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Persuasion: herding the digital sheep


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6 principles of Persuasion that will change your life... and that of your visitors.

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  • What I love about 'persuasive architecture' is that it's your top sales person and you can completely focus your efforts on her to maximize sales. NO trainees that need to start from zero each time, NO salesteam that needs repetitive trainings, NO HR turnover and tacit knowledge departing to competitors.

    In return, the hard part is giving her different faces appealing to multiple needs, evolving desires and diverging surfing behaviors & entry points. Looking at it from that perspective, E-commerce maturity does require constant learning, paint-overs and new influences. Being it the 31st of December, it is my hope to see more evolution on the latter aspect next year; How can we transform this optimized sales machine into a multifaced flexible personality?
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Persuasion: herding the digital sheep

  1. PERSUASION<br />Herding the digital sheep<br />“<br />… best presentation in years!  <br />Someguy, Slideshare<br />
  2. 1. The Theory<br />
  3. Life = makingchoices<br />
  4. more information<br />=<br />more difficult to choose<br />
  5. more choiceavailable<br />=<br />more difficult to choose<br />
  6. Duringevolution, <br />man has developed<br />semi-automaticreactions to help<br />himmakechoices<br />Must. Buy. <br />Stuff. Online.<br />
  7. Someguywe’ll mention at the<br />end of the presentationboiledit<br />down to 6 BASIC PRINCIPLES<br />
  8. Reciprocity<br />Scarcity<br />Liking<br />Authority<br />Social Proof<br />Commitment/Consistency<br />
  9. 1. RECIPROCITY<br />« you scratch my back,<br />I’ll scratch yours  »<br />
  10. Use reciprocity to givethingsaway<br />for free and people will return<br />
  11. Do youconsidergoing back when<br />yougotsomething for free?<br />
  12. Do youconsidergoing back when<br />yougotsomething for free?<br />
  13. Do youconsidergoing back when<br />yougotsomething for free?<br />
  14. People are inclined to return<br />favorsyou have donethem<br />
  15. What do you do when<br />someonefollowsyou on twitter?<br />
  16. If youjustread a good article and the<br />authorasksyou to promoteit, willyou?<br />
  17. Chances are you’realreadygiving<br />stuffaway for free<br />
  18. Free newsletter<br />Free RSS feed<br />Free tutorials<br />Free tips<br />Free webinar/podcast<br />Free software<br />Free trial<br />…<br />
  19. Askyourusers/visitors to promote<br />your content in return for whattheyget<br />
  20. 2. SCARCITY<br />We all love a good<br />stampede<br />
  21. Whensomethingisscarce,<br />people automaticallyperceiveit<br />as more valuable<br />
  22. « …createdscarcityaround a virtual<br />good and thatcreatesbuzz. »<br />
  23. Scarcityisparticularly effective<br />in e-commerceenvironments<br />
  24. Scarcity in time<br />
  25. Scarcity in amount<br />
  26. « Triple Whammy »<br />Limited access<br />Limited time<br />Limited stock<br />
  27. 3. LIKING<br />Everdenied a request<br />from a friend?<br />
  28. If people likeyou, <br />they’llbe back<br />
  29. Problem: they’re not talking to you,<br />they’relookingat a computer screen<br />
  30. Put a face on youractivity<br />
  31. Use handwriting,<br />it’shuman<br />Are weseeingreciprocityhere?<br />You consume his content, heasks<br />you to check out the banner<br />Fair deal or fair deal?<br />
  32. « The doctorsaidso »<br />4. AUTHORITY<br />
  33. Establishingauthoritymakesit<br />easy for people to chooseyou<br />over the next attention sucker<br />
  34. Endorsementfrominfluencers<br />
  35. Endorsementfrom experts/users<br />
  36. Once yourauthorityisestablished,<br />youcanstartrolling<br />
  37. 5. SOCIAL PROOF<br />We are all sheep<br />
  38. In a world of everincreasing<br />information, werely on otherpeople’s<br />choices to makeourown<br />
  39. Fromreviews to reviews of reviews<br />
  40. Ninja Squirrelswatched<br />496,663 times? <br />That must be good, right?<br />
  41. 6. COMMITMENT/CONSISTENCY<br />The moment youdecide on something,<br />You startconvincingyourselfit’s the right choice<br />
  42. People want to beengaged<br />makeit as easy as possible for them<br />
  43. Security OK in header<br />loweringthreshhold<br />
  44. Why shop with us?<br />feed the masses<br />
  45. love yourselection<br />easy online site<br />delivery out of this world<br />Didwe mention « triple whammy »?<br />
  46. Combine theseelements<br />to herd the digital sheep<br />
  47. The logo: liking<br />Scarcity<br />Scarcity<br />Social proof + authority: « nr 1 »<br />Social proof<br />Scarcity<br />Appealing to childhood: liking<br />
  48. Liking (handwriting) + commitment (free)<br />In one place – easy – instant : loweringthreshhold to increasecommitment<br />Social Proof<br />Authority<br />
  49. Social Proof (3 million) +<br />Commitment (simple way)<br />Authority<br />Liking + Authority + Social Proof<br />Authority<br />Liking<br />
  50. This presentation<br />Would not have been possible<br />without<br />Robert Cialdini<br />Read hiswidelyacclaimed book <br />INFLUENCE, I personallyrecommendit<br />
  51. I’m Thomas<br />This isactually one of the first pictureswhengooglingmyname – don’task<br />I do e-commerce:<br /><br /><br /><br />and others…<br />If youlikedthispresentation, pleasefollow me:<br /><br />