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Enterprise 3.0 new

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE 3.0 A look at what the consumer of the future is compelling the industry to change todayBFSI | TELECOM | HEALTHCARE | AUTO25th -26th FEB 2011 | HERITAGE VILLAGE, MANESAR
  2. 2. The consumer of 2020 will be highly informed, demanding, impatient and environmentally conscious.He will compel a new, radically different ownership and transacting experience ENTERPRIS 3.0
  3. 3. The consumer as the change agentThe vehicle of 2020 will be a The bank of 2020 will be incommunications wonder. As AUTO BFSI the middle of a farm or at ananother node of internet, it urban slum transactingwill connect with other billions of rupees through avehicles, transportation retina scan or voiceinfrastructure, homes, recognitionbusinesses and othersourcesThe hospital of 2020 will be The phone of 2020 will notat your home. It will give you be a phone! It will be yourreal time access to all your thought…. It will integratehealth reports and also your car, home security,monitor health of your bank account, photographs,family and movies HEALTHCARE TELECOM ENTERPRIS 3.0
  4. 4. Enterprise 3.0• Enterprise 3.0 is a forward looking conference which invites leading CIOs of the country from 4 sectors – Auto, Healthcare, BFSI and Telecom – to discuss how technology will transform consumer experience going forward• The 2-day offsite will have focused discussions for each sector on sector-specific topics and the one thing that brings these sectors together …. the ever changing consumer ENTERPRIS 3.0
  5. 5. Imperatives for BFSI & Telecom• Telecom and BFSI industries are traditionally ahead of the curve and set the gold standards when it comes to IT deployment• Their sheer size demands CIOs to manage some of the largest and most complex IT architectures• With financial inclusion and digital inclusion becoming buzz words even more challenging is the demand on their role to continuously innovate and lead the next wave of consumer centric IT to penetrate unexplored markets. ENTERPRIS 3.0
  6. 6. Indian Auto Companies - The New MNCs• India is now the fastest growing global auto market and has emphatically arrived in the big league• In fact Indian auto companies realize the opportunity they are sitting on and are moving aggressively into foreign markets• With changes at all levels and looking at India’s preparedness for the global challenge, it seems to be fully equipped and ready to become a leading player in the worldwide automotive sector ENTERPRIS 3.0
  7. 7. Technology in Healthcare• There has been a new wave of professional healthcare in India but the market is chasm between the urban consumer and, the more elusive, rural or the BOP consumer• While the sector has rapidly expanded in urban India, can the story be replicated in the rural side? Can healthcare be available to all citizens in India? Can the sector set an example for the world? ENTERPRIS 3.0
  8. 8. The format Day 1 Plenary Session11:30 am - 1:00 pm Welcome and keynote address2:30 pm - 6:00 pm Break-out sessions - Focused Discussions BFSI Telecom Auto Healthcare 8:00 pm onwards Gala Dinner Day 2 Break-out sessions - Focused Discussions9:30 am - 12:00 pm BFSI Telecom Auto Healthcare12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Concluding session ENTERPRIS 3.0
  9. 9. Plenary Topics• Leveraging technological innovation for strategic and operational advantage – How business models endure through innovations and market changes, and managing information as a strategic resource for growth• Coping with a changing customer – The new age consumer is radically different and demands a relook at how companies are looking at serving his needs. It is often said that in the future successful businesses will not have customers, they will have fans! Is your business agile enough to win fans ?• Winning Strategies: Survival kits for the new economy – A case study approach on how the companies’ IT organisations survived the economic downturn and what how they have successfully geared-up for the future• Are you still running IT on Survival Mode? – There has never been a greater need for proactive and agile strategies. How are organisations evolving to meet the systemic shifts in how business gets done? The topic discusses how progressive organisations have launched an offensive and are transforming their information assets into true competitive advantage ENTERPRIS 3.0
  10. 10. Whom to expect• BFSI – 12-15 CIOs from the leading banks, insurance and capital markets firms• Telecom – 4-7 CIOs from leading telecom companies• Auto – 12-15 CIOs from major auto manufacturers (not auto components)• Healthcare – 12-15 CIOs from leading hospitals and healthcare providers ENTERPRIS 3.0
  11. 11. Sponsorship OptionsTwo tiered Sponsorship Option• Gold Partner – Access to all sessions across the conference and break-out sessions• Track Partner – Access to sector specific discussions within the break-out sessions only ENTERPRIS 3.0
  12. 12. Gold Partnership• Speaking opportunity, as part of a plenary session for 10-15 minutes – to address the entire audience together• Four presenting opportunities (one in each sector discussion) during the break-out sessions – Presentation to be aligned with the session topic – Presentation time slot – 10-15 minutes• Four senior executives will be part of the break-out groups for the entire duration of the conference – One representative per vertical (to remain constant)• Branding as Gold Partner in all official documents and all collaterals• Networking opportunity in the Gala Dinner• Part of the delegate kit – option to distribute gifts Rs. 16,00,000 plus taxes ENTERPRIS 3.0
  13. 13. Track Partnership • Presenting opportunity (one in each sector discussion) during the break-out sessions – Presentation to be aligned with the session topic – Presentation time slot – 10-15 minutes • One senior executive will be part of the break-out groups for the entire duration of the conference – Representative to remain constant • Branding as Track Partner in all official documents and all collaterals • Networking opportunity in the Gala Dinner • Part of the delegate kit – option to distribute giftsBFSI | Telecom : Rs. 7,00,000 plus taxes each Healthcare | Auto : Rs. 5,00,000 plus taxes each ENTERPRIS 3.0