A CASE FOR          SUSTAINABLE IT OUTSOURCING                                                       A COMPILATION BY     ...
1. OUTSOURCING TO INDIAGlobal clients look for the most viable and effective         Better human rights protectionIT outs...
2. PROS AND CONS OF IT OUTSOURCINGIT Outsourcing is no more an exclusive technical          providing “A heavy competition...
3. FIVE MYTHS OF IT OUTSOURCINGDespite the popularity of IT outsourcing, there are              Myth 3: It‟s about cheap l...
4. BENEFITS OF OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTWith people turning to computers to manage               and round the clock i...
5. BENEFITS OF OFFSHORE SOFTWARE TESTINGIn the field of Information Technology, Quality        Agile Testing – This form o...
6. BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING IT SUPPORTIT Support projects, more often than not, need             to provide higher customer...
7. ADVANTAGES OF IT OUTSOURCING FOR ISVS (INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE VENDORS)The fierce competition in terms of technology,     ...
8. HOW TO EVALUATE AN IT OUTSOURCING VENDORIT Outsourcing is perceived as the area that results        be available with t...
9. CHOOSING A MID-SIZED IT OUTSOURCING VENDOR: PROS AND CONSThe huge volume of service providers with                 Lack...
10. AHMEDABAD: A RELIABLE IT OUTSOURCING DESTINATIONMost IT giants and core business mammoths are                  since t...
11. INTRODUCING CYGNET INFOTECHCygnet Infotech is a software services provider based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It ...
12. THE CYGNET ADVANTAGECygnet is uniquely positioned to offer you a range of technology solutions for your business requi...
We have invested in Good InfrastructureCygnets offshore development centers in Ahmedabad, India are equipped with world cl...
We are located in Ahmedabad, IndiaAccording to a recent report by Gartner Inc, India is still the undisputed leader in off...
CONTACT US                  CORPORATE              Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.      2-A, Manikyam, Opp. Samudra Annexe,     ...
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Sustainable it outsourcing with cygnet infotech


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A white paper about the Information Technology Industry's overview. It will provide more insight about the Outsourcing Market and its pros and cons.

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Sustainable it outsourcing with cygnet infotech

  1. 1. A CASE FOR SUSTAINABLE IT OUTSOURCING A COMPILATION BY CYGNET INFOTECH PVT LTD AHMEDABAD, INDIAThis material has been exclusively prepared for marketing and promoting Cygnet Infotech‟s professional IT services. It has been prepared onthe basis of web research and internal company information. Care has been taken not to misrepresent any facts or exaggerate any claims.However, we encourage you to verify any information based on which you want to take your decisions. i
  3. 3. 1. OUTSOURCING TO INDIAGlobal clients look for the most viable and effective Better human rights protectionIT outsourcing company in terms of cost, quality As compared to countries such as Philippines andand ease of implementation. Several countries offer China, Indians enjoy a much-secured Government.cost effective and technically advanced IT The human rights of Indians are not violated asoutsourcing services to global clients. It becomes often as citizens of other countries. This promotes anecessary for the global client to ensure that it healthy living environment and a safer haven forselects the best country to carry out offshoring Indians to live in, thus making it a better optionbecause of the fierce competition amongst the with respect to IT Outsourcing.nations like India, China, Philippines and Ireland. Tremendous growth opportunityExtremely strong educational system India sees an extremely positive growth chart whenIt all boils down to the presence of skilled work it comes to Information Technology, in general. Theforce and subject matter experts in the country country invests almost 10% of its funds in settingwhere IT Outsourcing is provided. India definitely up IT parks in metropolitan cities in order tohas an upper hand because of the strong promote IT Outsourcing activities. This ensureseducational system that prevails in the country. well-connected roads, 24-hour uninterruptedEvery year, thousands of IT professionals and power supply and international airports in mostbusiness executives graduate from world- cities. Most Indian IT companies have well-recognized institutes. Not only their technical established, comfortable and fully equippedknowledge is commendable, but also their development centers to carry out their ITcommand over English takes them one step higher Outsourcing activities.than professional from China, Philippines etc., whenIT Outsourcing is concerned. Excellent work cultureRobust Infrastructure & Experience Indians by nature are loyal and hardworking people who give the best of their abilities when it comes toIndia is considered to be a more matured state their professional lives. Thus the quality of output iswhen it comes to handling IT Outsourcing because increased, and so is the added value that isof its experience in this area. The fact that carrying provided to the clients, in general. Innovation andout successful IT Outsourcing comes from years of out of the box thinking enables Indians to deliverexperience and needs a strong foundation in terms technologically sound solutions that not onlyof infrastructure and political stability cannot be promotes business but also opens a gateway toignored. As compared to countries like China and conduct cost-effective means of conductingIreland, India enjoys the benefit of being the nation business and consequently achieve more end-userwith years of IT Outsourcing experience, and thus satisfaction.house to a stronger infrastructure and morenumber of IT Outsourcing experts. iii
  4. 4. 2. PROS AND CONS OF IT OUTSOURCINGIT Outsourcing is no more an exclusive technical providing “A heavy competition compels theterm used by IT giants; it has become the most service providers to come up with more cost-frequently spoken concept in the field of software effective IT Outsourcing solutions, which in turndevelopment even by emerging small scale leads to depreciation in the quality of the output.companies. IT Outsourcing is considered to be just „Cheap‟ and „high quality‟ never go hand-in hand.”about offshoring some non-core and IT services to In a discussion with IT Outsourcing expert of a well-developing nations. However it is not so, there is established software firm in New Delhi, the threatsmuch more to IT Outsourcing than the basic in carrying out this kind of business becameoffshoring activity. evident. “When recession hit, we were the first onesOn asking about the most important pro of IT to be chucked out both from American andOutsourcing to the CEO of a leading bank in European Countries. This is proof enough of theAmerica, he said, “When offshoring of services are insecurity that we face in carrying out ITopted for, we do not have to worry about Outsourcing.” She continued, “IT Outsourcing maymaintaining a conducive infrastructure or recruiting give us good economic progression, however thespecially skilled labor force to carry out the IT instability needs to be looked out for. Suchactivities. We, instead, concentrate on the business occasion stress the importance of having a strongneeds.” On asking him about the con that affects hold in the domestic areas.”the concept of IT Outsourcing the most, he From the perspective of employees ofreferred to the lack of job opportunities for the organizations that provide IT Outsourcing services,natives. “In an effort to minimize the cost involved it is seen as a good opportunity to grow andin carrying out the IT operations, we often tend to enhance the domain level knowledge. Aneglect the employment needs of the educated Technology Lead of one such softwarecitizens of our own country.” establishment said, “When we work for abroadFrom the perspective of service providers, IT clients, we get to interact with them on a day-to-Outsourcing is seen as the most revenue making day basis. Onsite opportunities are available whichoption. IT Consultant at leading Software Company increases the exposure thus adding value to ourin Mumbai told, “IT Outsourcing is where we can skillset, and of course enables us to make somemake the most money. As service providers, we quick money too”, he added with a smile.offer affordable and high quality labor without In essence, when IT Outsourcing is concerned, it iscompromising the needs of end users.” However, a win-win situation for the clients and the serviceby providing IT Outsourcing services, he confirmed providers. However economic stability plays a vitalthe several challenges that lay in this type of service role in the success of IT Outsourcing as a whole. 4
  5. 5. 3. FIVE MYTHS OF IT OUTSOURCINGDespite the popularity of IT outsourcing, there are Myth 3: It‟s about cheap laborseveral misconceptions that surround its general More often than not, people associate the termprinciple of working. Here are some myths: „cheap labor‟ to IT Outsourcing.Myth 1: IT Outsourcing hampers productivity Fact: Quality, Innovation and Specialized skill forceThere is a general belief that when a client opts for The foremost aim of IT Outsourcing is to find aIT Outsourcing, the overall productivity of the modestly priced provider, who specializes inconcern may go down because of several barriers offering high-quality output, has predefinedin terms of culture, distance, communication and methodologies and shows innovation in the field oftime that exist. IT. Affordable labor is just a side benefit, not theFact: Productivity is increased with IT outsourcing only deciding factor.Excellent English skills and superior technical Myth 4: IT Outsourcing can be done withknowledge possessed by the employees of IT everythingoutsourcing companies ensure that the productivity This is really not possible. However, some globalsees an upsurge despite time and cultural barriers. clients and software companies try to make itAlso, most companies offering IT Outsourcing work happen.as per their client‟s time zone thus ensuringuninterrupted IT activities. In most cases, an onsite Fact: Study, Analyze, Decide on IT Outsourcingproject manager is appointed by the IT areasOutsourcing vendor in order to carry outcoordination amongst the onsite client managers The software company needs to understand clientand offshore team members. requirements thoroughly and perform feasibility study. If the business needs cannot be covered byMyth 2: Global clients opt for IT Outsourcing to cut offshoring the IT activities, then there is no point incosts considering IT Outsourcing.The costs of a company sure see a reduction when Myth 5: Job cuts, job cuts, job cuts!offshoring of IT activities is done. This is not theonly reason for clients to opt for IT Outsourcing. IT Outsourcing is seen as the main culprit behind several natives going jobless. However there areFact: Simplifying the way IT activities are carried out several studies that show otherwise.Often, clients look for technical experts to develop Fact: Economic growtha technical product or application, after therequirements are frozen. Recruiting in-house It‟s about gaining maximum output, with minimumemployees and training them is time-consuming input for the country‟s economy when ITand needs specialized attention that the business Outsourcing is done. Consequently a steadypeople cannot spare. economic growth is seen leading to more employment opportunities for the natives. 5
  6. 6. 4. BENEFITS OF OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTWith people turning to computers to manage and round the clock input. This enables the client toeverything from a store‟s inventory to personal release the product quicker into the market andbank details, the concept of software development make a stronger impact as compared to itshas taken very strong roots all over the world. As competitors.far as companies in the developed nations are Innovative Ideas – Since offshore softwareconcerned, offshore software development is development utilizes only highly skilledpreferred to carry out the IT activities over the in- professionals, the client can benefit from theirhouse development system. Several advantages in innovation and bright technological solutions interms of cost, time and quality drive the global terms of Information Technology. An overallclients towards offshoring the software betterment of technical approach is guaranteeddevelopment activities. with offshore software development.Essentially, the company can benefit in the Extended Support – Most offshore softwarefollowing areas: development companies offer an extended supportTechnical Expertise – The presence of numerous for around six months to one year after thesoftware companies that get into offshore software completion of project. This enables effectivedevelopment provides the clients with a wide maintenance and quick bug fixing of thehorizon to choose from. Specialization in specific application thus enhancing the overall efficiency.skillset and ability to excel in one area enables Streamlined processes – The fact that mostdelivery of perfectly engineered applications when offshore software development companies haveoffshore software development is selected. well-defined processes and high-quality proceduresCost Cutting – Recruiting specialized skillset from for project management to see tasks to completionthe natives could turn out to be a costly affair for enable a focused strategy to be implemented thusthe company involved. The investment in one in- adding substantial value to the overall businesshouse employee is the same as an investment in needs.ten offshore software development employees, in Miscellaneous areas – Because of the skilled labormost cases. involved in Offshore Software development, it alsoTime Savings – With offshore software facilitates leverage in other areas such as Researchdevelopment to the rescue, the core companies and Development, implementation of refinedneed not spend time on hiring and training in- methodologies and localization of solutions tohouse employees for every technical need. Instead, attract regional markets.the time saved by opting for offshore software Thus, an overall value add to the technical aspectdevelopment can be used to enhance and enrich of business is achieved when the IT activities arethe business ideas. offshored. However, commitment and sincerity onQuick Output - When a global client opts for both ends is a must for a successful long-termoffshore software development, conceptualization relationship to last.of an idea is quicker because of the skilled labor 6
  7. 7. 5. BENEFITS OF OFFSHORE SOFTWARE TESTINGIn the field of Information Technology, Quality Agile Testing – This form of testing accommodatesAssurance forms the most important aspect of any frequently changing business needs and so thetechnically sound software. However to ensure number of releases is more, consequently thedelivery of a bug-free application it takes a lot of number of times the test set needs to be run iseffort, time and labor. In order to gain maximum increased. In this case, offshore software testingadvantage in these areas, and to ensure a high- makes the whole testing activity much cheaper andquality product, several global business mammoths more robust.prefer offshore software testing to in-house Expert advice – Since experts in the field of offshoresoftware testing. software testing handle the testing activities, theyThe multifold benefits of offshoring the Quality can come up with effective and alternative meansAssurance activities are as follows: of performing the Quality Assurance activities that save costs and ensure an error-free product suchRound the clock testing – Most software companies as automation testing. Such a specialized andthat offer offshore software testing have required focused attention provides customers morefacilities to run round the clock testing activities leverage in terms of technical concepts, innovativesuch as a stable test environment, sample test data ideas and cost-cutting mechanisms when offshoreand experienced testers as well as test analysts. software testing is chosen.Such long hours of testing and defect reportingaids in quick fixing of the bugs, leading to a quick Cost and Time Savings - The most obviousrelease of the product into the market advantage is with respect to cost and time saving achieved. By opting for offshore software testing,Pre-defined methodologies – Being experts in the the cost of carrying out the QA activities isfield of offshore software testing, most software considerably reduced. Also, the customer does notcompanies have pre-defined testing models and need to worry about hiring and training in-housedefect tracking mechanisms. This guarantees 100% testers when offshore software testing istest coverage and ultimately an error-free product. considered.Duplicate test environment – When offshore Complete Test Coverage – Most companiessoftware testing is opted for, there is a duplicate offering to perform offshore software testing willtest environment available that can be used to run provide functional and non-functional testing suchsample tests, examine test data and test any new as stress testing, performance testing andreleases. It is also possible to experience how the regression testing as a whole package. This ensureslive environment would function using the offshore full test coverage from all aspects.software testing environment. Also, creation of testdata and maintenance of the same is done by the Apart from these, once offshore software testing isoffshore software testing team ensuring that the chosen, the business analysts and employees of thedevelopers do not have to be concerned about company can concentrate on the core businessthem. activities. 7
  8. 8. 6. BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING IT SUPPORTIT Support projects, more often than not, need to provide higher customer gratification. Thus, withtechnical experts to be available for 24x7 support IT Support Outsourcing to the rescue, clients canactivities. Another demand with respect to IT improvise upon core competencies and internalSupport project is the need of extremely capable business structure.and reliable technical engineers who can provide Better control over operating costs - When ITquick resolutions or workarounds to live issues. For Support Outsourcing is opted for, the contractsuch reasons and more, major IT giants and between the client and the service provider usuallyworldwide business clients consider IT Support lasts for a year or more. This provides a betterOutsourcing. control over the costs of running a project andSome of the most common benefits that IT Support enables the business to predict the expenditure ofOutsourcing brings to a client is as below: managing a project over a long duration.Subject Matter Experts - IT Support projects Cost Saving and Time Saving - The responsibility ofdemand the involvement of technical and highly maintaining skilled labor force and the requisiteproficient professionals in the specific area of IT, infrastructure to carry out the IT activities lie withwhich is facilitated by IT Support Outsourcing the IT Support Outsourcing vendor. Subsequently,vendor. It is impossible for a client to hire technical the client does not need to invest time or money inexperts in all the fields and thus offshoring such hiring highly skilled employees or in setting up aservices is the best option. The ability of IT robust infrastructure.Outsourcing vendors to provide quick resolutions Globalization and Local market - Clients looking tomeans increased system uptime and subsequently secure local markets for their products can easilyincreased customer satisfaction and retention. use the assistance of an IT Support OutsourcingAssured quality - Service level agreements vendor to capture the required market areas.combined with the skilled labor force guarantees Globalization is easily achieved with the aid of aoperation efficiency for a client when IT Support global outsourcer.Outsourcing is chosen. The included financial Round the clock response - With IT Supportpenalty of downtime assures uninterrupted and Outsourcing, there is no fear of losing business duehigh-quality services from the vendor providing IT to unexpected issues or network problems. SinceSupport activities. The end-user support provided is the network engineers and technical engineersimprovised and services are delivered with accuracy work round the clock to assure continuous service,in lesser time in IT Support Outsourcing. the overall benefit with respect to customerEnhance business needs - Without the satisfaction and prevention of any kind of severeresponsibility of providing support to the ongoing business damage is achieved.projects, the business executives can concentrateon core business needs and ways to revamp them 8
  9. 9. 7. ADVANTAGES OF IT OUTSOURCING FOR ISVS (INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE VENDORS)The fierce competition in terms of technology, because of quicker resolutions and lesserproduct innovation and application development turnaround times during a malfunction of theamongst the various Independent Software application.Vendors has led to the necessity of opting for IT Innovation and CredibilityOutsourcing as cost-effective methods ofdeveloping products and applications. Some of the The IT Outsourcing enables the ISVs to have amost important advantages of IT Outsourcing for resource pool of highly skilled IT professionals whoISVs are as below: do not only excel in delivering the expected output, but also prove to be a trusted source for innovationAdvanced Technological Accessibility and creativity. The new bright ideas from suchIT Outsourcing gives ISVs access to several professionals help the ISVs see what is beyond theadvanced third party technologies which otherwise normal and explore into new territories andwould remain an alien concept to them. Through concepts. Because of their qualification, experiencean easy accessibility of such advanced and expertise, the resources of IT Outsourcingtechnologies, ISVs can explore and experiment with Company are credible and reliable.several different solutions and products thus giving Concentrate on core product needsthem a higher visibility and leverage in the digitallycompetitive market. With IT Outsourcing available to manage the IT activities, the ISVs‟ employees are free toLesser time to market concentrate on the ultimate business objectivesThe general marketing principle is - The first one to including product innovation, productrelease a product ultimately makes a greater management and product marketing. This enablesimpact. By choosing to do IT Outsourcing, ISVs them to stay ahead of their competitors and makereduce the production time, thus reaching the advancements in the chosen product field insteadmarket earlier that their competitors who follow in- of worrying about developing the product orhouse development. The product roadmaps need testing its effectiveness.not be maintained by ISVs, but can be given to the R&D supportIT Outsourcing company in order for them torealize and act upon the time constraints. For every ISV, the Research and Development department is the most crucial one since it is whereRound the clock working hours the new ideas and concepts are experimented andIT Outsourcing means, in most cases, twenty-four explored to understand their usability andhours zone coverage during the product feasibility. IT Outsourcing provides the perfectdevelopment life cycle. This ensures quick platform for such activities at an affordable costdevelopment of product, foolproof testing cycles with experts overseeing results of such trials.followed by immediate bug fixing activities. Thus Thus, IT Outsourcing facilitates increased profittime saving is achieved from all angles. In case of margins and lesser time-to-market, giving leverageopting for IT Outsourcing for supporting a live to such ISVs in the highly competitive market today.product or application, business loss is minimized 9
  10. 10. 8. HOW TO EVALUATE AN IT OUTSOURCING VENDORIT Outsourcing is perceived as the area that results be available with the IT Outsourcing vendor. Also,in maximum cost reduction for global clients any miscellaneous systems such as switchingleading to an increase in the overall profit. equipment, call routing software, automatic callConsequently, global clients see it as a considerable distributors etc., if necessitated by the ITchallenge to choose an appropriate IT Outsourcing Outsourcing, must be available within the campusVendor amongst the numerous companies offering of IT Outsourcing vendor.IT Outsourcing services. Several factors such as Cost – IT Outsourcing is opted for by business inquality of work, expertise level and reputation in the order to save cost. So, it is essential that the chosenfield of IT Outsourcing govern a client‟s decision IT Outsourcing vendor provides high qualitywith regards to considering a suitable IT services at an affordable cost.Outsourcing vendor. Innovation and Inventions – IT Outsourcing is notIn general, in order to evaluate an IT Outsourcing just about offshoring a bunch of IT activities; it isvendor, the customer must consider the below: also an invitation to the offshore counterpart toInfrastructure – If the service provider who is come up with innovative ideas to benefit theoffering to provide IT Outsourcing services lacks business. Coming up with cost-effective solutions,the proper infrastructure, then it is a given that it being able to show creativity in the field of ITwill not make a very good IT Outsourcing vendor. Outsourcing and being able to provide an overallProper buildings, accessible office location and value add to the client is very crucial. And above all,comfortable working atmosphere for the the quality of output while providing ITemployees are mandatory attributes that the IT Outsourcing services must not be compromised.Outsourcing vendor must possess. The clients, more often than not, prefer to pay theSubject Matter Experts – It is imperative to assure campus of IT Outsourcing vendor a visit in order tothat the IT Outsourcing vendor holds the workforce understand if they possess all the requisites in orderwith required skillset to carry out the IT activities. to carry out the IT Outsourcing operations withAlso, the presence of Subject Matter Experts in the ease and expertise. In some cases, interviewing thearea where IT Outsourcing is to be done is a must. employees of the service provider throws someThis could mean a banking domain expert, or a light about their proficiency in the area of IThealth insurance domain expert; depending upon Outsourcing. Going through the portfolio of thefor which domain IT Outsourcing is being service provider and getting to know about itsconsidered. client base and their testimonies can help in the overall evaluation of a suitable vendor to carry outResources – Resources such as computer systems, the IT Outsourcing.telephone lines and other hardware systems must 10
  11. 11. 9. CHOOSING A MID-SIZED IT OUTSOURCING VENDOR: PROS AND CONSThe huge volume of service providers with Lack of experienceexceptional resources, rapid changes in the IT Most mid-sized IT Outsourcing vendor would notindustry, and aggressive competition contribute to have faced the day to day challenges involved ina daunting process of hunting a suitable IT handling a highly demanding and volatile project.Outsourcing vendor for the clients. There are More often than not, they have a very limited clientseveral mammoths in the IT industry that are base and so their exposure is fairly restricted.targets for IT Outsourcing for major global clients.However, with several new software companies Learnability and Adaptabilitycropping up, the inclination towards choosing amid-sized IT Outsourcing vendor is increasing. The lack of experience may as well work out in the favor of clients since the IT professionals of such anBelow are some of the pros and cons in this emerging software company would be open tochoosing a mid-sized IT Outsourcing vendor: challenging ideas and new concepts. They would be willing to experiment and be pretty flexible thusLack of Analysts reports giving a leverage to the clients in terms ofWhen considering IT Outsourcing, one of the most exploring new dimensions.important factors is choosing an organization with Infrastructure limitationsa good reputation. The IT industry is congestedwith so many hi-profile companies, that the newly It is a giver that a mid-sized IT Outsourcing vendoremerging IT Outsourcing vendors do not find would not have all the sophisticated hardwarethemselves mentioned in any report to talk of their equipment or the software technologies at hand. Acredibility. This necessitates the client to take extra client needs to evaluate the vendor‟s hardware andmeasures to understand the reliability of the IT software capabilities prior to sealing a deal withOutsourcing vendor in terms of cost, quality and them in order to prevent any future hassles incommitment to deadline. terms of deliverables.Eager to Please Further Cost ReductionIt is obvious that when a mid-sized IT Outsourcing A mid-sized IT Outsourcing vendor would be ablevendor is chosen, the client is presented with a to provide services at a much cheaper rate than anteam of young professionals who are eager to established vendor, because of the fact that theyplease and work harder in order to establish a are new entrants into the field and cannot afford tostrong foundation in the IT industry. A set of fresh be costly. However, it is imperative to ensure thateyes coming up with new and innovative ideas is a the quality of output is not compromised,sure shot boost to the client‟s productivity, and whatsoever be the case.ultimately, revenue. Clients must weigh both pros and cons of selecting a mid-sized outsourcing partner. 11
  12. 12. 10. AHMEDABAD: A RELIABLE IT OUTSOURCING DESTINATIONMost IT giants and core business mammoths are since the city has seen several software companiesseeking IT Outsourcing as a profitable and reliable cropping up recently which have IT Outsourcing asmeans to offshore the IT activities. The most the major service.popular IT hubs such as Chennai and Bangalore The presence of an International airport, well-seem to be saturated, and thus Ahmedabad is connected roads and steady electricity supply makebeing considered as a city that has tremendous Ahmedabad an apt destination for IT Outsourcing.potential to be the next IT hub. Prior to indulging in The Government seeing the immense opportunitiesIT Outsourcing activities, the customers seek for the in the field of IT Outsourcing has plans to constructmost profitable location in terms of cost, IT park of about 1.5mn square feet just outside theinfrastructure and other resources. Ahmedabad city of Ahmedabad. This kind of governmentclearly stands out as one such location. backing is an open invitation for international ITThe fact that Gujarat has more than sixty-five companies to do business with Ahmedabadpercent of people belonging to the age group companies. The cost of living in Ahmedabad isbelow 35 is a sure boon to Ahmedabad. Also, lower as compared to other developed cities suchAhmedabad is the house to some of the best as Pune, Bangalore and Delhi, thus lowering theUniversities in India, stressing on the presence of cost of skilled labor and resilient infrastructure for ITstrong educational background in all the activities.inhabitants of the city. In addition to this, the city of Thus IT Outsourcing at Ahmedabad is seen as aAhmedabad has a sturdy infrastructure and its cost-effective way of carrying out IT relatedresidents have definite upper hand in terms of the business since it eliminates the cost for in-houseknowledge of English, as a language. specialized skilled workforce and infrastructure.Since IT Outsourcing is where most software Advanced technological solutions, groundbreakingcompanies make money and profit, the analysis mechanisms and award-winningcompetition is on a steady rise in this area. innovations are used by the software companies inAhmedabad takes pride in being able to provide Ahmedabad as a strong leverage to attract globalsuch a healthy competitive atmosphere because of clients with respect to IT Outsourcing. So it isthe presence of several IT companies in the city of justified to conclude that for organizations seekingAhmedabad. So, customers are presented with a offshoring partners to carry out IT Outsourcing,broader scope of viable options in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad is the best bet as of today. 12
  13. 13. 11. INTRODUCING CYGNET INFOTECHCygnet Infotech is a software services provider based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It has been providingoutsourced software development, testing and maintenance services for more than 11 years. It has developed aclient base in over 20 countries including USA, UK, France, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Germany,Spain, Canada, and Mexico. Technology Expertise 13
  14. 14. 12. THE CYGNET ADVANTAGECygnet is uniquely positioned to offer you a range of technology solutions for your business requirements. Youcan count on us because of our following strengths.We are Microsoft SpecialistsCygnet has a bias towards Microsoft technologies since they are most widely used across the world. They haveend user acceptance and are supported by one of the largest corporation in the world.Cygnet has been a Microsoft Gold certified partner till last year when Microsoft introduced the variouscompetencies for its partners. We have achieved Gold competency in web development and Silver competencyin content management, data platform, mid-market solution provider, portals and collaboration, search andsoftware development.We also have significant experience in application services, systems integration, migration, product engineering,testing and validation, business process outsourcing and mobile application development.Cygnet Microsoft Learning Solutions CenterCygnet runs a certified Microsoft training center which attracts hundreds of students and professionals eachyear who wish to develop their expertise in Microsoft technologies. The Microsoft Learning Solutions Center isan effort to backward integrate for sourcing and growing talent in-house.This is a one of a kind set up in the whole of Gujarat state where a software development company has its ownMicrosoft Training Center. When you engage Cygnet, you have many advantages.  Cygnet can always provide the best talent in Microsoft technologies because it has Microsoft certified trainers on its employee rolls  Cygnet is able to attract the best Microsoft resources to work forour clients  Cygnet can ramp up resources on short notice  Cygnet has direct access to exclusive Microsoft training resources 14
  15. 15. We have invested in Good InfrastructureCygnets offshore development centers in Ahmedabad, India are equipped with world class infrastructure andfacilitiesWe are committed to Quality, Reliability and Security for Project Execution and DeliveryCygnet is ISO 9001:2008 certified company: We have a defined quality policy which is embraced by employeesat all levels of the organization. A transparent SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) guides the variousprocesses from estimation, planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, release, deployment andsupport. As a client you are always in tune with the current status of your project. We rigorously followinternational accepted coding standards and best practices for developing our solutions. As a client, you areassured of high quality deliverables and an amicable process for making enhancements.Cygnet is CMMi Level 3 certified: The CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level 3 assures you that weare proactively engaged in improving our processes to provide better solutions and experience to our clients.We understand that each client has unique business needs and we tailor our execution methodology to alignwith the project requirements in a mature manner.Cygnet is ISO 27000:2005 certified: At Cygnet, we take Information security and risk management very seriously.We are focused on providing our clients with business continuity and a competitive edge by planning for andinvesting in security policies and infrastructure to minimize the impact of information related threats andvulnerabilities. 15
  16. 16. We are located in Ahmedabad, IndiaAccording to a recent report by Gartner Inc, India is still the undisputed leader in offering offshore services. Indiahas scored higher in all the 10 evaluation parameters - language, government support, labor pool,infrastructure, educational system, cost, political and economic environment, cultural compatibility, globalizationand legal maturity, and data and intellectual property security and privacy in comparison to other countries.Although the top cities for outsourcing are Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi, they are gettingsaturated in terms of infrastructure and are facing higher resource costs. However, there are a number of tier 2cities such as Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and others which are growing into noteworthyIT hubs andare offering more competitive outsourcing opportunities.Ahmedabad is the commercial capital of Gujarat, which is one of the fastest growing states in India. The VibrantGujarat Summit in Jan 2011 saw the signing of MoUs in various industry sectors to the tune of $243 billion.Ahmedabad is fast becoming a destination of choice for outsourcing because of the following reasons  Educational institutions of high standing (IIM-A, DAIICT, and others) which provide high quality English speaking resources  World class infrastructure in terms of uninterrupted power supply, international airport, high quality roads, and government support  Cheaper cost structures (almost 30-40% lower) compared to tier 1 IT hubs like BangaloreCygnet has been servicing clients across the globe for more than a decade from Ahmedabad and we wouldlove to work with you. 16
  17. 17. CONTACT US CORPORATE Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 2-A, Manikyam, Opp. Samudra Annexe, Nr. Shilp Cross Roads, Off. C. G. Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009. Gujarat, India. Tel : +91 - 79 - 3048 7400 Fax : +91 - 79 - 3048 7422 REGIONAL OFFICE Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 403-404, Aditya Arcade Nr.Choice Restaurant Swastik Cross Road Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat India. Tel : +91 - 79 - 3008 7900 Fax : +91 - 79 - 3048 7422 USA Cygnet Infotech LLC Mack-Cali Centre III 140 East Ridgewood Avenue Suite 415 ST Paramus, NJ 07652 Tel : +1 - 646 - 915 - 0021 Fax : +1 - 201 - 221 - 8516 UK Cygnet Infotech Ltd. Tel : +44 - 20 - 8099 – 1653http://www.cygnet-infotech.com inquiry@cygnet-infotech.com 17