object],in e-commerceenvironments,[object Object]
Scarcity in time,[object Object]
Scarcity in amount,[object Object]
« Triple Whammy »,[object Object],Limited access,[object Object],Limited time,[object Object],Limited stock,[object Object]
3. LIKING,[object Object],Everdenied a request,[object Object],from a friend?,[object Object]
If people likeyou, ,[object Object],they’llbe back,[object Object]
Problem: they’re not talking to you,,[object Object],they’relookingat a computer screen,[object Object]
Put a face on youractivity,[object Object]
Use handwriting,,[object Object],it’shuman,[object Object],Are weseeingreciprocityhere?,[object Object],You consume his content, heasks,[object Object],you to check out the banner,[object Object],Fair deal or fair deal?,[object Object]
« The doctorsaidso »,[object Object],4. AUTHORITY,[object Object]
Establishingauthoritymakesit,[object Object],easy for people to chooseyou,[object Object],over the next attention sucker,[object Object]
Endorsementfrominfluencers,[object Object]
Endorsementfrom experts/users,[object Object]
Once yourauthorityisestablished,,[object Object],youcanstartrolling,[object Object]
5. SOCIAL PROOF,[object Object],We are all sheep,[object Object]
In a world of everincreasing,[object Object],information, werely on otherpeople’s,[object Object],choices to makeourown,[object Object]
Fromreviews to reviews of reviews,[object Object]
Ninja Squirrelswatched,[object Object],496,663 times? ,[object Object],That must be good, right?,[object Object]
6. COMMITMENT/CONSISTENCY,[object Object],The moment youdecide on something,,[object Object],You startconvincingyourselfit’s the right choice,[object Object]
People want to beengaged,[object Object],makeit as easy as possible for them,[object Object]
Security OK in header,[object Object],loweringthreshhold,[object Object]
Why shop with us?,[object Object],feed the masses,[object Object]
love yourselection,[object Object],easy online site,[object Object],delivery out of this world,[object Object],Didwe mention « triple whammy »?,[object Object]
Combine theseelements,[object Object],to herd the digital sheep,[object Object]
The logo: liking,[object Object],Scarcity,[object Object],Scarcity,[object Object],Social proof + authority: « nr 1 »,[object Object],Social proof,[object Object],Scarcity,[object Object],Appealing to childhood: liking,[object Object]
Liking (handwriting) + commitment (free),[object Object],In one place – easy – instant : loweringthreshhold to increasecommitment,[object Object],Social Proof,[object Object],Authority,[object Object]
Social Proof (3 million) +,[object Object],Commitment (simple way),[object Object],Authority,[object Object],Liking + Authority + Social Proof,[object Object],Authority,[object Object],Liking,[object Object]
This presentation,[object Object],Would not have been possible,[object Object],without,[object Object],Robert Cialdini,[object Object],Read hiswidelyacclaimed book ,[object Object],INFLUENCE, I personallyrecommendit,[object Object]
I’m Thomas,[object Object],This isactually one of the first pictureswhengooglingmyname – don’task,[object Object],I  do e-commerce:,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object],and others…,[object Object],If youlikedthispresentation, pleasefollow me:,[object Object],,[object Object]
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