From Blog to Business: turning your hobbies into your career


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How to turn your hobbies into your career: a guide to starting a blog based on something you love, and turning it into your job (without all the boring bits...)

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  • Google offered $5.3bn in November 2010
  • From Blog to Business: turning your hobbies into your career

    1. 1. From Blog toBusinessTurning your hobbies into your careerLizzie Fane,
    2. 2. My business…
    3. 3. Being your own bossPROS•Independence – freedom to make big decisions•Entrepreneurial, challenging and creative•Learn a HUGE range of transferable skills very quickly•You can start while you’re at university!CONS•Irregular hours•Little pay (if any!) at the start•Uncertain future (You have time for breakfast!)
    4. 4. Start a company?! Me?THE TRADITIONAL WAY:•Spot a problem that affects a lot of people•Solve it creativelyANOTHER WAY:•Take a step back and look at your degree choice•What are your hobbies and interests?•Start telling people about them!
    5. 5. STEP 1Find something you’re passionate about. e.g.
    6. 6. STEP 2Start writing, reviewing, photographing and (even better)videoing.You’re amassing content!
    7. 7. STEP 3Think of a good (brand) name.•Witty•Memorable•Alliterative•Spellable…•Unique•RELEVANTCheck if the domain name is free on
    8. 8. STEP 4Start a Blog.The most popular ones are:•Blogger•Wordpress•Tumblr
    9. 9. So for Example…Say your passion is food.•Review restaurants/cafes/shops/fairs you visit•Photograph your latest creations•Write about seasonal/controversial/interesting issues•Include jokes, links to blogs/videos you like and cartoons•Note down special offers/discount cards/useful websites•Create a spreadsheet of your favourite food writers’ andbloggers’ web addresses and Twitter usernames (‘handles’)•Try to discover a theme – Vegetarian? Budget? Family?
    10. 10. James Ramsden (Wordpress Blog)•James was already a ‘foodie’ at Exeter•He has a blog, a Facebook page and 4,500 Twitter followers•Through social media he was discovered by The Times and is now a freelance food journalist•He uses social media to promote The Secret Larder Supper Clubwhich he runs with his sister in North London•30 people come to his house every Thursday & pay £30 for athemed 3-course meal•He has just published his first critically-acclaimed cookbook…and so it begins!
    11. 11. STEP 5Self-promotion.•Twitter: Tweet each new post to your followers, communicatewith them about your shared area of interest.•Facebook: Especially for artists and photographers – showcaseyour new work, encourage interaction.•Flickr: Highly engaged community of photographers: great forbuilding your reputation and showing off your portfolio.•YouTube: Create your own YouTube channel and make videoson your theme – you could become your brand; sell yourselfthrough your blog.
    12. 12. STEP 6Monetise.•Content is King!•Money follows the eyeballs!•Once you get a lot of hits, you can get money throughadvertising and affiliate links.AFFILIATE LINKS?Companies give you commission if you sell their products forthem!
    13. 13. How to monetise your blog?• Artists, Photographers, Illustrators: Show off!• Cooks, Bakers: Experiment with recipes and take photos• Craft hobbies (knitting, jewellery-making, etc): Teach!• Music, Travel, Sport fans: Reviews, tips and links: affiliate.
    14. 14. The other end of the scale?
    15. 15. And finally… Good luck! And send me a link when you’re up and running! Twitter: @thirdyearabroad