Toma Clark Haines - The Role of Social Media and Content Building a Luxury Brand


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Toma Clark Haines - The Role of Social Media and Content Building a Luxury Brand

  1. 1. The Role of Social Media and Content Building a Luxury Brand
  2. 2. The Antiques Diva® • I own Europe’s largest antiques touring and buying services company. • We lead one on one customized antique buying tours in 10 countries. • We work with tourists and the trade – antique dealers and interior designers sourcing antiques abroad. • On tour we translate, we negotiate and we liaise buyers with international shippers to help get your goods home sweet home across the pond. • Today we’re going to talk about Toma Clark Haines – Chief Executive Diva The Antiques Diva® & Co European Tours How I turned my Blog into Business.
  3. 3. In The Beginning • To talk about The Role Social Media and Content Building has played in building my business we need to start in the beginning! • Before my blog was born – I lived a life that lead me to discovering my niche! • After I gave up an advertising career to move to Europe I was looking for a career in a suitcase. A friend recommended I read Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way The Artist Way helped to narrow my focus and discover my passions. It helped me to discover the red thread that had run throughout my life.
  4. 4. Blog Into Business • I decided to Write a Book and to promote it The Antiques Diva® blog. • Then 2008 happened… and My Book Didn’t Get Published. I felt like a failure. • But Blog Readers began to email me Asking IF I Would Take Them On Tour • I said YES and it changed my life. • It wasn’t what I planned – it was even bigger. • 5 Years Later I own Europe’s Largest Antiques Touring Company.
  5. 5. LIFE LESSONS LEARNED • Be Open to Opportunity. • You May Plan One Thing For Your Blog – But Life May Hand You a Different Plan. • Don’t Get So Focused on What You’re Doing that You Miss An Opportunity. • Say Yes. Take a Chance. Do something unexpected. • Be Willing to Fail. It’s not how you fall – but how you get back up that counts. • Create a Niche For Your Blog. And Diversify. • Find what makes you unique and explore that opportunity. Expect the Unexpected. Image Chantal Leger
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing My business would not exist today were it not for my blog. I did not set out to build an Antiques Touring Company – I recognized a need and I filled it. Once starting a company I intentionally set about utilizing social media and content building to market my business. Blogging Facebook Twitter Linked In Pinterest Instagram
  7. 7. Luxury Market • Along with deeper pockets, a keen interest in staying up to date and an appetite for luxury lifestyle - Luxury Market Customers spend more time online than the general population. • 15 percent of your followers influence 85 percent of your social media outcomes – from awareness, to advocacy, to conversions. These followers become your brand ambassador and they will drive your business more than any celebrity endorsement. • Be Aspirational. Continually updating your social medias with new content, photos and videos keeps your consumers engaged. It builds a LUST for a product – there is an IDEA one day I will be able to do this.
  8. 8. AD&CO Social Marketing Strategy: The Antiques Diva & Co is the Expert in Sourcing Antiques Abroad. •We know where to go, how to get there, what to buy, and most importantly – how to get it home. Our objective in Social Media is to convey we are the expert. •We post original content on our blog detailing the who, what, when, where and why. •Utilizing Hoot Suite we post external links of curated content on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to educate and inform our clients to be a resource for our fans • One Problem…. Antiques can be perceived as being Boring. I am many things but boring isn’t one of them • As my Brand Image - I am Youthful – I am Modern. And yet I am the New Traditional.
  9. 9. AD&CO Social Marketing Strategy: The Antiques Diva & Co is Lifestyle Oriented. We aren’t just European Antique Shopping Tour Company - we’re European Lifestyle Experts. We go beyond antiques and we regularly post about European Culture, Food, Travel and Design. We create posts that make readers feel they’ve spent the day with The Antiques Diva® Our Social Media Fans are not just booking a tour– they are booking a way of life - The Antiques Diva Lifestyle. A client told me “when I go to Europe with you I feel comfortable”. We NOT ONLY make European Antiques accessible – we make Europe accessible. Use your Social Media Content to Cultivate an Image.
  10. 10. AD&CO Social Marketing Strategy: • We offer an EXCLUSIVE Service– European Buying Tours – but we are INCLUSIVE. • We’re having a great time and we’re inviting our social media fans along for the ride. • Our objective is to be friendly and approachable. • We fastidiously avoid aggressive sales pitches. • A picture says a 1000 words. Our marketing strategy is to show clients what we find on tour, where we’re going, what we’re doing and what we’re buying. • By sharing images we generate sales inquiries organically. After a day of shopping in Italy with Denise McGaha and Tobi Fairley
  11. 11. Blogging Visit our blog • I’ve done everything wrong! And it doesn’t matter. Build it and they will come. • You Shouldn’t Should on Yourself. I’ve seen good bloggers FAIL because they were so worried about what they SHOULD be doing… they weren’t doing what they COULD be doing. • Just Do It. And keep doing it. And then do it some more. Do it. And Do it. And Do it. That is the ONLY WAY to build content. • As Frank Sinatra said, Do It Your Way. Create a Niche. Don’t blog about what everyone else is blogging about. Become known for doing it differently. Niche media sites are growing while mainstream publications bleed readers.
  12. 12. Blogging Visit our blog • As your audience grows, you should increase your content frequency; however, from the beginning, publishing on a consistent schedule will help build loyalty. • Be Consistent. Giving readers something to expect helps them work your blog into their daily or weekly routine. • Be a Maven. Don’t jealously guard your sources and style secrets – share (enough) information to be helpful and keep readers coming back. • Blog By Association. Allowing guest bloggers to post on your blog brings twofold benefits: more content for your blog and new reader exposure for your site. Make strategic partnerships with key bloggers.
  13. 13. Confessions of a Diva Visit our blog BLOG • Growing Pains. As my company has grown – I’ve struggled with how to adjust the tone of my blog to accommodate our growth. • Essentially I write a personality driven blog – but I find over time as I gage my readers wants and needs I have to adapt my content while remaining true to my voice. • I can’t do it alone. In order to grow you have to accept this fact. • I’ve had to ask for help. I grew my company quickly and to the limits of my ability and I recognized I need for help. • Be open to others advice.
  14. 14. Facebook Facebook Facts •More than 60% of Facebook users are over 35 •57% of all American adults use Facebook •64% of Facebook users visit on a daily basis •47% of Facebook users say seeing friends photos is the major reason they use the site •Facebook users tend to point towards “liking” content others have posted and commenting on photos as the activity they most engage •44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends at least 1X a day •29% of Facebook users “like” content several times per day. •31% of Facebook users comment on other people’s photos on a daily basis •15% of Facebook users doing so several times per day. Find My Facebook Page @ The Antiques Diva & Co
  15. 15. Facebook What Time Should You Post on Facebook? Weekdays Friday Sunday 7:00-8:00 am Late afternoon 9pm - Noon to 1:00 3:00- 5:00pm midnight 9:00-11:00pm Utilize Sponsored Posts According to Nielsen 86% of consumers say they trust the advice of their friends more than anything else. When a person interacts with a Facebook Page by liking it or liking something that has been posted on it, their friends may see stories about it in News Feed. Use sponsored stories to increase the likelihood that the person’s friends will see stories about your Page. Find My Facebook Page @ The Antiques Diva & Co
  16. 16. Twitter • Whereas Facebook keeps fans internally engaged, Twitter send fans externally for more information. • Facebook generates client leads and tour booking requests– whereas I make my media and trade contacts through Twitter. • Do not be too far ahead of your audience. • Prioritize where to spend your time. • Use social media planning sites such as Hoot Suite to schedule posts and content.
  17. 17. Pinterest & Instagram • The future of my company is heavily invested in utilizing the Pinterest & Instagram for what I call VISUAL MARKETING • For design bloggers these medias are “no brainers” • Their appeal to a largely female audience is perfect for my demographic. • The network has started limited tests of paid-for "promoted pins" in the US, but all other brand activity is free. • The three most pinned topics on the network are for pictures related to travel, party planning and fashion.