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Teacher for all seasons


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Fall blog Festival 2015

Published in: Education
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Teacher for all seasons

  1. 1. You are a teacher of conscience
  2. 2. Save time Produce Publish Solve problems Journalling power flow Challenging persistence
  3. 3. Spending hours searching for solutions to a problem isn't very inspiring when it's just you and your computer
  4. 4. Image credit: Charlyn Wee
  5. 5. Revealing Powerful Lifechanging
  6. 6. Journal Question InterviewMicroblog Engage blogosphere
  7. 7. I can say how passionate I am about edtech and how much it enriches my work ...but also say that I keep my passion alive by keeping open my own window of self-expression to see me through all kinds of challenges.
  8. 8. Social blogging is social learning
  9. 9. With FUN webinars, conferences, comics & creativity
  10. 10. By volunteering, helping, sharing
  11. 11. Conscience, passion, purpose Copyright logo: Sylvia Guinan
  12. 12. 30 Goals Edu Innovative Teachers of English Teaching English Facebook Page The Zen Act Of Teaching 30 Goals book
  13. 13. Choices and challenges Letter to my younger self Step out of your comfort zone Sample journalling posts Teacher For All Seasons Video webinar
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