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Abudant care


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Fictitious start-up non profit business plan.

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Abudant care

  1. 1. Abundant Hope, LLC. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION: BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATION Partners: Nicole Fulk, Jeanette Sario, David Davis, Jhoanna Navarro, Andrew Arcaina
  3. 3. Corporate Description • Abundant Hope is a non-profit organization formed in August of 2009 by three college students, David Davis, Nicole Fulk, and Jeanette Sario. We share a deep concern about homeless children in Los Angeles, California and we hope to change the hearts and minds of the local community to get involved and start a trend in America to really tackle homelessness. According to LAHSA, "Approximately 15% of these, or 10,100 are children under the age of 18[are homeless in LA county]."
  4. 4. Corporate Description Cont'd... • Abundant Hope believes that no child should be left behind nor do they deserve to live a lifestyle in such poor conditions. Together we want to help support those in need by simply providing them with food, clothing, and shelter. In addition to monetary donations, every year we will train up to 10,000 volunteers to aid and help educate the children as well as their families, so that together they can rise above poverty and have a better future.
  5. 5. Business Concept • Abundant Hope will provide a means for food, shelter, medical aid, and education. Our primary means of substantially curbing homelessness will be through public events, activities, and public forum presentations where we will draw advocates from academia, corporations, churches, familes, as we seek to change the "hearts and minds" of society regarding the growing issue of homelessness. • Our target will be children up to the age of 18 • Our primary means of operation will be through monitery donations, and volunteer groups. • We will be based in the homeless area known as Skidd Row the most heavily populated homless are in Los Angeles.
  6. 6. Business Concept • 92% of donation's will go into our operations, 4% will go towards management and general fees and 4% will go towards fundraising. • Our value will be in our ability to cooperate with other organizations as a team and in our vision to engage the citizens of L.A. in the process. We believe our passion to win hearts and minds of the people will set an example for other places who face the same problem. We also want to make sure that future generations are taken care of.
  7. 7. Goals and Objectives • Five Year Plan o By year one, we plan to create a partnership with LAPD and Los Angeles county school district to identify children that may be very close to homelessness or who are currently homeless. We want to be able to help 40% of this newly identified homeless youth population by providing them with either food, clothing, or shelter by this first year. o By year two, we hope to increase donation income by 25% by using networking and our current sources. o By year three, we want to increase our volunteer base by 30% o By year four, we plan to reach out to the parents of the homeless children and help them with job training and placement. o By year five, we hope to actually lower the population of homeless children by 15%.
  8. 8. Board of Trustees • Abundant Hope Board of Trustees manages the disposition and solicitation of donations. The Board is the corporate authority for the Abbundant Hope, LLC. and consists of four trustees: o David Davis o Nicole Fulk o Jeanette Sario o Jhoanna Navarro
  9. 9. Company Logo Logo: Stationery:
  10. 10. Collaboration • We believe that by collaborating with other organizations who share in the same mission: o Los Angeles Mission o Children's Fund of San Bernadino County. o American Red Cross o Los Angeles Times Holiday Campaign o YWAM o Local schools, churches, and volunteer organizations
  11. 11. Target Market • Individual Singles/Families • Corporations • Government • Businesses • Celebrities
  12. 12. • Market Program: o Marketing Team  Our marketing teams job is to seek out corporations who are interested in providing support to our organization  Our team seeks out donations, sponsors, or grants from corporations, foundations, and the government through websites such as.     All cash flow will be stored in a database with the name of the source, contact information, grant amounts, deadlines, follow up, and all other pertinent information is managed by the marketing team. Market Summary
  13. 13. • Market Program: o The marketing team seeks out celebrities who are interested in sponsoring a child or making a donation through advertising and communicating with various agencies  Current projected celebrity donators:  Jennifer Aniston: Ms. Aniston is currently one of the proposed celebrity donators to Abundant Hope  Ms. Aniston has proposed to attend our 2009 Walkathon and to raise $5,000 for Abundant Hope  Following Ms. Aniston's proposal to the 2009 Abundant Hope Walkathon, we received several celebrity money donations from individuals such as Courtney Cox, Selma Hayak, and Ryan Seacrest Market Summary
  14. 14. Advertising • Billboards:
  15. 15. Sponsors and Donators Options • How can they help? o Donations are always welcomed  Money  Clothes  Canned or packaged food o Sponsoring a child  One can choose what amount they would like to spend per month on a child in order to support the child with the services provided by our organization  The sponsors have the option to maintain quarterly updates about the child they are sponsoring
  16. 16. Services Provided Services: • Shelter- Our shelter gives children a place to stay and provides them with safety as well as comfort. Our shelter is filled with trained volunteers to help provide security, supervision, and assistance. • Food- provide children with nourishing healthy meals and snacks throughtout the day. Our mission is to prevent children from starvation and to help revive those who are malnourished back to health.
  17. 17. Services Provided Cont'd... Services: • Health Clinic - To help homeless children who suffer with health problems or disabilities.
  18. 18. Services Provided Cont'd... • Education Center-To give children hope that with education they can grow up to have a better and sucessful future. The money donated helps to provide school supplies for our education center and for those who are already enrolled in school. It is used to buy books for our library in the shelter for the children's reading pleassure, and funds for those who want to go to college in the future. • Play Time- Every child deserves to live a joyful childhood no matter what conditions they are living under. The last thing we want is for them to be traumatized by the poor conditions they are living in, at such a young age. At our shelter we provide playgrounds, sport equipments, fun and creative art activities, and tons of other recreational activities.
  19. 19. Services Provided Cont'd... Fundraisers: • Every year we put together a Walkathon to help feed all starving children in America. Remember it's not how far you walk, it's how far you would go to help provide nourishing food for those children and their family in need of your help. • We also hold our annual county fair in the summer. All profits recieved will help put together a shelther for children who are homeless and to ensure them with safety. • Once every two weeks, we put together a picnic in the park where families can generously donate money, food, clothing, toiletries, toys, school supplies, and any other necessites to those in need. Families in need are invited to join the picnic, where the generous gift provided are then distributed and receive with love and gratitude.
  20. 20. Risks and Rewards • Risks: o Potential low donor money o Potential low government/state aid o Potential low public participation • Rewards: o Exceeded donor money o Exceeded federal/state aid o Greater number of homeless served. o High public participation/awareness.
  21. 21. Key Issues • Near term o Initial Funding to get the program off its feet. o Collaborating/Marketing with other agencys. o Spreading the word • Long term o Income/Expenditure balance with tough economy. o First couple years will be running lean to ensure we can get whatever aid we have into the hands of the children. o If our expenses exceed our income for three consecutive months see government aid immediately.
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