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How To Leverage Your Blogging presence


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Blogging and education.

Created for BTB Online - Build your Teaching Business Online - massive open online course. In this slideshow/webinar, Sylvia shows you how to leverage your blog to make it powerful, social and sustainable. She shows how focus and passion create the synergy needed for long-term achievement. This slideshow also highlights tools, social sharing environments and plug-ins for easily customising your blog and website. She will share crucial perspectives on capturing the blogosphere mindset and becoming an influential voice in your field.

To fully get the gist please watch the embedded recording.

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How To Leverage Your Blogging presence

  1. 1. How To Leverage Your Blogging Presence ! You’ve got the blog….. Do you know how to use it? See Webinar
  2. 2. Image Credit: JeramiahOwyang
  3. 3. Image credit: Eran Sandler
  4. 4. Vision Growth Business
  5. 5. … of popularity versus substance. “Ultimately however, I believe one should have faith in what they write. One should be able to tell themselves: ‘Yes – I think what I write is good’ – regardless of whether it gets many ‘hits’ or not. It is of course important to take account of feedback (‘Why are people not reading what I write?’) but faith is more important.” Nick Michelioudakis
  6. 6. Image credit: Darren Kurapatwa Forge your determination
  7. 7. Principle as seen in ProBlogger
  8. 8. Purpose? Pleasure? Image credit: Winniefred xoxo
  9. 9. Successful Writer Reader
  10. 10. Or Why don’t you? Information Facts ‘How to’ Inspiration Ideas Stories Confirmation? Validation Personal Learning Nerwork
  11. 11. Will anyone read my blog?
  12. 12. That depends on Who you are… So..
  13. 13. Narrow niche ? Broad niche ?
  14. 14. “Analytical & emotional” “What type of blog are you drawn to”? Core niche
  15. 15. Which topic area excites you most?
  16. 16. • Lesson plans, study advice • Show case courses, learning stories Student-centred • Lesson creation, materials design • Professional development stories and reflections. Teacher-centred • Monetise content • Free content • Community content Niche content
  17. 17. Blogosphere Tools PLN Need to Know Pleasure and purpose
  18. 18. Social media Blogosphere Image creditt: Dave bleasdale Social Learning Platforms Virtual learning Communities
  19. 19. Visit/comment Interview/review Challenge Guest blog Host
  20. 20. Dynamic image & professional identity Globally Recognised Avators Cyber signature
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. DiggDigg Social media Feather
  24. 24. Visual composer
  25. 25. MOOCs Students Presenters Bloggers
  26. 26. Social layers Your Blog Will Love
  27. 27. Profile Blogs
  28. 28. Mad Mimi
  29. 29. • Social feeds • visuals Tackk • Reshaping newsfeeds • Moulding your social story Storify • Viral communities • collaborative Listly
  30. 30. Embed Pearl Trees My Pearls
  31. 31. Embed powerpoints from Slideshare
  32. 32. @ BTB Online Build your Teaching Business Online Join us!