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ICT Export Directory - Egypt by Eitesal ver01


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The first ICT export Directory including around 200 Clients testimonials for 50 Egyptian companies prepared by Eitesal NGO with objective to highlight the successful International presence and reach of the Egyptian ICT industry and its credibility.

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ICT Export Directory - Egypt by Eitesal ver01

  1. 1. CONTENTSIntro ..............................................................................................................2Business Facts ...........................................................................................12Minister Gesture ......................................................................................18Entities at a Glance..................................................................................19Index Class of ICT Companies[By Main Category] .................................................................................24Index Class of ICT Companies[By Industry Focus] .................................................................................28Index Class of ICT Companies[B Geography] ...........................................................................................32Companies Listing(Alphabetical With Pg Numbers) .......................................................34Companies Listing (ICT Sectors Listing) ..........................................35Profiles of ICT Companies.....................................................................45Table of Content 1
  2. 2. INTRO “The Warm Up”ICT Directory DescriptionAt the outset of any massive project, multiple success “outstanding”. We also required the customers to givefactors should be present. When the success factors a testimonial on their ICT vendor. The results of theseamalgamate the national aspirations with business surveys and testimonials are published in this printeddevelopment, it becomes a tsunami wave of kinetic directory and online via the cyber portal we have builtenergy motivating the project’s stakeholders to excel in the form of an e-directory. All the surveys have beenand sustain their business growth in all aspects. With conducted by a third party specializedthe Egyptian ICT Export Directory being the first of its Another distinguished feature of the directory is thekind in the region, EITESAL (the Egyptian ICT NGO) is different classification types available in the directory.sponsoring a similar massive project given the same Any given ICT Company in this catalogue is classifiedsuccess factors blended with the national aspirations per geography of operations, perof the Egyptian ICT Entrepreneurs of focus industry and per ICT Category.properly presenting their business The ICT Categories are composedprofiles to direct customers. In a of 17 ICT Categories and are furthernutshell, this project is an advanced divided into sub-categories. Theseform of business match-making. This ICT categories are the standardsdirectory is composed of Egyptian ICT applied nationwide. In terms ofbusiness providers who are delivering focus industries, we have 19 differenttheir products and services locally and focus industries. In the next sectioninternationally. One of the key features of this directory of this directory, you will be able to view a listing ofis the survey and testimonials. In the directory, we ICT Companies per each of these classifications. Youhave listed 68 Egyptian ICT Companies. Each company may also use the dotted indices to easily locate an ICThas provided at least 3-5 references of its customers Company conducting business in a specific region,to be surveyed. A survey has been designed to tackle within certain business areas and among different9 main elements. These elements are being rated the references with values between “poor” andICT Directory & Project’s ObjectivesEITESAL, the leading ICT NGO in provides, at least, 2 internationalEgypt, has devised this project to references and 1 local reference.boost the Egyptian ICT Companies EITESAL aims to create viability foron local & international grounds. Egyptian IT Products and ServicesWith transparency, integrity and outside and inside Egypt. Theprofessionalism, EITESAL planned influential NGO firm actually aspiresfor a global research and marketing to create solid evidential materialsproject over a selected number of authenticating, to a great extent, theEgyptian ICT Companies who are already exporting offerings of the Egyptian ICT vendors. This is actuallytheir products and services and meeting a certain interpreted by the ratings and testimonials given oncriteria. This criterion mandates each ICT Company these companies. 2 INTRO
  3. 3. ICT Directory Publishing Survey AnalysisWe know this part might be one of the most dimension. In this printed version of the directory, weinteresting parts of the directory. It transforms the will summarize the analysis and we shall highlight thewhole research into figures and numbers. The survey most important dimensions. The rest can be viewedanalysis can be viewed from different dimensions thoroughly on the online version of the directory.and many statistical tables can be derived from eachCategorical Statistics Number of ICT Companies per Category Training Services Regional & Global Support Centers Consulting Security Telecommunications Assembly & Manufacturing Hardware (Sales & Dist.) Software Products (Sales & Dist.) Contact Center Services Software Products Development Content Hosted Services Modeling, Design, & Engineering Services Business & Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services Solutions & System Integration Local Applications/Products/ Services International Applications/ Products/ServicesINTRO 3
  4. 4. In te4 Pr rn oc at es Bu io s O sin n ut es Pr al so s & od Ap ur K uc pl cin no ts ica g wl Co /S ti Se ed nt er on vi s/ rv g ac ce ice e tC s s en te rS Co er nt vi en ce Re t So lu s Su gion tio pp al ns or & In & S t C Gl Ha te ys en ob gr te te al rd at m rs w io So ar n e Categorical Statistic ftw (S a al (S re es al Pr es od & Di M & uc Di ts st .) En od Tr gi el st ne in .) ai ni er g, ng As in De Se g si se Se gn rv m rv , & ice bl ice s y& s M an uf Co ac sun tu lti rin Lo Lo g ca ng Pr l Pr cal od Ap od Ap uc pl uc pl ts ica ts ica /S ti /S ti er on er on vi s/ vi s/ ce ce Ho s Ho s st Top 10 ICT Categories Served st ed Least 10 ICT Categories Served ed Se Se rv rv ice ice s So s So ftw ftw De are De are ve Pro ve Pro lo d lo d pm uc Te pm uc en ts le en ts t co t m m un Se ica cu tio rit ns yINTRO
  5. 5. Industrial Statistic ICT Companies per Focus Industry Agriculture Automotive Banking Education Finance & Accounting Food & Beverage Generic Government Healthcare Insurance Legal Manufacturing Media Oil & Gas Others Real Estate Telecommunications Tourism, Travel, & Hospitality Trade TransportationINTRO 5
  6. 6. Geographical Statistic Percentage of Customers/Continent EUROPE 11% ASIA N.AMERICA 38% 6% AFRICA 45% Number of Countries Served Per Continent N. AMERICA 2 EUROPE AFRICA 13 9 ASIA 14 Egyptian Global ICT Distribution N. AMERICA 11 AFRICA 50 EUROPE 21 ASIA 416 INTRO
  8. 8. Geographical Statistic NORTH AMERICA | Number of ICT Companies Per Country USA CANADA Top 10 Export Destinations NO. of CUSTOMERS A E A UK A R A N CE N UA BY TA US BI RI DA AI AN GE RA QA HR LI SU FR AL IA BA UD SA COUNTRIES8 INTRO
  9. 9. ICT Catalogue LegendsICT CategoriesIn Egypt, we have 17 Main ICT Categories where their sub-categories so that you can easily exploreeach company is classified in terms of the type of the directory. The ICT Company has originallyproducts/services/solutions it offers. To identify selected their area of services and expertise asthe ICT Categories, we have designed colored per the information they supplied. Therefore, theirboxes with numbers. Each color indicates a single classification under the different ICT Categories andmain ICT category while the numbers inside these Sub-Categories is purely subjective despite the factboxes indicates a sub-category. In this area, we are that these ICT Companies have clients or referencesdemonstrating the 17 main categories along with being offered these types of services. INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING TELECOMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS/PRODUCTS/ SERVICES 1. Data Warehousing & Business 1. Cabling, Tools & Accessories Intelligence 2. Carrier Network Solutions 1. Data Warehousing & Business 2. IT Consulting 3. Fixed Voice Operators Intelligence 3. Network & Communications 4. Mobile Operators 2. Application and Products Consulting 5. Network Management and Development 4. Applications and Products Operation Support Systems 3. Application and Products Testing 6. Public Phones (Prepaid & Maintenance 5. Applications and Products Payphone) 4. Applications and Products Localization & Arabization 7. Satellite Equipments Testing 6. Document Management 8. Satellite Services 5. Applications and Products Services 9. Services Resellers Localization & Arabization 7. Web Portals and Web 10. Test Equipment & Traffic 6. Document Management Development Services Analyzers Services 11. Virtual Internet Service 7. Web Portals and Web Providers Development Services 12. Wireless & Mobile Networks BUSINESS & KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING CONTENT SERVICES LOCAL APPLICATIONS/ 1. Industry Specific 1. Data Transaction Services PRODUCTS/SERVICES 2. Management & Maintenance 2. Business Knowledge Services 3. Cultural & Religious and KPO 1. Applications & Products 4. Data Acquisition 3. HR and Administration Services 5. Digital Scanning Conversion 4. Administrative, General and 2. Applications & Products 6. Mobile Content Back-Office Maintenance 7. Digital Conversion 5. Payment Services 3. Applications & Products 6. Finance & Accounting Documentation 4. Applications Products Testing REGIONAL & GLOBAL SUPPORT CENTERS CONTACT CENTER SERVICES HOSTED SERVICES 1. Technology Products 1. Help Desk 2. Business Applications 2. Basic Technical Support 1. Network Operations 3. Networking 3. Customer Service 2. Data Centers 4. Telecommunications 4. Outbound Services 3. Hosted ApplicationsINTRO 9
  10. 10. ICT Categories HARDWARE (Sales & Dist.) SOFTWARE PRODUCTS SOFTWARE PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT (Sales & Dist.) 1. Computer Main Boards & Motherboards 1. Arabic Natural Language 1. Content Management 2. Computer Memories Processing (NLP) 2. Data Mining 3. Controllers & Interface Cards 2. Courseware Products 3. Courseware Products 4. Graphic Cards 3. Content Management 4. E-Commerce Solutions 5. Personal Computers (PCs) Solutions 5. Industry Generic Applications 6. Video Cards & Image 4. E-Commerce Solutions 6. Industry Specialized Processing Cards 5. Industry Generic Applications Applications 7. Central Processing Units & 6. Industry Specialized 7. Middleware and Tools Micro-processors Applications 8. Operating Systems 8. Computer Chip Sets 7. Middleware and Tools 9. Document Management 9. Computer Monitors 8. Operating Systems Solutions 10. Handheld PCs 9. Document Management 11. Network Cabling Solutions 12. Network Equipments 10. Mobile & Wireless Applications SOLUTIONS & SYSTEM 13. Notebook PCs INTEGRATION 14. Server Computers 15. Terminals MODELING, DESIGN, & 1. Desktop Support 16. Workstations ENGINEERING SERVICES 2. Servers & Mainframes 17. Mobiles 3. Network Operations 18. Handsets 1. Electric Design & Engineering 4. Network Installation 2. Embedded Software 5. Remote Management Services Development 6. IT Solutions TRAINING SERVICES 3. Modeling & Simulation 7. Networking Solutions Software 8. International Application 1. Basic Training Package Implementation & 2. Soft Skills Training Integration 3. BPO Training SECURITY 9. Local Application Package 4. Technology Products Training Implementation & Integration 5. Business Applications Training 1. Security Hardware 10. Custom Based Software 6. Business & Management 2. Security Services Development Training 3. Security Software 11. Data Center OperationsFocus Industry IconsThe companies listed in this directory are also classified are serving rare industries not mentioned amongin terms of their Focus Industries. A focus industry icon the other 17 industries. While, if the “Generic” or theindicates that its attributed ICT Company provides “G” icon is being seen beside a company’s profile,a product/service/solution that is industry-specific this indicates that their offering is a generic product/and geared towards that industry, or it indicates service/solution that fits more than several industries.that the ICT Company has a legacy of experience in These focus industries were originally chosen by thethat industry specifically. We have listed 19 different ICT Company as per the information they provided.industry in Egypt including the “Others” and “Generic” The selection is merely subjective to the ICT Companyoptions. In case an ICT Company is being denoted although you may find their clients and referenceswith an “Others” or “O” icon, this indicates that they belonging to these industries. 10 INTRO
  11. 11. Geography IconsWhenever you explore an ICT Company’s profile, experience with businesses in that part of theyou will find a colored map indicating the region world. For consistency reasons, we mean by regionsof business operations for this company. It actually “Continents”. Throughout this directory, the selectedimplies that the ICT Company is actually providing its 68 ICT Companies listed, we have 4 continentsproduct/services/solutions to customers residing in receiving products/services/solutions from Egyptianthat region and that they have acquired a weighted ICT Exporters: Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.RatingsAt a scale from 1 to 5 where: poor fair good very good outstandingINTRO 11
  12. 12. BUSINESS FACTS “Sustainable Growth”Economy OverviewEgypt is widely recognized as an important political the world for its ancient civilization with a stretchedand cultural nation of the Middle East. Egypt is 7,000 years of history along the Nile River. It is thesometimes referred to as the ‘Motherland of the World’ sociopolitical center of gravity in the Middle East.and the ‘Land of Civilizations,’ and famous throughoutKey Economic Indicators KEI TYPE ‘06/’07 ‘07/’08 ‘08/’09 ‘09/’10 Nominal GDP at Market Prices ($USbn) 130.5 162.14 188.5 215.2 Real GDP Growth (%) 7.1 7.2 4.7 5.1 Population (mn) 75.5 77.1 79.1 81 Real GDP Per Capita (US$) 1.773 2.173 2.431 2.680 GDP Per Capita ($PPP)* 5.504 5.897 6.147 6.394 Average Annual Unemployment (%) 8.9 8.4 9.4 9.6 Average Annual Inflation (%) 10.9 11.7 16.2 11.3 Overall Budget Deficit (% of GDP) 7.3 6.8 6.9 8.1 Merchandise Trade Balance ($USbn) -15.8 -23.4 -25.1 -26.4 Net Foreign Direct Investment ($USbn) 11.1 13.2 8.1 8 External Debt (% of GDP) 22.4 20.9 17 14.9 Net International Reserves ($USbn) 28.6 34.6 31.3 35 End of Period Exchange Rate (LE/US$) 5.7 5.5 5.5 5.5Geography l Infrastructure l CapabilitiesGeographyIn addition to its ties with the Nile, Egypt has over 2450 expanse of sand, rock andkm of coastline along the Mediterranean, as well as on occasional oases known asthe Red Sea on the country’s eastern edge. Occupying the Libyan Desert. Egypt alsothe northeast tip of Africa, Egypt has a total area of borders Sudan along 1273995,450 sq km. to the west. The country shares an km in the south. On the Sinai1115-km long border with Libya, through the vast Peninsula in the east of the 12 BUSINESS FACTS
  13. 13. country. Egypt shares an 11-jn border with Gaza Strip. some 2629 meters, but it is also home to the famousAs well as a 266-km boundary with Israel, stretching Mount Sinai (2285 meters) the site where Moses isall the way to Taba on the Gulf of Agaba. Wedged said to have received the Ten Commandments. Thebetween Africa and Asia. The Sinai Peninsula is an northern coast of the Sinal Peninsula ends in theintercontinental passage featuring some of Egypt’s Mediterranean Sea, while its southern edges bordermost unique landscapes. Not only does it boast the the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba to the east and the Suezhighest peak in the country. Mount Saint Catherine, at Canal to the west.InfrastructureWhile achieving the third position in score for ‘Infrastructure’, Egypt is second in electricity availability andtelecommunications and data-transfer costs, fourth in network readiness, seventh in infrastructure cost, third inavailability and penetration, and sixth in the roads and rail network.People & SkillsEgypt is the best when it comes to pooling of human capital resources ‘People and Skills, being first in quantity,second in quality, and third in working satisfaction and ICT exposure; it has scored seventh in human resourcecosts. Additionally, it has been ranked the thirteenth position globally in education, language, and domain skills.Business EnvironmentEgypt ranked second in this lower level abstraction. In achieving this position ithas came fifth in ICT security, Cyber and IPR laws, and contribution of servicesto the GDP. Egypt has the third highest foreign exchange reserves and ranksseventh in ease and cost of finances. Egypt has the sixth position for legislativerisk and in the eight for share of ICT in exports. In the tax rate, Egypt is twelfthand in the share of services in exports it has come fifth. Also, Egypt is fifth andfirst, respectively, in geopolitical risk and currency risk.CapabilitiesWhen analyzing Egypt’s integration with Second, both tourism traffic and revenuethe global economy, one will find that it declined by nearly 15% in early 2009, butis remarkably multi-faceted. First, you will by year-end we recorded only a 3% dropfind an economy well positioned to benefit on revenues. Going forward we don’t see aimmensely from global commerce and trade reason to shy away from the global market.volumes due to the Suez Canal trade route. In fact, we believe we have an opportunity toBUSINESS FACTS 13
  14. 14. Capabilitiesfurther integrate. Unlike the majority of the world, our could sustain an economy growing at a 7% sector was not affected negatively, which Our ability to maintain growth of 5 % despite beinghas us poised to reap the benefits of global recovery tied to the global economy means that our localfaster than others. We have seen the structure of market is helping us through the crisis immensely.foreign direct investment (FDI) altered over the past The construction sector is growing at 15% due toyear, the bulk of which is now coming from the oil and the infrastructure projects. Consumer confidence ingas sector. We aim to increase the Egypt has not been as affected asdiversity of FDI inflows in 2010. much as others; we have not seen layoffs in any sector. This sum ofIn the interval, we can take comfort the aforementioned instancesin the fact that the energy sector dictated that we should not andremains an attractive Endeavour. will not shy away from the globalOne of our main challenges economy.previous to the financial crisis wasensuring that the energy sectorEgyptian ICT Industry l ContemporaryThe information and communication Most recently, the nationaltechnology (ICT) sector was by far the telecommunications regulatoryfastest growing sector in 2008/2009 authority (NTRA) is offering twoand 2009/2010 Q1, REACHING RATES restricted “triple play” licenses toOF 14.6% AND 13.5% RESPECTIVELY. provide bundled internet access andInvestments in ICT reached about LE cable television services using the13.9 billion, or 7.1% of implemented in existing network infrastructure. Mobinil,VESTMENTS IN 2008/09. This impressive performance Vodafone, and Orascom Telecom are all confirmedreflects the rapid growth of the ICT sector over the bidders. The licenses will allow firms to provide thesepast few years and the subsequent narrowing of the services in new residential areas in the suburbs of“digital divide” the drop in fixed line subscribers in Cairo and Alexandria, each comprising of around2009 from their 2008 levels was due to the crowding 10.000 housing units, for a period of 15 years theout effect of mobile usage, telecom Egypt (TE), government estimates that the licenses will generateEgypt’s sole fixed line provider, has also around USS 1 billion in new investmentbeen adopting a lighter credit policy to over five years the licenses may presentreduce its exposure to late payments an opportunity to generate a marketby deactivating these lines. This new presence in advance of any future fixed-policy started in the second quarter of line license offering.2009 and resulted in the deactivation of The cost of ICT services in Egypt is1.71 million lines in that same quarter. considered internationally competitive.On another front, TE has run several According to the World Bank pricepromotions to reduce installation fees basket methodology, the monthly costand reduce fixed lines-to-mobile rates in Egypt in 2009 Q1 was US$ 4.55 for ain order to attract new clients. 14 BUSINESS FACTS
  15. 15. fixed line. US$3.59 for mobile services, 7% overall growth in all sectors of theand US$4.45 for internet service. Egyptian economy as a whole. Self- sustaining human resource base ofA vibrant and export-oriented 250,000 plus, ratification of necessaryEgyptian ICT Industry promotes telecommunication, e-signature, andpublic private partnerships, enables related Cyber Laws make ICT andsociety to absorb the benefits from cyberspace safer; high Foreign Directexpanding sources of information, Investment (FDI) in the ICT sector,creates a learning community that exploits its own subscription-free internet access at the cost of localpotential fully, support the developments of skills calls for all Egyptians, and low-cost PCs for all hostingneeded by the ICT Industry, and gives support for global policy dialogues on related issues like internetresearch and innovation in the field of ICT. In Egypt for governance.the ICT Sector has grown at 25% as compared toBUSINESS FACTS 15
  16. 16. International Testimonials Of Egypt» Since we are bringing to the reader the direct testimonials of local and international customers for Egyptian ICT Companies, it becomes a necessity to demonstrate international testimonials of Egypt itself with heavy spotlights over its ICT industry originating from international professional independent entities. These research-based entities host the capacity to properly evaluate nations in terms of various elements and dimensions. Their research studies and publications are widely acclaimed and their rankings are recognized as an accurate presentation of reality.» With bullet-proof expectations of attracting billions of dollars in the form of FDIs in the coming few years, Egypt is standing out, at the moment, to be the strongest magnetic field for investments in the region. Eventually, that would lead for more job opportunities, business partnerships and economic flourish. Egypt has been undergoing major economic reforms in the past few years with strategies to attract foreign investments, increase exports, enhance quality of products and services, provide better management of resources and elevate the quality of people. Despite the 2008 financial crisis, the economic growth continued but in a slower rate as the global financial crisis has only slowed the reform outcomes. As a matter of fact, the ICT industry, with its exceptional performance, was one of the industries that curbed the downturns of the financial crisis on Egypt during 2009.(CIA – The World Factbook, 16 ICT Catalogue legends
  17. 17. » As far as we are concerned with the ICT industry and the ICT exports, the ICT industry has been steadily and increasingly contributing to Egyptian exports. In a research study and a survey of ICT outsourcing in Africa conducted by CBC and Cyber Media in 2009, Egypt has been demonstrating high scores, advanced rankings and positive ICT key indicators compared to its peers. This is due to government and official patronage of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology that was set up in 1999 to foster ICT Strategies, incubate initiatives and build a reliable infrastructure of the nation’s welfare. As quoted in the report, the ICT industry in Egypt is “a vibrant and export-oriented ICT Industry promotes Public Private Partnerships, enables society to absorb the benefits from expanding sources of information, creates a learning community that exploits its own potential fully, support the developments of skills needed by the ICT Industry, and gives support for research and innovation in the field of ICT” (Outsourcing to Africa, ‘Country Report for Egypt’, 56)2.’’ The report associated the Egyptian ICT stunning performance with the increasing BPO business taking place. There is no doubt that the BPO arena of the ICT is the flagship of the industry driving the 9 digits of revenues annually. Inside the report, the BPO is highly praised for its “positive and healthy growth attributed to:› Ranked the best location by the British National Outsourcing Association (NOA).› Several Multinational Companies operating outsourcing operations in the ICT Parks in Egypt.› Egypt concentrating on the following Niche areas: • Global R&D • Engineering design› Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).› Global IT localization, Arab content management.› Global BPO, Global technical support centres.› Global contact centre management.› IT product exports (emerging markets).› Global IT (Software and It services).”(Outsourcing to Africa, ‘Country Report for Egypt’, 57)3ICT Catalogue legends 17
  19. 19. ENTITIES AT A GLANCE “Empowering”ITIDA» The Information Technology Industry Development local and international outreach, ITIDA plays a Agency, ITIDA, is the Egyptian business partner fundamental role as a one-stop-shop for foreign making sure that you get all the help you need. direct investors seeking to enhance their global We are primarily concerned with building the offering using what Egypt has to offer and the capacities of the local IT companies, attracting and competitive advantages of the country. servicing multi-national IT companies, and growing » ITIDA extends a helping hand to your business and a qualified, sustainable, and deployable talent pool. provides the Egyptian IT industry with the right ITIDA adheres to a Public-Private Partnership mode tools to increase IT/ ITES exports. ITIDA is aware to achieve the goals of the IT industry and create for of the importance of innovation and talent to you a business environment where cooperation is a your prosperity and that is why we leave no stone salient feature. unturned to ensure sustainable talent supply and» ITIDA is the executive IT arm of the Ministry of great innovations. Communications and Information Technology, » Your voice will always be heard through the various MCIT, and is located in the heart of a modern local and international campaigns and events that business environment at the Smart Village. With ITIDA sponsors as your success will always be ours.AffiliatesNTRA l National Telecommunications Regulatory arbiter among the different stakeholders in the sector;Authority (NTRA) was established in accordance with the industry, the state and the consumer.the provision of Law No. 10, for the year 2003 ‹the It is within this equilateral triangle of Industry, StateTelecommunications Regulation Law› as a national and Consumer, set inside a regional arena, andauthority to administer the telecommunication embedded in a broader context of rapid globalsector, considering transparency, open competition, changes, that the playing field upon which NTRA isuniversal service and protection of user rights as a set to score and excel truly existsgeneral outline for NTRA scope of work. The state provides the national and internationalThe ideal commanding the activities of NTRA is to policies owning the scarce resources, regulating andbecome an active pace maker within the telecom enforcing fundamentals and ethics of fair competitionsector, building the capacity and the reputation, among industry players while protecting thewhich allows it to be an independent and prudent consumers’ rights.ENTITIES AT A GLANCE 19
  20. 20. AffiliatesEGYPT POST l www.egyptpost.orgEgypt Post, established in 1865, is one of the oldest Egypt post, in the first place, is a socioeconomicand most time-honored Egyptian institutions, which body, which directly contributes to help with theenjoys the trust of its customers, amounting to more state›s plans, aiming to achieve the developmentthan 15 million. Such trust which lasted for long years, for the citizens, so as to feel the outcome of suchincreased the number of the customers, who joined development, in addition to securing the quality andthe financial services of the Egypt post, only in the last velocity of providing the service.year, to two million customers.ITI l Information Technology Institute (ITI) is a national Over the past 15 years, ITI has supplied the Local,institute established in 1993 by the Information and Regional and International markets with highly-Decision Support Center (IDSC). trained professionals in various IT domains, following a 9-month intensive training program. ThoseIt provides specialized software development graduates make up the backbone of the IT workforceprograms to fresh graduates, as well as professional in Egypt. In addition, ITI through its GOV trainingtraining programs and IT courses for the Egyptian program has trained 50000 Governmental EmployeesGovernment, ministries, and local decisionsupport and Supervised the training of Over 400000 incenters.With the government’s objective of providing Governorate›s Training Centers.access and opportunity for all, ITI followed by openinga second branch in Alexandria in 1996 to create greater In April 2005, Premier Dr. Ahmed Nazif transferredcoverage of its services, and recently in September the dependency of Information Technology Institute2007, ITI opened two other branches in Assiut and (ITI) to Ministry of Communications and InformationMansoura to maintain and assist in the spreading of Technologyits training services. 20 ENTITIES AT A GLANCE
  21. 21. NTI l www.nti.sci.egThe important Role, played by national The research and training facilities in all differenttelecommunication institute (NTI) established in departments together with a team of highly1984 has become very apparent and at the heart of qualified researchers and technical staff enhance NTIthe development that have been taken place. NTI is capabilities to provide services and support for theconsidered a center of excellence, a leading training telecommunications sector not only in Egypt but alsoand educational institution, and focal point for applied in the rest of the Arab world and the whole region.research activities in the field of telecommunications.CULTNAT l www.cultnat.orgEgypt›s Heritage is of a worldwide interest and Center›s mandate is to document the various aspectsimportance due to its continuity over a period of of Egypt›s tangible and intangible cultural heritage asmore than five thousand years. It encompasses well as its natural heritage.various aspects of the human civilization, monitors This involves the implementation of the nationalthe development of human heritage and represents plan of action towards the documentation program,a cultural as well as natural heritage of national and making use of the most up-to-date informationinternational value. This wealth in archaeological sites, technology in collaboration with the national andarchitecture, arts, folklore and natural beauty needs international specialized organizations. The Centerto be accurately and purposefully documented. also aims at increasing public awareness of Egypt›sHence, the establishment of the Center for cultural & natural heritage using all available mediaDocumentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, as well as building capacities of professionals in theCULTNAT, which is affiliated with Bibliotheca fields of conservation and documentation of culturalAlexandrina and supported by the Ministry of and natural heritage.Communications and Information Technology. TheENTITIES AT A GLANCE 21
  22. 22. AffiliatesTIEC l the slogan “ Together Let’s put Egypt on the TIEC Focuses on generating revenue frominnovation map” , Egypt launched its Technology commercialization of Innovations and IP licensing, andInnovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) on stimulating an innovation-based economy throughthe 27th of September at the smart Village under strategizing, facilitating, and promoting innovation,the auspices and presence of His Excellency Dr. Tarek entrepreneurship, and the creation of intellectualKamel Minister of Communications and information property in ICT and its . TIEC’s role is to act as a catalyst among theThe main objective of the center is to brand Egypt as Government, private sector, Academia, Mobilize thea global competitor in high value-added innovation different components of the ecosystem in additionin order to become the leading regional hub and a to Define, manage, coordinate the various programsworld-class destination for ICT-based Innovation & and initiatives derived from the Innovation &Entrepreneurship “ . Entrepreneurship Strategy jointly with the different stakeholdersSMART VILLAGES in 2001 to lead and foster branded chain of Smart Villages Company’s teams of experts works onTechnology clusters and Business Parks on the local offering its clients a prestigious quality of businessand regional level. environment that has been safeguarded by the high- quality urban plan, in which emphasis is placed onSmart Villages Company is a successful model of the relationship between architecture, landscape,“Public Private Partnership- PPP” investment model, durability and innovation.with 80% ownership to the private sector and 20%to the Ministry of Communications and Information A Smart mix of business and leisure spots in additionTechnology. to top notch services and facilities offered by the Smart Villages Company is the promise we give andThe Company’s main objective is to offer a hassle fulfill to our valuable business environment through which creativity,innovation and business development are enhanced,in addition to creating synergies between the park’scommunity. 22 ENTITIES AT A GLANCE
  23. 23. NU l University is a not-for-profit, privately-owned mechanism for the delivery of NU.and autonomously-managed institution of higher The Ministry of Communications and Informationlearning. It is the first in a new class of academic Technology (MCIT), as part of its mandate, is theinstitutions in Egypt that embraces partnership with implementation of the National Telecommunicationsthe private sector, represented by an NGO (EFTED), and Information Technology Strategic Plan that aimsgovernment, represented by MCIT, and industry, in a at building-up an IT society in Egypt. MCIT has set-major initiative of great national and regional interest. up a number of objectives among which is humanThe Egyptian Foundation for Technology Education resources development in Egypt. To achieve this(EFTED) is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated objective, it has championed the establishment ofto improving technology-related education Nile University as a hi-tech, not-for-profit, researchthrough establishing specialized institutes, schools and development institution; specialized in theand vocational schools, was created to provide a engineering technology and business administration.TDF l www.techdevfund.comThe Fund, a pioneer in IT venture capital financing in We are actively looking for Egyptian entrepreneursEgypt and the MENA region has successful helped around the world who have innovative projects andturn a number of forward-thinking entrepreneurial are in need of financing to take their company toprojects into thriving companies. In late 2008, the the next level. We focus on high growth businessFund announced the closing of its second venture opportunities in the communication and IT fund, TDF II, with $40 million. The first venture As to the types of investments, the fund focuses in allcapital fund, TDFI with $10 million in capital is fully stages of the company’s life-cycle: from founding start-vested in several promising companies such as: ups, fostering growth in developing companies, toTimeLine, Opencraft, Si-Ware, and Oztez Online. complex recapitalizations of more mature businesses.ENTITIES AT A GLANCE 23
  24. 24. EITESAL» The Egyptian Information Telecommunications, and positive synergy among Egyptian industry Electronics & Software Alliance (Eitesal) is an NGO stakeholders. (Non-Governmental Organization) founded in » Strategic Objectives 2004 as a result of the merger of the two major IT associations in Egypt, forming a one strong Eitesal will support & assist in: organization representing the entire Egyptian ICTE › Improving the technical competence of the ICTE industry. Eitesal has about 280 ICTE companies industry in Egypt working in the areas of: Electronics, Telecommunications, Software, Training, System › Representing the interest of the ICTE industry Integration, Content, Consultancy, Outsourcing sector. Providers and Call Center Services. › Intensifying the production and consumption of» Vision ICTE products and services in the Egyptian and the Eitesal will be the main driver leading the global market place. development, promotion and transformation of the Egyptian information, telecommunications, › Planning & executing Egypt’s integrated technology electronics and software industry. development plans» Mission › Encouraging exports and international marketing Eitesal will help in developing and of Egyptian products. implementing a strategy for the evolution of › Enhancing the regional role of Egyptian technology Egypt’s ICTE industry. The aim of the alliance in Arab and African market is to improve the business environment for Eitesal’s members by promoting their local and › Upgrading Egypt’s ICTE industry position in the international interests and by creating a strong global market 24 ENTITIES AT A GLANCE
  25. 25. CIT» Who are we? investment to Egypt. The Chamber of Communications and Information › Assist local companies In obtaining venture capital Technology (CIT) was formed in 1999 according by funding. virtue of ministerial decree number 227/1999 › Implement total quality standards within the» Vision Industry. CIT is the locomotive for developing societies › Increase the national demand and enhance to upgrade the standard of life for citizens technology awareness.» Mission › Develop national manpower in the software CIT (Chamber of Information Technology and industry. Communications) seeks to serve its member and the entire ICT community operating within › Contribute to drafting and executing polices and Egypt to open new vistas of business that legislations, to guarantee transparency and the would eventually lead to building the country›s best practice of laws and regulations. information society. › Adopt all issues of concern to the ICT industry» Objectives and maintain open channels with government The mission and vision of CIT, together with authorities to jointly resolve problems. Its mandate and scope of work have created › Maximize the role of the ICT industry on all levels crystal clear objectives to follow. According to locally, regionally and internationally. these objectives, CIT seeks to: › Provide services to the FEI and its members:› Promote Egyptian enterprises and competitiveness in the global marketplace. • Provide technical assistance and consultation on the use of advanced technology and information› Improve access of local firms to knowledge on best within the FEI and its Chambers. practice. • Provide technical assistance and consultation› Build bridges between the business and research to FEI members on the use of Information communities. Technology within their establishments.› Improve managerial and professional capabilities of Egyptian companies.› Create new channels for attracting foreign directENTITIES AT A GLANCE 25
  26. 26. ITECITEC is a non-government and non-profit based › To conduct inward and outward commercialorganization established in Cairo, Egypt. It was delegations to and from Egypt.founded in 2008 by Dr Mohamed Reda. ITEC’s key › To work in alignment with similar organizationsobjective is to enhance and develop collaboration within international markets to encourage bilateralbetween Egyptian and multinational companies in business relations.the ICT sector. In addition to ITEC’s provided Coreobjective, ITEC pursues communal objectives such as › To persuade and aid international organizationsreducing unemployment, improving social standards to use Egypt as a Mediterranean Origin to Europeand the development of environmental awareness. as well as a centre to African and Middle Eastern business. » ITEC Services:ITEC launched a business collaboration model whichpositions Egypt as a potential hub and gateway for › Provides financial support to encourage andthe Mediterranean region and Africa in Business enhance bilateral tradeProcess Outsourcing (BPO). ITEC promotes business › Obtains funding from the government andalliances between Egyptian and international players. multinational organizationsIt endorses their entering into third markets, throughutilizing the state-of-the-art technology, different › Participates in government long-term andservices and skilled work force available in Egypt. short-term strategiesITEC allows international companies to benefit fromEgypt’s relations with Arab, Gulf and African markets. › Creates sustainable profit and business modelsIn addition, they can make use of Egypt’s free-trade for its membersagreements with neighboring countries, which will › Conducts inward and outward trade missionsfacilitate business commencement in new regions. › Offers its member companies strategic» ITEC’s Objectives: guidance and business leads› To become a known focal point to nay international › Offers capacity-building for members organization that wishes to conduct business in or with Egyptian IT companies. › Provides international market research and presence› To encourage direct and indirect foreign investments in Egypt with Egyptian IT companies. › Offers members a footprint in the most active world markets 26 ENTITIES AT A GLANCE
  27. 27. ELABS» Background utilizing innovative & collective distribution channels, common resources, synergies and economies of scale.e-Learning and Business Solutions (eLABs) was eLABs aspires to contribute to the advancement ofestablished, as an Egyptian NGO early 2003, as an the ICT industry and the process of social, cultural andinitiative of a group of distinguished e-Learning economic development in Egypt and the Middle Eastcontent & system development firms. eLABs’ region.founders, some of which have more than a two-decade experience in educational and multimedia » Missionsoftware development, as well as general IT solutions, eLABs exits simply to serve its members andshared a unified vision that makes it necessary to help them attain growth, profitability and globalfocus collective efforts, in order to attain the critical competitiveness. eLABs also aims at developing themass required to enable member companies to enjoy industry, improving quality standards, providing aeconomies of scale, while maintaining individuality better service to customers and the community atand independence. Building on the creative, technical large.and business experience and resources of its membersand the synergies that can be achieved, eLABs is » Objectivecapable to serve its members, develop collective & › Establishing Industry Quality Standards;innovative distribution channels, undertake nationallarge-scale e-Learning projects, which cannot be › Creating new business opportunities for memberstargeted by individual member companies and help locally, regionally and internationally;such members to exploit regional opportunities › Helping to modernize the business practices asand meet global challenges. eLABs philosophy in a part of the cultural and social development“compete and cooperate” ensures that industry quality required for the region to meet global challenges;standards and economies of scale can be attained yetgiving the consumer the freedom of choice between › Developing innovative and collective distributioncompeting offerings. systems locally and regionally to help members grow their sales and exports;» Vision › Achieving collective cooperation between membereLABs aims at becoming the leading ICT Business companies enabling them to undertake large scaleRepresentative Organization (BRO) in the region ICT projects locally and regionally.large scale ICTof the Middle East, through enabling its member projects locally and regionally.companies upgrade and grow their businessesENTITIES AT A GLANCE 27
  28. 28. INDEX OF ICT COMPANIES By Main Category s/ s ice on s erv ces ati ice rcin e ou edg erv & rvi pplic gS s erv ces s/ em nt cts ice g S n, /Se ion uts wl sig rS ion yst u s cts al A s O Kno op rod cts cat ice nte ee De rat s & S rvi erv du ion pli vel e P /Se ces & Ce gin ling, me rin Pro Ap Int ution Pro ess dS Pro ernat De twar ct nt de sin cal nta ste nte du eg Mo f l Int Bu So So Lo Ho Co Co En# Company Advanced Computer1 Technology ACT2 Alfa Electronics Alpha Group Misr Information3 Systems4 ARK Development5 ASGATech Ltd.6 Back & Front7 Cairo Software Services (CSS)8 CIHOST9 CIT Point10 CompuMedical11 Comsys Software S.A.E12 Connect Professional Services13 Connectme TV14 DotMap Egypt for Information15 Dissemination16 Egypt Network Egyptian Software17 Development18 Egypto Soft19 EgyptSat20 eKnowledge21 Entelaq Solutions22 ESRI Northeast Africa23 Etisal International Global Expertise for24 Telecommunication (Glextel)25 Global Impact 28 INDEX CLASS OF ICT COMPANIES l By Main Category
  29. 29. ing tur t.) Dis fac ns s rs l tio ist. uct Ce loba & nu ces les ica Ma & D rod nte ort l & G rvi (Sa un ) ly & les e P Se mm g are Su iona ltin (Sa twar ng mb rit y rdw eco nsu ini g se pp cu f So Re Tra Tel Ha As Co Se # Company Advanced Computer 1 Technology ACT 2 Alfa Electronics Alpha Group Misr Information 3 Systems 4 ARK Development 5 ASGATech Ltd. 6 Back & Front 7 Cairo Software Services (CSS) 8 CIHOST 9 CIT Point 10 CompuMedical 11 Comsys Software S.A.E 12 Connect Professional Services 13 Connectme TV 14 DotMap Egypt for Information 15 Dissemination 16 Egypt Network Egyptian Software 17 Development 18 Egypto Soft 19 EgyptSat 20 eKnowledge 21 Entelaq Solutions 22 ESRI Northeast Africa 23 Etisal International Global Expertise for 24 Telecommunication (Glextel) 25 Global ImpactINDEX CLASS OF ICT COMPANIES l By Main Category 29
  30. 30. INDEX OF ICT COMPANIES By Main Category s/ s ice on s erv ces ati ice rcin e ou edg erv & rvi pplic gS s erv ces s/ em nt cts ice g S n, /Se ion uts wl sig rS ion yst u s cts al A s O Kno op rod cts cat ice nte ee De rat s & S rvi erv du ion pli vel e P /Se ces & Ce gin ling, me rin Pro Ap Int ution Pro ess dS Pro ernat De twar ct nt de sin cal nta ste nte du eg Mo f l Int Bu So So Lo Ho Co Co En# Company26 GlobeSoft27 GNSE Group28 Human IT Solutions Information and29 Communication Technology (ICT)30 Information Dynamix31 InfoSystTech IST Intelligent Marketing32 Consultant - IMC33 IT Synergy34 KADI Arabia Mega Media Creative35 Development36 MIS37 National Technology38 Netsignature39 NetWave Information Systems40 PROACTIVESOFT41 Raya Holding42 Raya International Systems43 Raya Software44 Sigma IT45 Silicon 2146 SilverKey Technologies47 Soft Kinetics48 SoftLock49 Teletech50 United OFOQ 30 INDEX CLASS OF ICT COMPANIES l By Main Category