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NextCMS provides a visual, easy-to-use tool to edit, customize the layout of page.

- Splitting the page into containers
- Dragging and dropping widgets to the containers. You can move the widgets between containers
- Setting CSS class or CSS styles to any containers, widgets
- Applying filters to the main content pane or widgets to modify their output
- Allowing cache any widgets on page

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  • i am new to cms and need basic information like how to run it and view it (pages) while running on local host!
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Why NextCMS: Layout Editor

  1. 1. Layout EditorPresent by Nguyen Huu Phuoc, Founder of NextCMS thenextcms@gmail.com
  2. 2.  NextCMS is a content management, built on top of zend framework, dojo toolkit, and jquery It is free and open source software This slide tell you one of many reasons why you should choose NextCMS instead of other one
  3. 3. We need a Layout Editor (or Template Builder, orwhatever you say) which is: Easy to use for both end-users and developers Easy to customize the layout of page
  4. 4. We are going to create a page as the following
  5. 5. Layout is organized by border containers top container center containerbottom container
  6. 6. grid containers: placed inside border containers left column grid container (2 columns) right column
  7. 7. widgets, main content pane: placed inside grid columnmenueditor bread crumbsearch box main contentcategories url shortenerbanners bannersgoogle adsense commentsmenu
  8. 8.  Step 1: Splitting page to border containersMethod 1: right-click on node, choose Insert border container
  9. 9.  Step 1: Splitting page to border containersMethod 2: drag and drop containers
  10. 10.  Step 2: Inserting grid container
  11. 11.  Step 2: Setting the grid columns
  12. 12.  Step 3: Inserting widgetsMethod 1: drag widget and drop on the target column
  13. 13.  Step 3: Inserting widgetsMethod 2: drag widget and drop on the target node
  14. 14.  Step 4: Inserting main content panemain content pane: the main content of page without widgets, such asthe content of article, etc.
  15. 15. Drag and drop widgets/main content pane between gridcolumns
  16. 16. It is also possible to insert tab containers
  17. 17. We need to mofify the content, such as: Replace special characters with emotion icons in the article’s content Replace bad word with pre-defined characters in the article’s content Create a slideshow consisting of all images taken from the article’s content etc.Content modifiers are called as FILTERS
  18. 18.  Applying filters to given element:
  19. 19. Using available and/or additional filters drag and dropto change filter’s position
  20. 20. Example of filter:Slideshow - Showing a slideshow of all images taken from the content
  21. 21. Example of filter:Navigator - Creating a table of content based on headings
  22. 22.  Setting id, class, style attributes for div tags that show layout elements<div class="container top_container" id="topContainer" style="height: 30px; width: 100%"> ...</div>
  23. 23.  Cloning layout by copying ...
  24. 24.  ... and pasting
  25. 25. It is possible to define the layout in a XML file: Template providers can package the template with pre- defined layouts Community can share the layout with each other Administrator can backup and restore the layout
  26. 26. XML structure:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><layout> ...</layout>
  27. 27.  Inserting a border container<layout> <borderContainer region="top"> ... </borderContainer></layout>region: top, bottom, left, right, center
  28. 28.  Inserting a grid container<borderContainer region="center"> <gridContainer> ... </gridContainer></borderContainer>
  29. 29.  Inserting a grid column<gridContainer> <zone cssClass="leftContainer"> ... </zone> <zone cssClass="rightContainer"> ... </zone></gridContainer>
  30. 30.  Inserting a tab container<zone cssClass="rightContainer"> <tabContainer> <gridContainer title="Top viewed"> ... </gridContainer> <gridContainer title="Top commented"> ... </gridContainer> </tabContainer></zone>
  31. 31.  Inserting the main content pane<zone cssClass="leftContainer"> <mainContentPane /></zone>
  32. 32.  Inserting a widget<zone> <widget module="content" name="articles" title="Latest articles"> <params> <param name="data_source"> <value><![CDATA[...]]></value> </param> <param name="template" value="list" /> <param name="limit" value="4" /> <param name="category_id" value="__AUTO__" /> </params> </widget></zone>
  33. 33.  Styling page elements: id, cssClass, cssStyle attributes<borderContainer region="top" id="topContainer"> <gridContainer cssStyle="border: 1px solid #ccc"> <zone cssClass="leftContainer"> <widget module="..." name="..." cssClass="searchBoxContainer"> </widget> </zone> </gridContainer></borderContainer>
  34. 34.  Defining a filter<mainContentPane> <filters> <filter module="util" name="slideshow" /> <filter class="Util_Services_HiddenLink" /> </filters></mainContentPane>
  35. 35.  Importing layout from a XML file
  36. 36.  Exporting layout to a XML file
  37. 37. Customizing the dashboarddashboard: where displays the data you care most Latest unactivated articles/comments Latest unread private messages Uncompleted todo list etc.
  38. 38. Customizing the dashboard
  39. 39. Have you ever wished? Place a poll inside an article’s content Place a photo slideshow at the end of article’s content Place a Google Adsense banners inside an article’s content etc.
  40. 40. Placing any widget at any position of article’s contentExample: inserting a poll inside the content
  41. 41. Example: inserting a poll inside the content
  42. 42. Example: inserting an album at the bottom of content
  43. 43. We listen to you!On social networks twitter.com/thenextcms facebook.com/nextcms youtube.com/thenextcms slideshare.net/thenextcms github.com/thenextcmsEmailthenextcms@gmail.com
  44. 44. nextcms.orgnextcms.tv © 2012 Nguyen Huu Phuoc thenextcms@gmail.com