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Rebels at Work: Mistakes and the All Important 3R's

Rocking the boat and creating change at work? Here are common mistakes and ways to be much more successful.

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Rebels at Work: Mistakes and the All Important 3R's

  1. 1. Rocking the Boat without Falling Out:! Mistakes & the All Important 3R’s! Lois Kelly! SIM Boston! Nov. 17, 2016! @LoisKelly! @RebelsAtWork!
  2. 2. Value and obstacles! 6 Rebel mistakes! The all important 3R’s! 3!
  3. 3. TROUBLEMAKER! REBEL! Problems! Possibilities! Complain! Create! Me-focused! Mission-focused! Pessimist! Optimist! Energy-sapping! Energy-creating! Alienate! Attract! Alone! Together! @RebelsatWork!
  4. 4. 5!
  5. 5. Organizations with people from vastly different backgrounds and life experiences outperform groups of like- minded people.! ! Scott Page! Professor, complex solutions, political science & economics! University of Michigan! 6!
  6. 6. What if you were 5% more effective ! in creating change?!
  7. 7. OBSTACLES! ! Psychological safety! Conformity! Command & control mindset! How to create change! 8!
  8. 8. ! 1.  When someone makes a mistake, it is often held against him or her.! 2.  It is easy to discuss difficult issues and problems.! ! 3.  People are sometimes rejected for being different.! ! 4.  It is completely safe to take a risk.! ! 5.  It is difficult to ask other members of this team for help. ! ! 6.  Members of this team value and respect each others' contributions! Which best describes your work environment?! Source: Dr. Amy Edmonson, Harvard Business School
  9. 9. REBEL MISTAKE #1! Not prioritizing ideas! 11!
  10. 10. Low! Medium! High! How much value would this idea provide?! ! Does it support my organization’s goals?! ! Do I believe it’s possible?! ! Will other people support it?! ! How much do I want to do it?! ! IS THE IDEA WORTH YOUR EFFORT?! 12!
  11. 11. REBEL MISTAKE #2! Going solo! 13!
  12. 12. 14! SWIM DOWN TOGETHER! ! Idea gets better! Taken more seriously! Energy from relationships! Avoid management backlash! !
  13. 13. REBEL MISTAKE #3! Failing the pitch meeting! 15!
  14. 14. WHAT! Show what’s at stake.! Grab rational and emotional attention; connect to strong desires and/or fears. ! SO WHAT! Paint a picture of what could be.! ! Make the status quo unappealing, and the future enticing. ! NOW WHAT! Show the idea can work.! ! People support ideas they think are likely to succeed. ! 16!
  15. 15. Have a call to action Frame in positive, engaging way Start with a verb Examples: Take Down the Siloes Say Yes to No-MeeDng Fridays Cut the Jargon, Talk Like a Human
  16. 16. REBEL MISTAKE #4! Raising manager’s anxiety!
  17. 17. SCARF MODEL! How can I minimize threat? ! Connect to reward?! STATUS! Relative importance to others! CERTAINTY! Being able to predict future! AUTONOMY! Sense of control over events! REALATEDNESS! Sense of safety with others! FAIRNESS! Perception of fair exchanges between people! SOURCE: David Rock, NeuroLeadership InsDtute
  18. 18. RESPONSE! REAL MEANING! REBEL! RESPONSE! There are no resources! It’s not a priority! Acknowledge it’s not a priority! It’s too risky! Desire for certainty! Small steps; experiment! Where’s the ROI?! How will we know it’s working?! Show measures! Let’s develop some consensus! Uncertain of its merits! Who and then what! That’s not our dept.’s concern! I hate politics, working bureaucracy! Show link to dept. goals, rewards! 20!
  19. 19. REBEL MISTAKE #5! Blowing important conversations!
  20. 20. How to Ruin a Really Good Idea
  21. 21. UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS! ! Plan conversation: Desired outcome! Ease anxiety:! ! !Name emotion, slow down! Specify:! ! ! ! !Desired behavior, action ! Context:! ! ! ! !How it connects w/ goals! Connect: ! ! ! !Ask for advice, clarify ! ! ! ! ! ! ! resistance! Agree: ! ! ! ! !Best next step! !
  22. 22. REBEL MISTAKE #6! Ignoring personal danger signals! 24!
  23. 23. COMMON MISTAKES! ! 1.  Not prioritizing ideas! 2.  Going solo! 3.  Failing pitch meeting! 4.  Raising manager’s anxiety! 5.  Blowing important conversations! 6.  Ignoring personal danger signals!
  24. 24. 26! REBEL 3R’S! ! Reframe! Resilience! Relationships!
  25. 25. @LoisKelly! 27!
  26. 26. 28! ! REFRAME! I’m so excited!! !
  27. 27. 29! RESILIENCE! Capacity to adapt to stress or loss healthfully.! ! Resilience isn’t a trait that people either have or don’t have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.! ! Resilience is a choice.!
  28. 28. Confidence! Self-esteem! Optimism! RESILIENCE PRACTICE! Recognize & Use Character Strengths! ! 77% of employees say they are flourishing, engaged, able to make things happen at work.! ! 71% of employees who believe their managers can name their strengths feel engaged and energized by their work. !  ! VIA InsDtute on Character
  29. 29. 24 Universal Character Strengths! Creativity ! Curiosity ! Judgment ! Love of Learning! Perspective ! Bravery ! Perseverance ! Honesty! ! Zest ! Love/ relationships ! Kindness ! Social Intelligence! Teamwork ! Fairness ! Leadership ! Forgiveness! ! Humility ! Prudence ! Self- Regulation ! Gratitude! Appreciation of Beauty/ Excellence! Hope ! Humor ! Spirituality! !
  30. 30. “The more people surrounding us who are kind, or curious, or full of hope, the greater our own likelihood of acting in these ways. ! ! All are winners when someone acts in accordance with his or her strengths and virtues."!
  31. 31. RELATIONSHIPS LOVE THY WORK MATES Expressing gratitude improves people’s self-worth and likelihood of helping one another.! ! It is THE most sustainable motivator at work.!
  33. 33. FREE RESOURCES!! @RebelsAtWork!!! ! 1-DAY MASTER CLASSES! Creating positive change Developing team resiliency ! !! @LoisKelly!